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founder’s note

Someone needs to do a study on the long-term psychological effects of constant, non-stop, out there in the wind, transcontinental travel. Because it’s hard to describe the bizarre soul-crushing loneliness that emerges from the depths of your soul. Yet at the same time all you long for is a day devoid of contact with all of humanity. A 24-hour reprieve from having to be charming, witty and smart, and can just revel in your own mediocrity while sat in a dark room, eating a tub of popcorn the size of a child’s bathtub and surrendering yourself to the easy emotional manipulation of Hollywood. It is in this state after close to a month on the road, after the menswear trade show known as Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week; after the…

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editor’s note

At the end of this month, two things are taking place, and in very close proximity to each other, so that I’m slightly concerned about our British colleagues heading home from the Baselworld fair to what could possibly be a no-deal Brexit. In which case they will have to join us in the non-EU queue at customs and I’m slightly amused by that. The sheer thought of the English waiting in line and grumbling about waiting in line is so very English that I imagine that was one unmentioned reason why they decided to opt out of the Schengen Agreement in the first place. (And the supposed 350 million pounds a week pumped back into the NHS.) While Brexit isn’t going to affect us back in Asia too severely (we hope),…

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revolution watch

The Month of the Chronograph This month, Revolution.Watch takes a look at the incredible complication known as the chronograph. From its earliest developments by Louis Moinet and Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec to its modern progeny, we explore the most important chronographs ever made, along with marking the golden jubilee of the automatic chronograph with a look at the most notable automatic chronographs ever created. Rado x The Rake and Revolution Captain Cook “Ghost Captain” The Captain Cook timepiece first released by Rado has been an incredibly successful cult icon from its first launch in 1962 to its revival in 2017. That led us to develop our own special edition stainless steel timepiece with the cool watchmaker, in a monochromatic, all-grey version that’s designed for the urban adventurer. Buy it on Revolution.Watch today. revolutionwatch revolutionwatch revolutionwatch…

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breguet’s whirlwind classic tour

Inspired by Alexander Dumas’ charming description of a Breguet timepiece in The Count of Monte Cristo, Breguet introduced a brand new experience for its special guests — The Classic Tour. The event, which has criss-crossed the globe, sees Breguet hosting a discovery of traditional lifestyle trades that still exist in each city, modernised for the 21st century. In Singapore, it selected three partners to chart the Classic Tour, with local bespoke tailor Kevin Seah, traditional groomer Truefitt & Hill, and boutique alcohol distributor La Maison du Whisky. Hosted at Seah’s offices, guests also had the opportunity to get up close with vintage motor vehicles from local retailers Autobahn, while enjoying the latest offering from Hampden rum, a boutique Jamaican rum producer and discovering Seah’s fine cloths and seasonal releases, which…

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omega commemorates the bicentennial of singapore’s modern founding

Marking the 200th anniversary of Singapore’s modern founding by Sir Stamford Raffles, Omega hosted guests and members of the press at the National Museum of Singapore as it presented a special Seamaster Exclusive Boutique Singapore Limited Edition to mark this notable date. The 200-piece limited edition watch comes with an engraved case back highlighting iconic spots in Singapore, from the Raffles Hotel to the Merlion and more. At Flutes at the Fort, guests enjoyed dinner and drinks after a private tour at the museum where they studied old maps of Singapore, showing its geographical development over the centuries.…

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partners in time

Across two continents, Revolution organised a series of events to bring our readers’ attention to the collaborative timepieces we’ve been developing. In Singapore, we celebrated the launch of the Bell & Ross x The Rake and Revolution Bellytanker chronographs, codenamed “Dusty” and “El Mirage”, at The Straits Clan with over 100 guests. CEO of Bell & Ross Carlos Rosillo and general manager of Bell & Ross Asia, Tong Chee Wei, joined Revolution founders Wei Koh and Dr Bruce Lee to mark the special occasion. It was particularly notable as the project is the 10th Revolution edition timepiece to be launched. Rosillo spoke at length with the audience to explain how the partnership came about, and also personally presented the Bellytanker watches to two collectors who had pre-ordered the timepieces. Over in…