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founder’s note

Tim Raue, the legendary Berlin-based, Michelin-starred restaurateur, is one of those people you’d like from the first moment you meet him. Although, to be fair, several days before meeting each other in person, I already had the opportunity to taste his cooking at his eponymous two-Michelin-starred, Chinese-themed restaurant, where I was also the recipient of his extraordinary kindness and generosity. At the time I visited, Raue was overseas, but he would be back in a few days, and he had arranged to meet up. The location for this encounter is something of a legend in Berlin. It is the Axel Springer headquarters, and we were permitted to use the private club situated on the top floor, thanks to Bild’s editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt. There, Raue told me the story of Axel Springer.…

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The founder of, Ross Povey is regarded as the world’s leading expert on vintage Tudor watches. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Revolution magazine in the UK. He has contributed to influential horological publications including The Telegraph, The Rake, Watchonista and Hodinkee, and is the co-author of the book Daytona Perpetual, a celebration of the automatic Rolex Daytona released through Pucci Papaleo Editore. Ross is also an international speaker and regularly hosts watch events in the UK and Europe. A watch and jewellery writer, Barbara Palumbo is the mastermind behind the insightful and humorous web publications Adornmentality and What’s On Her Wrist. Barbara is also a speaker, podcaster, and regularly moderates panels within the trade. She’s vocal about watches, gems, politics, all of which come in large doses of truth and…

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an important cartier collection by monaco legend group

How does one become an expert? In the world of social media-based watch dealers, the words “watch expert” can be misleading or, at the very least, something of an exaggeration. To truly be expert in the field of horology, one must have spent years handling and inspecting watches. Only then can the nuances and tell-tales be understood and acted on accordingly. Behind Monaco Legend Group are two such men: one who has spent more than three decades dealing and advising on watches and can truly be described as an expert, Davide Parmegiani, and the other, Claude Cohen, who founded Monaco Legend Group and is a jewellery expert and talented auctioneer. Regarded as one of the most important watch dealers in the world, Davide Parmegiani deals in both vintage and modern…

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history comes alive

Jaeger-LeCoultre is known for setting the gold standard of expert craftsmanship, refinement and the rare gift of timeless appeal. The Reverso is perhaps their most notable model, bringing an ingenious solution to a common problem for sporting gentlemen who found that their wristwatches were not up to their strenuous games of polo. Jaeger-LeCoultre rose to the challenge and in 1931 designed the unique mechanism that allowed the dial of the watch to be reversed into the case to protect it from damage. In the decades that followed, the Reverso saw its evolution from that of an innovative sports watch created for British Army officers in 1931 to a beautiful Art Deco timepiece at home anywhere from the boardroom to the most exclusive dinner party. The back of the watch case, an…

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star struck

In 2021, is a GMT watch necessarily a travel watch? When was the last time you got on a plane? Whilst the travel world is slowly awakening from its enforced hibernation, I still know very few people who have managed to make any kind of international journey. And if you do travel, the multiple testing and potential quarantining make it a choice for only those that absolutely have to… and football fans. Bearing all this in mind, it might initially seem like an unfortunate time to be launching a travel watch. But De Bethune’s latest release is a new riff on the DB25, a GMT complication that is beautiful and useful in equal measure. Will we soon be taking to the skies and needing a travel watch? I’m sure those times…

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military colours

Over the last few years, Breguet has mostly concentrated on its classical watches and marine chronometers. But with the new Type XXI reference 3815, the maison is calling up its track record as a key player in the development of watches for aviation throughout the last century, particularly the famed Type XX created for the French Air Force. As early as 1918, Breguet delivered timepieces to the American Air Force as well as an aircraft manufacturer founded by Louis Charles Breguet, the great-great-grandson of Abraham-Louis who was also a recognised aircraft designer and one of the pioneers of French aviation. By 1935, the brand was developing its first wrist chronographs. A couple of decades later, in response to an order from the French Armed Forces, the maison launched its legendary watch,…