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Rhythm December 2018

Rhythm is the UK's best-selling drum magazine. Every issue of Rhythm is jam packed with exclusive interviews with the hottest players in the world, brilliant features covering every aspect of the drumming universe, independent advice on the latest gear from our team of experts, and all the news, reviews, gigs and gossip you could ever possibly want.. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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1 min.

Have you ever found yourself in a musical situation where you felt out of your comfort zone? It’s a worrying position to be put in, particularly if you’re performing in front of people – and even if you’ve been playing for years, it’s certainly something that can come from out of nowhere. This month we’re taking a look at how to play the core grooves for a number of styles outside of basic rock music. From simple jazz patterns to New Orleans-style grooves and disco beats, the idea is that our lessons will give you a grounding in multiple styles that you might have shied away from, or just never found yourself needing to play. With these under your belt, you’ll be equipped with the beats you need in order to…

1 min.
this month’s experts

GEOFF NICHOLLS Always on the hunt for interesting drums, our gear guru scoured the floor at Simon John’s Vintage Drum Show this month, selecting his favourite kits and stories to bring you more Vintage columns over the coming months. Check out the Premier kit on page 96. DAVID WEST David spoke to the musical chameleon that is Gregg Bissonette for this issue’sRhythm interview. You can find out about Gregg’s work on his former David Lee Roth bandmate Jason Becker’s album, as well as look back on the rest of his varied career on page 58. CHRIS BARNES As always, Chris has put together this month’s gear section, featuring a beautiful Ltd Edition kit from PDP and Sabian’s new Quiet Tone practice cymbals. He also chatted with Dan Searle of Architects about the most challenging album…

1 min.
tool in the uk

Prog and metal isn’t for everyone, but some drummers unite fans across the boundaries of genres. Danny Carey is one such musician, and in a move that is bound to excite drummers this side of the pond as much as it will the prog-metal community in general, Tool have been announced as Download headliners for 2019. After 13 long years away, Carey and co are among the first batch of names to be announced, and will be joined by Slipknot and Def Leppard as headliners at Donington Park next June. The news increases hopes that 2019 could be the year that the world finally hears Tool’s highly anticipated fifth album: the record would be a follow-up to 10,000 Days, an album that will be more than 13 years old by the time…

5 min.
power trio

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Norfolk’s greatest gift to popular music is Alan Partridge, but it turns out that a trio of drummers who grew up across a handful of miles within the county have gone on to perform on the biggest stages all over the globe. Steve Barney (Anastacia, Annie Lennox), Nathan Curran (Basement Jaxx) and Luke Bullen (Bryan Ferry, Joe Strummer) all spent their formative years just three miles apart spread across three Norfolk villages. It’s something of an oddity that all three would go on to smash the world of session drumming, and now they’ve made a film about just that. Titled 3 Drummers, the 22-minute piece charts each player’s early days, how they met and encouraged each other and delves into the mega gigs that they have…

2 min.
adam savage while she sleeps

Did you record So What? in While She Sleeps’ studio? “That’s in Sheffield. We’ve had it about three years now. It was an industrial factory so we took it over, cleaned it all out, and built a studio in there. There’s a practice room, kitchen, bathroom, five bedrooms, storage room. It’s really cool, we’re quite blessed to have a place to chill and create all this stuff. We’ve done a lot of the album recording there now because Carl [Brown, producer] has his own studio but he moved over to the warehouse this time to make it easier on us. And we can record for a longer period of time. We’re not totally under the clock.” That’s quite a luxury! “Defo! I don’t see any point in rushing an album if it’s not…

1 min.
first look

SOUND INVESTMENT To create such a unique kit, Alan Van Kleef had to buy new moulds and jigs TOP OF THE TREE Tech to the stars, Jeff Ocheltree, famously created kits using Paiste’s Signature bronze PRECIOUS METAL Alan is no stranger to building unique drums. In early 2018 he did a run of solid silver snares HEAVY LOW-END The bass drum is so heavy it requires a flight case for transportation VK DRUMS VKAST BRONZE KIT £17,000 www.vkdrums.com When a drummer in Japan approached British drum builder Alan Van Kleef about making a seven-piece cast bronze drum kit, rather than recoil at such a monumental task, Alan jumped at the opportunity to build something utterly unique and truly special, harking back to the pioneering bronze drums of celebrated craftsman Jeff Ocheltree. For the VK VKast bronze kit you see here, Alan…