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Dear Reader That’s it, another year over in the profi calendar. It is strange that although there are the same hours in the day, the same number of days in the week and still 52 weeks in the year, it just feels like time has picked up the pace. Now I was warned of this phenomenon in my youth but shrugged it off as just another one of those things older people said. But now that the grey hairs are starting to appear I can confirm it is definitely ‘a thing’. It only seems like yesterday that I was making plans on what articles we could do to celebrate 25 years of profi international. To wrap things up, in this issue you will find a repeat of profi’s first tractor test on…

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plough press

While a number of plough makers have been able to develop a heavy ring integrated furrow press for shear bolt models, auto-reset models have posed an issue. Kuhn’s Duo-Liner can be fitted to the fourto six-furrow fully-mounted hydraulic auto-reset and shearbolt protected Vari-Master L. The row of dual 600mm diameter press rings are attached to the plough by two independent hydraulic parallelogram systems. Using the company’s Steady Control automatic pressure regulation system, the Duo-Liner exerts up to 90kg of pressure at each pair of press wheels. The KTS 10 control box allows operators to lift and position the press from the cab. Turnover control is fully automated at the headland.…

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one-pass weed and feed

The SB16 (16-row) combi rowcrop injector developed by Dutch manufacturer Evers not only knocks out weeds between the rows, but also provides maize plants with an early-season slurry boost. The new model is available with an automatic steering system. Developed in-house, cameras mounted on the right and left of the 6.5t attachment follow the plant rows. Software reworks the images and sends steering signals to control the sections. It is even possible to control left and the right sides individually. Built on a five-piece folding frame, the parallelogram construction allows the hoeing elements to move freely, and the slurry outlets apply liquid both sides of the plant row. The company says locating them in front of the rotating hoes not only ensures a good mix in the top 5-10cm of soil, but…

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plough for big tractors

Developed for tractors up to 500hp, the new semi-mounted Pöttinger Servo T6000 range comprises standard and Plus versions (six - to nine-furrows) as well as Nova and Plus Nova models (six - to eight-furrows). The trip pressure of the Nova hydraulic auto-reset on the Nova and Plus Nova is adjustable up to a maximum of 2.2t. The traction control system on all models actively transfers up to 1.1t of weight from the plough to the rear wheels of the tractor. Additional ballasting of the rear axle is not required. Front ballast is sufficient, says the company, which minimises wheel slip and reduces fuel consumption by up to 3.5l/ha. Working depth is set using swing clips on the land wheel. The front furrow width can be adjusted using the turnbuckle on the stabiliser (hydraulic…

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mega switferdisc

Scan now to get our weekly news email While the XE-Mega versions of the Bednar Swifterdisc are based on existing models in the range, the key difference is the tandem axle running gear sporting 710/50 R26.5 tyres to support the 18.7t XE16400 (16.4m) and 21.0t XE18400 (18.4m) on the road. Working to depths from 2cm down to 14cm, the disc sections on the two machines are mounted on folding side frames, and the 5mm-thick discs are available with a diameter of 520mm and 560mm. On headlands, the machine turns on the rear rollers, front support swivel wheels and transport axle. Tractor power requirement is from 550-620hp for the 16.4m version and 580-620hp for the 18.4m model, which with a claimed output of up to 230ha/day is suitable for CTF systems. Both fold to…

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camera steering

New Holland has expanded the former Kongskilde mechanical hoe line-up with a range of camera-guided self-steering models. Complementing the existing four - to 18-row mechanically guided range, the new SRC SmartSteer models are available from eightto 18-rows and cover row distances of 45cm, 50cm, 60cm and 75cm (the two latter spacings have a platform to mount a small pneumatic seeder). Guidance is provided by an optical camera that detects colour differences between the soil and weeds. The steering is provided by a hydraulic side-shift mechanism on the main frame. Options include section cut-off (ISObus/GPS) to automatically lift individual rotor elements at the headland and in wedge-shaped fields and rear harrows to drag weed roots to the surface to speed up the wilting process. The SRC SmartSteer models are available in two…