Runner's World UK June 2021

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we’re first for new gear

For news on the latest shoes, tech, apparel and accessories, visit Here’s what’s hot on the site FEET FIRST You work your feet hard, so show them you care by slipping into something more comfortable. RIDING HIGH Sales of exercise bikes are way up, but you can still get a great deal if you know where to look. FOAM CALL Ten rollers to aid recovery, reduce muscle soreness and help you run stronger. It won’t hurt (much) PHOTOGRAPHS: LUCKY IF SHARP, PATRIK ENGSTRÖM, GETTY IMAGES. ILLUSTRATIONS: PETER CROWTHER, DAN WOODGER…

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henley-on-thames, oxfordshire

THE LOCATION Along the River Thames towpath, between Henley and Shiplake, is Marsh Lock. Situated on the Berkshire side of the river, it is accessed via a long wooden bridge on the Oxfordshire side. THE RUN Sunrise is the best time to enjoy this run and enjoy the local birdlife – try a three-mile round trip from Henley bridge to Marsh Lock, or continue on the trail to the village of Sonning, which was described by Jerome K Jerome in Three Men in a Boat as ‘the most fairylike little nook on the whole river’. RUNNER NHS dietitian and blogger Charlie Watson @charliedwatson PHOTOGRAPHER Phil Hill…

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editor’s letter

I’M FULLY AWARE that, as a man, I have it easy as a runner. I have the privilege of not having to think about where or when I run. I don’t have to consider whether it’s dark outside or if my route goes through isolated areas. Women runners should be able to feel equally at ease when they run, but they don’t. They can’t. In a new survey of over 2,000 runners by Runner’s World and Women’s Health, 60 per cent of women said they had been harassed while running, while 25 per cent were subjected to sexist comments or sexual advances. These are disturbing figures, especially because, since we last reported on the problem of the harassment of female runners, in 2017, there has been no change for the better.…

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SAM MURPHY The RW columnist, author and running coach investigates how running rewires our brain circuitry to ensure we fall in love with logging our miles. Eventually. If you’re still finding it a slog, let the science reassure you in And the Reward Goes to… You! on p44. BILLY WHITE The acclaimed chef and passionate trail runner combines those two loves in his new book, Eat, Run, Enjoy. Drawing on his culinary expertise and combining it with the nutritional wisdom of the world’s best mountain runners, he shows you how to Feed Your Soul on p50.…

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one and done

THE LIST OF excuses for not doing strength and conditioning work just got shorter. ‘I don’t have time to lift weights,’ simply won’t do, because new research1 suggests even one 20-minute strength workout a week can result in major improvements. Participants followed a training programme called Fit20, six exercises performed once a week on exercise machines: chest press, pulldown, leg press, abdominal flexion, back extension and either hip abduction or adduction. For each exercise, they did one set with a weight chosen so that they could do no more than six reps. The reps were performed slowly (10 secs up, 10 secs down), without locking the limbs or resting at the top or the bottom, and there was minimal rest (20 secs between moves). After a year, each participant had increased…

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do you run here often

INTERVAL SESSIONS are great for many things – such as improving your speed and showing off on Strava – but new research underlines the importance of running easy and often, which is often neglected. The study, published in the Journal of Science in Sports & Exercise, found that exercising at a moderate intensity more times per week offered greater benefits in terms of losing fat and lowering blood pressure than exercising at a higher intensity fewer times per week. The study looked at 23 sedentary, overweight men. Half the participants did interval training three times per week; the other half exercised at a comfortable pace for about 40 minutes, five times per week. After six weeks, although all participants showed fitness gains, only the moderate-intensity group saw a decline in body…