Runner's World UK May 2021

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we’re first for new gear

For news on the latest shoes, tech, apparel and accessories, visit Here’s what’s hot on the site APPLE FITNESS+ We test the new workout platform from the tech giant to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. THE SHOE FITS We put the New Balance 1080 V11 through its paces. Not much has changed: is that a bad thing? BIG DAY OUT There’s a good chance you’ll be racing this year. In which case, you need a new pair of race-day shoes… PHOTOGRAPHS: GETTY IMAGES, LUCKY IF SHARP, BACHAR KHATTAR, LOUISA PARRY. ILLUSTRATION: ANTONIO SORTINO…

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rio colorado basin, chile

THE LOCATION Last October, runner Felipe Cancino and photographer Matt Maynard sneaked past security guards to access the Rio Colorado Basin. While the land belongs to Chile’s citizens, it is managed by the Ministry of National Assets and used by mining companies. The aim of the pair’s running expedition was to raise awareness of the campaign Queremos Parque (We Want a Park), which is seeking to wrestle the land back from private interests and convince the country’s president to create a national park just 40 miles from Chile’s capital, Santiago. THE RUN The highlight of the expedition was running ‘the Stegosaurus’, a spine of rock that cleaves the Cajon del Museo Valley, with glacial rivers running on either side. For more on the campaign, visit and follow it on Instagram at @QueremosParquecl RUNNER Felipe…

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what has been your most blissful running experience?

‘One ordinary day, I went for a 10-mile run as part of my taper for the London Marathon. As the miles simply flowed by, I thought, for the first time, this is going to be OK. I had never run with such lightness, ease and certainty.’– John Carroll‘Any run through a forest. The ancient trees towering over my head remind me I’m part of something bigger, and I’m able to pick my way through the roots and branch-strewn clearings on autopilot without stacking it.’ – Kerry McCarthy‘Those fleeting moments when I get ‘in the zone’ – a kind of pleasurable tunnel vision sets in, thoughts and distractions fall away, leaving just the moment itself and a feeling of pure joy and effortless mastery.’ – Andy Dixon‘On a run I often…

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editor’s letter

TO MANY OF US, GOING without sleep and running to the point of exhaustion seems like masochism gone mad. But a small band of ultrarunners have found that pushing to the extremes of endurance can teach you an awful lot about yourself. Most of the athletes in our fascinating feature on page 56 believe physical suffering can be withstood by sheer force of will, with a rare sense of mastery and fulfilment waiting for those who can go deep into the hurt locker during a run and come out the other side. It sounds amazing, but I’ll have to take their word for it, as I’m not quite ready for a 24-hour nonstop run just to access a transcendent state of mind. (Maybe next year…) Our cover star, Radio 1Xtra presenter…

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running is just the job

THE JOB MARKET may currently be drier than the Badwater ultramarathon in California’s Death Valley (the clue is in the name) but should you be searching for something, make sure you mention your running hobby on your CV. Stick it in Interests, above ‘whittling’ and ‘collecting antique firearms’. A new survey1 of 548 UK companies in 14 sectors found that mentioning ‘athletics’ – in our case, the noble sport of running – increased a candidate’s prospect of landing a job by as much as 20 per cent. The researchers believe participation in athletics conveys an impression of discipline and energy. Whereas ‘Starting fires’ conveys something else entirely. WORDS: RICK PEARSON. ILLUSTRATION: BRATISLAV MILENKOVIC. 1. GOLFSUPPORT.COM…

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mask and you shall achieve

WORKING OUT WHILE wearing a face covering won’t sabotage your fitness goals, according to new research.1 The small study, which involved 14 healthy, physically active men and women, tested the effects on exercise performance of a three-layer cloth face mask, a surgical mask and no mask. Participants underwent a progressive-intensity exercise test on a stationary bike, during which they had to maintain the same pedal rate while the resistance was continually increased until exhaustion. Heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation and rate of perceived exertion were recorded every 30 seconds. Wearing a mask of any type had no effect on the participants’ performance or muscle-oxygen levels. Also, researchers did not see any negative effects of using masks during exercise on arterial (blood) -oxygen levels, which would have shown a decrease if breathing was affected. HIIT…