August 2021

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dash is the clearest there is

This TFT dash isn’t new to BMW but it is to this bike. Still simple and easy to read, you can swap between the road display pictured here and a sports mode with an even easier-to-read display with a big analogue-style tacho. The interface to toggle through the options is simple and no matter what mode you choose, the rpm display is easier to decipher than almost any other TFT – Triumph, KTM and Honda should take note. I am looking at additional security for it, though.…

2 min
enhancing your r1200rt

Exhausts From £150 + “The end can doesn’t contain a cat so if you fit one, you just get a throatier sound,” says Ed. “The cat is in the end of the header-pipe section which is cheap to replace at £150 for a stainless-steel set with no cat. This gives a bit more midrange and the bike adjusts its fuelling to suit. My economy increased by about 3mpg with the new de-cat exhaust fitted.” Seat From £300 + “The RT is a heavy bike so if you are short in the leg, like me, a lower seat makes it more manageable at low speed,” says Ed. “I fitted a Sargent heated seat, which had a ‘plug and play’ heated element that goes into BMW’s loom and is more comfortable than the BMW seat.” Brake…

7 min
bennetts rider confidence day

THERE ARE SOME things in motorcycling you can’t have too much of. Experience for example, or laps of Donington. Others, like confidence, you need just the right amount – not too much and not too little. If you’re a new rider or returning after a hiatus, it’s likely one or the other will apply to you. This course from Bennetts and Shires is aimed at resetting the equilibrium of any rider from CBT-newbie to returning old-hat, and everything in between. My own experience on two wheels makes me an odd mix of both – I learned to ride later in life and my test was delayed twice by Covid-19 lockdowns. Getting back out on the road again for training each time felt like going back to square one, so I don’t feel like…

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going up and up!

THE UNDER-RATED ONE BENELLI TORNADO 900 ❱ 2003-2012 ❱ 140bhp ❱ 195kg Stunning-looking triple never really had the success it deserved, the company faltered and super-cheap stored new bikes sunk used values. They’re still very cheap, huge fun to ride and full of character, if a bit fragile. Look for Evidence of love. Service history and receipts showing loving owner are a huge plus as they need regular fettling to stay on top form. Pay £4000 for a private 10k miler, £7000 for the trick RS model. THE WSB WINNER DUCATI 999 ❱ 2002-2006 ❱ 124bhp ❱ 199kg Booming follow-up to the iconic 916/996/998 never quite caught the imagination. A shame as it’s full of character and lovely design touches. Prices are now climbing steadily. Look for Cam-belt changes. These need to be done every two years, regardless…

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more bling, still brilliant

THIS ISN’T JUST a light sprucing. Honda’s NC750X might look familiar but the company has given it a thorough shaking, with increased torque and power from the (now Euro5) side-byside twin, revised gearing, lightweight new frame, shorter suspension, new screen and fresh electronics, plus greater storage space in the cunning dummy tank. And a gentle restyle, too. And it’s all welcome. Additional grunt and shorter ratios for first to third gears make this the fruitiest NC to date, with gutsy bottom-end pull and breezy open-road performance – and a pleasingly bassy exhaust note. There’s a definite difference between the riding modes too (Rain, Standard, Sport, self-defined User). Revised damping and reduced travel give the suspension a slightly firmer feel yet ride comfort is still good and the pay-off is even greater…

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beyond the hype

The engine’s a masterpiece A 45° V-twin with 90° V-twin firing intervals, so it has the tractability of a 90° motor but with more compact (if somewhat taller) dimensions. There is strong power and torque everywhere and the low-down refinement would baffle the owner of any other Harley – as would that 148bhp top-end power. It has (most of) the tech Lots of connectivity, excellent heated grips, riding-mode changes that make a marked difference, adaptive lighting, hill-hold control and very clever TC and ABS. But there isn’t an up/down quickshifter as an option and the ‘keyless’ ignition system also allows keyless fuel-filling, but not steering lock operation or under-seat access. It works off-road, too Although it’s long and lacks a little of the poise of a KTM for example, the Harley works really well on…