Runner's World UK July 2021

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we’re first for new gear

For news and reviews on the latest shoes, tech, apparel and accessories, visit Here’s what’s hot right now A HEAD START Cycling is an excellent form of cross-training for runners. Stay safe with our choice of bike helmets. BROOKS LAUNCH 8 We review the Brooks Launch 8. Newcomers and casual runners in search of a no-fuss shoe should love it. DON’T SWEAT IT We tested some of the best antiperspirant deodorants so you can retain a delightful postrun fragrance. PHOTOGRAPHS: ALAMY, KRIS KIRKHAM. ILLUSTRATION: LAURÈNE BOGLIO…

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Training and gear Whether you're new to running or you're on your tenth marathon, we'll keep you running well and looking good. Health and Injury Everything that you as a runner need to know about injury symptoms, prevention, relief and more. Nutrition Cut through the fads and get to the facts, with nutrition advice specially tailored for runners. Inspiring Stories Packed with interviews and stories about runners all over the world to keep you inspired. Whatever your running goals, the UK's no.1 running magazine brings you the expert advice and motivation to achieve them. Subscribe for free UK delivery and free instant access to the latest digital issue!* SUBSCRIBE AT OUR LOWEST PRICE Wisit: Terms and Conditions: Offer valid for new UK subscriptions by Direct Debit only. After the first 3 issues your subscription will renew at £21.99 every…

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what is your favourite running movie?

‘I love The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner: a raw kitchen sink drama full of angst and excitement, starring a young Tom Courtenay. A truly great British film.’ – Jack Tennant ‘A perverse choice – the little-known (rightly so) 1979 film Running, starring Michael Douglas as a marathon runner aiming for a place on the US Olympic team. Endless running scenes, all of them dull, and Douglas’ shorts are alarming. It’s a guilty pleasure, though the guilt, like the film, is nigh-on unbearable.’ – John Carroll ‘Obvious, I know, but it has to be Chariots of Fire. Grand themes, richly drawn characters, beautiful film-making and compelling storytelling. Try watching the titles scene, as they splash barefoot across the beach, without wanting to head out for a run.’ – Joe Mackie ‘Prefontaine. I think Jared Leto…

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editor’s letter

YOU DON’T NEED magic pills, diet hacks or hours and hours of sudoku to delay or ease the effects of ageing. Just lace up your shoes and go out to do the thing you love. Running is, and always has been, one of the best ways of slowing the ageing process. It helps control weight, strengthens our heart and lungs, and gives us the best kind of feel-good high. And it’s not just that our favourite sport can add years to our lives – three, according to a study published in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases – it’s that it can add more life to our years. If you run, your health, energy and quality of life are much better as you get older. Ample evidence of that can be…

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ASHLEY MATEO A qualified running coach with over a decade’s experience writing for publications such as Women's Health and The Wall Street Journal, Mateo turned her expertise to dealing with the most common runners’ injuries in Just Good Mends on p54. RICHARD ASKWITH To mark the 40th anniversary of the release of Chariots of Fire, the author of Feet in the Clouds and Today We Die a Little examines the film’s enduring appeal, the real events behind it and his personal connection in The Fire Still Burns on p60.…

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shroom service

A NEW STUDY HAS FOUND that eating mushrooms promotes the absorption of micronutrients, including B vitamins. Sports dietitian Renee McGregor says this is important because running causes ‘an increase in oxidative stress’ – which B vitamins can help to mitigate. Mushrooms are also a good source of vitamin D but McGregor says that most UK-based runners would still benefit from taking a vitamin D supplement. ‘Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin,’ she says, ‘so cook your mushrooms in olive oil or rapeseed oil to get the most from them.’ WORDS: JESSICA DOWNEY. PHOTOGRAPH: LEVI BROWN. 1. FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION…