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love letters & advice

“Thank you both for ‘taking us back in time.’ The music is amazing, thank you!”—Patrick Williams, via Twitter The Retro Groove of Silk Sonic Readers embraced the cover story of Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak’s “feel good” music, their shared history of loss, and learning about the duo’s deep friendship as they grow their musical legacy [“The Soothing Sounds of Silk Sonic,” RS 1355]. “Congrats, Silk Sonic. It’s a pleasure for the world to see the greatest of all time … gracing the cover of Rolling Stone!” tweeted @lillian_traina. “This interview is amazing. I love it,” wrote @cookiespop1. “Best article ever,” tweeted @mowarner88. Fan reactions to the release date of An Evening With Silk Sonic being pushed from September to January, however, were mixed. “God, I want the album now and they…

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the joyful return of amber ruffin

AFTER LAUNCHING a late-night show amid a pandemic last year, comedian Amber Ruffin welcomed her first live audience to Rockefeller Plaza’s Studio 8G in August. “It wasn’t really real until people were there,” says the host of The Amber Ruffin Show (streaming now on Peacock), just back from hiatus. “We were just kind of dicking around in private.” Sporting her signature bow tie and blazer, Ruffin opens each show with a monologue, then fills the rest of the half hour with skits, songs, puppets, and improv games — quirky humor she’s been thrilled to see fans embrace. “When you realize all those people got dressed to come here and have a look, that’s something. Because I’m not leaving the house for nothing.”…

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searching for joy in america

JOY OLADOKUN has a regular practice of meditating as a way to channel her anxiety into something healthier. The Arizona-raised, Nashville-based singer-songwriter has done a lot of meditating in the past year, which held no shortage of challenges for everyone, and which also saw Oladokun’s artistry vault onto a national stage. “That’s been a huge lifeline for me this year,” she says. “I’m learning different ways that I can de-stress. Yes, the world can be a mess; yes, my job can be difficult to navigate; but I’m OK and I’m alive. And part of that wrestling is the blessing of this life.” There’s a similarly meditative quality to Oladokun’s music, which found its way into episodes of This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy before she released her major-label debut, In Defense of…

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photos from the front lines

MEL D. COLE always told himself that if he saw a chance to photograph history in action, he’d take it. So when he heard about a protest at New York’s Foley Square following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, he headed downtown. “It was so intense I couldn’t believe it,” says Cole, who’s best known for his concert photos and portraits of musicians such as the Roots, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. “That’s when I knew that this wasn’t just a moment — it was a movement.” In his new book, American Protest: Photographs 2020-2021, Cole documents a year-plus of Black Lives Matter protests, Trump rallies, and other high-pressure events. “What I’m looking for is emotion,” he says. “If I’m shooting a concert or backstage with a musician, I’m…

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rs recommends

TV SHOW 1. ‘Insecure’ Season Five When we left Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji), their friendship was in a precarious place, leaving us hoping it can survive the final season. Either way, can Rae and Orji appear in many shows together, pretty please? REUNION 2. ABBA ABBA are back after 40 years for a new album this fall and a digital concert next spring. “We simply call it Voyage,” they said of the LP. “We’re truly sailing in uncharted waters.” PODCAST 3. ‘Badlands Season 2: Sportsland’ Podcaster Jake Brennan (Disgraceland) is shifting his unique take on pop-culture true crime, with each episode delving into the not-so-sportsmanlike deeds of stars like Mike Tyson, Oscar Pistorius, and Evel Knievel. DOCUMENTARY 4. ‘Pharma Bro’ Filmmaker Brent Hodge went all out for this doc on infamous pharma exec Martin Shkreli — moving into…

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ask croz

My older brother uses racial slurs, supports Trump, and is even anti-vax. My husband says he cannot be around our young children. What should I do? — Juanita Jenkins, Pittsburgh I would take a pass on your older brother. You choose your husband. You didn’t choose your older brother. The kids are more important. If he can’t behave himself and is publicly racist, you can’t have him around your kids. Your husband is right. I don’t envy your situation, the kids are more important. That’s what you have to look at. I met a great guy and we’ve been dating for the last six months, but he loves to hunt and even told me he wants to travel to Africa one day and kill an elephant! Is it wrong to dump him simply…