Real Simple Organize Your Home

Real Simple Organize Your Home

Real Simple Organize Your Home

Focused on every room of the house, this issue delivers the Real Simple approach to creating a less cluttered home.

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personal spaces

Streamlined rooms inspire serenity and encourage daily self-care. Less is truly more when you edit your bedroom to the essentials for relaxing and sleeping. (Translation: No more smartphones charging on the nightstands.) Elevate your clothes closet—sort garments by type, deploy coordinating hangers, add labels—and your personal style will follow. Your bathroom doesn’t require a remodel to serve you better. Focus this weekend on tailoring your vanity, whatever its size, with the best containers and smartest zoning plans. Organized looks good on you!…

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odds & ends

PURSE SHAPER Help favorite handbags hold their form (and prevent leather creasing) by filling them with plastic packing wrap when they’re not in use. COLOR CODED End the “Whose charger is this?” confusion by wrapping different color washi tape around the base for each family member. SOUND TO GO Keep earbuds safe and untangled in an empty eyeglass case. JEWELRY SAVER Prevent a knotted jumble when traveling by threading your necklace through a straw and clasping it together. GUEST-TOWEL TRACKER Prevent towel mix-ups with a painted clothespin for each guest’s towel. No paint? Write names on the pins with a permanent marker. CHINA CUSHION Layer a coffee filter between mugs, bowls, and plates to prevent chips and nicks. VERTICAL GARDEN Maximize planting space by hanging a shoe organizer on a sunny fence or shed door. Poke small holes in the bottom of each…

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CLOSET HACKS Get out the door faster—and happier—with our closet organizing tips for clothes, shoes, and accessories. With these easy-to-follow strategies in mind, choosing an outfit for the day promises to be a lot less stressful—leaving you plenty of time to savor your morning cup of coffee. FAVORITE FINDS Discover some of our favorite places to shop for shelving, storage bins, and more. Hint: A variety of office supplies work well in other areas of your house. Some popular home decor brands have great finds too. STREAMLINE YOUR BATHROOM Want to make your bath a calming oasis? The first step is to get rid of all the things that are cluttering up your countertop and vanity cabinets. Check out our list of 14 things you can get rid of immediately (really!). DISCOVER MORE STORAGE SPACE Even large…

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5 tools to help kids cut clutter

Professional organizer Kathy Jenkins of Come to Order in Richmond, Virginia, recommends these essentials for a tidier home and more organized kids. Essential # 1 Bookcase Why: Everyone needs a special place to organize reading materials. Establishing a rule that your child’s library must fit on his or her bookcase helps limit sprawl. Look for: A piece with two to four solidwood shelves that are 10 to 12 inches deep and adjustable. Tip: Add a few bookends and gather magazines in holders. Secure the bookcase to the wall with appropriate hardware. Essential #2 Hamper Why: Dirty laundry needs a landing spot that’s not the floor, bed, or chair. Look for: A ventilated plastic container or a mildewresistant fabric bin with a sturdy frame. Go for a taller bin and forgo the lid. Tip: Transition dirty clothing from a hamper to…

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off-the-rack organizers

OUR EXPERTS: BETH ZEIGLER Los Angelesbased organizer and blogger, bneato.com JOHN TROSKO Los Angelesbased organizer and blogger, organizingla.com STACEY PLATT New York City-based organizer and author of What’s a Disorganized Person to Do? BARBARA REICH New York City-based organizer and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom 1. URBIO MAGNETIC MODULAR SYSTEM “These are actually plant containers, but I like them for holding office supplies. And they also make a great crafts station. You mount magnetic plates to the wall, then you attach the containers—I suggest starting with eight—wherever you like. It’s easy to experiment till you find the right configuration.” –BETH ZEIGLER TO BUY: Wall plates, $15 each; Big Daddy container, $28; Shorty container, $13; Wide Mouth containers, $19 each; containerstore.com. 2. HAY KALEIDO TRAYS “I love these trays in three different sizes and colors for the top of…

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more calm, less clutter

Step 1 The Prep CONFER WITH YOUR TEAM “It’s essential to get everyone in on the process to ensure buy-in. Without collaboration, it’s unlikely anyone will honor your unilateral decisions on where things live,” says New York City–based professional organizer Andrew Mellen. Spark your family’s interest by transforming a key shared space, like the mudroom or kitchen. “Organizing is contagious—usually the less interested parties just need to see progress in one area to get on board,” says Jordan Marks, cofounder and owner of It’s Organized, with locations in New York City, New Jersey, and California. Ask everyone to share ideas on how your home could function better. Then divvy up jobs based on strengths: If your husband loves to wheel and deal, he can sell items on Nextdoor; your teenager can drive…