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In 1906, the Spanish philosopher George Santayana famously wrote that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Smart cookie though he undoubtedly was, Santayana had not foreseen Britpop. Twenty-five years ago, in April 1994, a coach pulled up to the offices of the music weekly I was working for and ushered the entire staff aboard. We were then driven from London’s South Bank out into the wilds of the eastern suburbs, to a dog track in Walthamstow, E17. There, Blur were launching their new album, Parklife, by hosting a greyhound race in its name. The coach park was full and seemingly the entire UK music business had been invited. In those innocent days just before Oasis entered the fray and turned releasing records into a competitive sport, there…

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q magazine

EDITORIAL Editor Ted Kessler [Ill Communication – Beastie Boys] Deputy Editor Niall Doherty [Grunge] Art Director Daniel Knight [Weezer – Weezer] Production Editor Simon McEwen [Dubnobasswithmyheadman – Underworld] Assistant Editor Chris Catchpole [East 17] Picture Editor Monica Chouhan [Nirvana] Associate Copy Editor Matt Yates [Mellow Gold – Beck] Subbing Martin Boon [His ‘N’ Hers – Pulp] Contributing Editors: Eve Barlow, Laura Barton, Mark Blake, Tom Doyle, Simon Goddard, John Harris, Dorian Lynskey, Jazz Monroe, Sylvia Patterson, Andrew Perry, Peter Robinson, Laura Snapes, Paul Stokes CONTRIBUTORS: Words: John Aizlewood, Matt Allen, Rachel Aroesti, Keith Cameron, Michael Cragg, Hannah J Davies, Dave Everley, Hannah Flint, Eamonn Forde, Andy Fyfe, George Garner, Pat Gilbert, Ian Harrison, Rupert Howe, Craig McLean, Phil Mongredien, Paul Moody, Rebecca Nicholson, James Oldham, Peter Paphides, Simon Price, David Quantick, Victoria Segal, Kate Solomon Design: Thomas Plumstead Chief Photographer: Alex…

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britpop’s svengali spills his beans

Phill Savidgemade an excellent living telling tall tales in the 1990s. As a music PR for the company he co-founded, Savage & Best, he invented both feuds and romances between singers. He invented lists of ridiculous demands on behalf of his charges, such as Suede, Pulp and Damien Hirst, and circulated them on headed Savage & Best paper to editors. He even invented a couple of bands, Ponce and Pondlife, and got them column inches in the trade and weekly press before the hoax was discovered. He claims to have invented Britpop itself. But his best stories were all true, and often unprintable, as they revolved around what he would resort to in order to get good press for his acts, as well as the indiscretions he would need to protect…

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amy taylor

Hi, Amy, where are you now? We’re somewhere between Munich and Cologne. Near Frankfurt, I think. I just woke up from a nap. How are you finding Germany? I like it. I had a sausage for lunch Well, you are near to the home of the Frankfurter. Yeah, you get the real deal. On the last tour, I tried to eat super healthy but this tour I’ve just been eating shit. You get some pretty nice stuff in Europe though, they put out, like, a bouquet of salami and little tomatoes. It’s a real treat. You recorded your debut album in Sheffield, what are your abiding memories of the city? Yeah, Sheffy, down in Sheffo. It was cold, the sun set really early and you had to piss outside. Why did you have to go outside? Because there was…

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nilufer yanya

Get This Track: Baby Blu For Fans Of: Tirzah, King Krule In the short walk from Old Street station to the Hoi Polloi restaurant in East London it’s difficult to avoid the large billboards advertising Nilüfer Yanya’s debut album, Miss Universe. The 23-year-old’s portrait is emblazoned with glowing star ratings and superlatives praising the record’s mix of jagged art rock, murky R&B and disquieting, xx-like melody. “There’s one round the corner from me, by the Post Office,” Yanya laughs as the minuscule Jack Russell-Chihuahua crossbreed she’s dog-sitting for the day scrambles around her. “It’s strange, you get used to it really quickly. I get up, look at it like, ‘Yeah cool,’” she shrugs. “I mean, I’m basically paying for it to be there.” Nilüfer Yanya’s career so far has been fuelled by an unflappable…

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on the stereo

THE MURDER CAPITAL GREEN & BLUE Angry young bands making very good music is quite the thing in Dublin right now. The Murder Capital’s sound isn’t quite as direct as their friends Fontaines D.C., however. This single resembles the desperate post-punk of early Cure, a six-minute slow build of rolling drums, jagged guitars and James McGovern’s anguished vocal. Out: now, on Human Season. STORMZY VOSSI BOP When we last saw grime’s biggest star, he was calling out Theresa May at the Brits in 2018. It’s Boris’s turn on this pulsating new single, Stormzy’s arresting delivery weaving in and around haunted synths and bass-heavy beats. Out: now, on Atlantic. FOUR TET TEENAGE BIRDSONG With its warm, twinkling synth-lines and nimble percussion, Kieran Hebden’s avian-themed single is a sure sign that British summertime is almost upon us. Out: now, on…