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April 2019

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You start every list feature hoping that it will be definitive, even the really banal ones (not that I worked on any of those 10 years ago). This month’s cover story, however, is not banal. The Most Influential Records is a brilliantly lateral idea. I can say that confidently because, like all brilliant ideas, it is not one of my own. Dorian Lynskey suggested it and immediately we could see that this had great potential to dive deeply into lots of really juicy material: we could source nominations from songwriters, performers, writers to build a broad consensus; we could tell lots of fantastic stories; we could interview some of the makers of these albums for fresh perspective.One thing we realised soon after Dorian sent in his original list of…

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vampire weekend’s marital bliss

“Vampire Weekend is still a band, it’s now just a very large band.” Ezra Koenig Vampire Weekend returned with two new singles last month but the release of the band’s first new music in six years wasn’t quite the huge occasion for frontman Ezra Koenig that you’d assume it was. “I’ve lived with these songs for so long that it doesn’t feel like this big, momentous thing,” says Koenig, on the phone from Los Angeles. Meet me in the bathroom: Koenig gets in some quick grooming before returning to the pop fray. Koenig wanted to come back with two tracks that were the flipside of each other and thought that pairing the euphoric future-folk of Harmony Hall with minimalist ballad 2021 gave an apt taster of the broad…

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heather baron-gracie

Hi, Heather, where are you right now? I’m in Dublin on a road at the moment. I don’t actually know whereabouts but I don’t think we’re far from the venue. What can you see out of the window? That might help us determine your exact location. I can see a lot of water and a bridge and some buildings. That’s not narrowing it down very much. I know, sorry. Matt from The National told us they once played a gig and got paid in grilled cheese. What’s the worst thing some someone has paid you for a gig in lieu of money? At the start we played loads of shows for free, but I think one of the worst ones were three drinks tokens each. Three per band…

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fontaines d.c.

“Dublin’s culture is fading because of gentrification and all the fucking hotels. I want to latch on to it as much as possible.” Grian Chatten When Grian Chatten was in primary school, his dad devised an ingenious way to nurture his son’s latent literary talents. “I wanted football stickers because all the other kids had them, so my dad told me that every time I learned a poem he’d buy me a pack of stickers,” recalls Chatten, sheltering from a cold winter’s afternoon inside Dublin’s The Workman’s club. “That’s how I got into poetry writing.”Chatten Sr’s scheme has come to fruition in Fontaines D.C. The Dublin quintet marry a lean punk clatter to dense imagery and barked polemic, delivered in their chief lyricist’s bog-thick accent. “We’re essentially a punk…

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on the stereo

Hope springs eternal: Lana Del Rey returns in plaintive style. LANA DEL REYHOPE IS A DANGEROUS THING FOR A WOMAN LIKE ME TO HAVE – BUT I HAVE ITDel Rey’s most stripped-down single since Video Games made her a star in 2011, the latest track from her upcoming LP Norman Fucking Rockwell is a plaintive piano ballad that puts her lilting vocal in the spotlight. Out: now, on Polydor. FAT WHITE FAMILYFEETIn a pleasing move for their old neighbours, South London’s most chaotic band relocated to Sheffield for their new record. This single is their most upbeat yet, dressing up an ’80s disco beat with dramatic strings and the menacing hum of a Gregorian choir. Out: now, on Domino. INTERPOLFINE MESSA new track released at the end…

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In an age when the internet has rendered personal privacy a distant memory, to christen yourself Noname is essentially a political act. “I try not to force people into what I think they should think of me and my music,” Fatimah Warner explains, stepping out into the car park of Atlanta’s Masquerade venue ahead of soundcheck. She prefers instead to “exist without labels.” It’s a stance she has taken quite literally by self-releasing her first two albums. “I want to push myself sonically. I’m curious to see what my potential is.”Dealing in what she describes as “lullaby rap”, Warner became Noname as a teenage slam poet in Chicago, where she honed her wordplay in poetry competitions before finding herself turning to music. Though you might not play certain bits…