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Runner's World UK May 2020

Runner's World is an inspirational and motivational magazine for runners of all ages and abilities. In every issue of Runner’s World we inform, advise, educate, and motivate runners of all ages and abilities. We help every runner achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals. Runner’s World shows you the best ways to get the maximum amount of benefits from running in the minimum amount of time. Big promise? Definitely. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we’d like to prove it to you!

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sugar loaf, brecon beacons

THE LOCATION Sugar Loaf’s distinctive form rises from the Black Mountains, near the towns of Abergavenny and Hay-on-Wye, on the eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The terrain here is more forgiving than it is in the SAS testing grounds of the Central Beacons, yet the airy ridges offer views to rival any of the higher tops. THE RUN Starting at the viewpoint at Mynydd Llanwenarth, at over 300m and overlooking the Usk Valley, this run follows grassy trails to Sugar Loaf’s summit (596m). Admire the views to Pen y Fan, the highest point in the Brecon Beacons, then drop off the western edge of the ridge, skirting the southern slopes of the hill to finish. RUNNER Sim Benson For more stunning UK trail runs, see Short Runs in Beautiful Places, by Jen and…

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editor’s letter

I’M WRITING THIS AT home, as our office is currently closed owing to coronavirus. If you’re like me, you’re filled with a growing sense of anxiety at the spread of it and just wishing for life to get back to some kind of normality, although that looks some way off at the moment. In such a challenging environment, it can be all too easy to let dark thoughts take hold. But we hope this issue, which focuses on the mental health benefits of running, will prove to be well timed. I’m not suggesting running offers an answer to the current circumstances – they are far more serious than that – but as the articles in this issue show, it can certainly help us cope with difficult, stressful periods in our lives. On…

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KATE CARTER The journalist and world’s fastest panda over 26.2 miles (p56) tells the story of the first women’s Olympic Marathon champion, combining historical significance and a triumph over against the odds, in First Among Equals, p60. ADRIAN MONTI For our Mental Health Issue, the RW stalwart shares the stories of three people for whom lacing up and logging miles has been key to getting through dark times and restoring balance to their mental health, in How Running Saved Me, p38.…

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meditation on the move

LACING UP HAS BEEN proven to help you wind down, but now there’s evidence to show it’s even better for your brain than 15 minutes of meditation. A recent study,1 found going out for as little as two miles improves attention span, concentration and mood more than spending time with your inner self. In the study, two groups took the same cognitive tests; then one group ran outside for 15 minutes and the other did a 15-minute relaxation session indoors. Both groups then repeated the cognitive tests; the runners displayed better focus and mood than those who’d spent the time trying to achieve a state of bliss. Meditate on that. WORDS: RICK PEARSON. PHOTOGRAPH: GETTY IMAGES 1. ACTO PSYCHOLOGICA…

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frequent flyer

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO BECOME A FASTER RUNNER over distances from 5K to the marathon, frequency is the most important factor. A study1 of 2,300 recreational runners found there was a strong correlation between weekly mileage and race times across all distances. ‘I often hear the term “quality over quantity”, but this is a misunderstanding of training for a distance runner,’ says running coach and RW contributor Tom Craggs. ‘I would say it’s about the right quality and the right quantity. If your recovery is good, increasing the volume [frequency] of your training can be a highly effective way of building fitness.’ Here’s how to sneak in extra runs to your training schedule: PROGRESS GRADUALLY Add only one extra run per training cycle. If you’re training for a race by running three…

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crack open the walnuts

LOOKING FOR A HEALTHIER SNACK to keep hunger at bay? Reach for the walnuts. Like other nuts, walnuts are packed with protein – but new research1 suggests they have gut and heart benefits, too. The study found eating walnuts as part of a healthy diet was associated with increases in bacteria that promote gut health. Those changes in gut bacteria also contribute to a reduction in some risk factors for heart disease. Kristina Peterson, who worked on the study, says, ‘Eating two to three ounces of walnuts [roughly two handfuls] a day as part of a healthy diet could be a good way to improve gut health and reduce the risk of heart disease.’ 41% Percentage of Brits who think one calorie is the same as one gram of carbohydrate.2 It’s…