Runner's World UK September 2021

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we’re first for new gear

For news and reviews on the latest shoes, tech, apparel and accessories, visit Here’s what’s hot right now • THE SHOE FITS… If the new super shoes are so super, why not wear them for every run? If only it were that simple. • THE BRIGHT MOVE We put on our sunnies to take a look at Nike’s ‘Rawdacious’ colourway palette for the Olympics. • REST ASSURED To run at your best, you need to sleep well. We put eight mattresses to the rest, as it were. PHOTOGRAPHS: SIMON WINNALL, TOM WATKINS, LAKOTA GAMBILL, AMY WOLFF, NIKE, SIMBA. ILLUSTRATIONS: ANTONIO SORTINO, TIM HIGGS…

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how much do you use heart rate to guide your training?

‘It’s my go-to metric to know how fit (or unfit) I am. I find focusing on hitting a certain HR, rather than a pace, for specific efforts means you’re working your body within its capabilities, and not chasing a pace that might end the session early.’– Ben Hobson‘I never use a heart-rate monitor, but when I can see my heart pounding from my chest like I’m a cartoon character who’s suddenly fallen in love, I stop running. In short, I pay close attention to my heart rate.’– John Carroll‘I’ve trained with my heart rate for years. Although it’s another metric, if you do it consistently enough I think it allows you to run by feel better because it helps you to know precisely how hard your body’s working.’– Andy Dixon‘I’ve…

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editor’s letter

I WENT FOR A RUN THE DAY after my mum died. My mind was whirring, but my body was tired and it felt like there was a weight in the centre of my chest – it made me think that the phrase ‘with a heavy heart’ might be literal as well as metaphorical. But it felt good to be outside, listening to birdsong and seeing shafts of sunlight pierce the clouds as I picked my way along a country trail. I entered some woods, which were completely deserted, and stopped. There was something about the sound of the breeze moving through the leaves that was immensely calming. I looked up at the trees, whose lives span centuries, and thought that it’s how they bend with the wind, rather than resist…

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ADRIAN MONTI The writer and runner explores the science of running’s power to heal and hears from four runners who open up about how they used the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other to move forward in the face of great loss, in Running Through the Grief, p30. DAMIAN HALL The serial recordbreaking ultrarunner has bagged FKTs on the Cape Wrath Trail and the Pennine Way. In this issue, he tells the inside story of his record attempt on the 185-mile trans-England Coast to Coast route, in Shore Thing, p44.…

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contact us

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oil your wheels

MENTAL STRENGTH is a slippery subject, but one study that’s caught our attention suggests fish oil could tip the scales by helping to unlock your inner endurance warrior. Researchers at Kobe University in Japan found study participants who were given a dose of the supplement were able to handle pain for longer and with less discomfort than the control group. The scientists believe the DHA fatty acids in fish oil can amplify the effects of endorphins, which help you cope with the stress of physical exertion, suppressing pain and boosting your mood. By assisting these feel-good neurotransmitters, DHA increases your pain threshold. If you’re usually floundering halfway through a 5K, this should give you a boost. You might even find the strength for a turbot-charged finish.…