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Sea Angler Issue 566

Sea Angler is Britain’s s biggest-selling sea fishing magazine. Launched in 1972, it covers shore and boat angling around the UK coastline and further afield. It's unique because every month it offers: * Full and honest tackle tests: what to use and buy * Exclusive bass section: dedicated to Britain's true sportfish * Shimano Mission Catch Competition: catch target species over a certain weight to claim embroidered catch badges * Technical and Tactical advice: how to catch through the changing seasons * Regular kayaking advice features & stories On average we publish 140 pages each month absolutely crammed with action, advice, tips and inspirational editorial.

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ANOTHER POOR BASS DEAL Do you ever get the feeling that sea anglers get the rough end of any deal? A bass bag limit of one fish a day when we wanted three looks like a bad result to me. It seems the UK Government negotiators didn’t get any support for an increase or, some might claim, didn’t try hard enough. On December 19, the Council of the European Union announced that recreational anglers would, once more, be given a bag limit of one fish per day, but extended to seven months (April 1 to October 31). That’s a poor return for the efforts of our campaigners, such as the Angling Trust, Save Our Seabass, and the European Anglers Alliance (EAA), who pushed for three fish a day for seven months, as…

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rods bend at selsey

Even while battling through the traffic on the M27, which can be total madness and often resembles a giant car park, the adrenalin was still flowing as I headed to the east on a fishing road trip. For a change, I was travelling alone, although I would be meeting with Brendon Moon, Darren Dixon and his nine-year-old son Bradley at East Selsey, a venue that I had fished on a few occasions, mainly during the winter. Quality bait is certainly one of the key elements in any successful road trip; it is never worth skimping. On route I stopped off at Allan’s Marine, in Portsmouth, to collect a variety of baits including large sandeels, squid, mackerel and ragworms. With all my booty in the cool box, it was back behind the wheel for…

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aldeburgh adventure

MENTION ALDEBURGH TO any East Coast angler and it will probably conjure up memories of anglers taking double-figure cod on frosty winter days. Times have changed, though, and overfishing during the late 20th Century all but put the cod stocks in jeopardy. Without those heavyweights, there are always other fish to be caught from the Suffolk town’s beaches. Even though I was very fortunate to land a 22lb cod off these deep beaches in the 1990s and some low double-figure fish as well, I’m a great believer that where there is a void (in this case far fewer cod), then other species fill that space. It is certainly proving that way because the winter dab fishing has always been pretty good. Of course, there is still a chance of a codling or…

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pathway to huss

WHEN ONE OF THE FIRST items of equipment out of the back of the car at the start of a shore fishing session is a stout length of rope, you can be sure that you are setting off on an experience likely to be a tad different to the norm. This was the case one afternoon towards the end of November when Martin Thompson hoisted his tackle rucksack on to his back and, with one hand, grabbed his rods and rod-rest, along with a substantial coil of rope with the other. Next, he took us down a narrow track that eventually led us the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Throughout the week Martin and Sandra Thompson run their busy tackle and bait shop, Anglers Corner, in Milford Haven, but on Sunday afternoons, and occasionally…

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the special one

“The £35,000 prize fund includes a £4,000 first prize for the winner of each of the two days” AS YOU ARE ALL AWARE , sometimes the first three months of the new year can be a slow period for sea anglers, but there’s an event that really draws the crowds – the European Open Beach Championship. This match is a three-day event that starts with a Flattie Bash on the Friday, and is followed by the two days of the main competition, where the target fish are mainly cod, thornback rays and whiting. Set up by the late Paul Roggeman in 1994, it was part of his job to attract visitors to East Yorkshire by hosting events. Being a keen angler, Paul saw an opportunity outside the main summer season, and the event…

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holderness hotspots

WITH ITS HUGE PRIZE fund of £35,000, the annual European Open Beach Championship, which takes place on the Holderness Coast of East Yorkshire, attracts more than 1,000 anglers from across the UK and Europe. The match is fished between Bridlington North Beach and Spurn Point pilot jetty. Living in the area, I have competed in the big event and also fish this coastline on a regular basis. Here’s my guide to some venues to consider fishing in the roving event or, if you are not taking part, to visit this winter. I’ve chosen some places with easier access because I don’t want to send people on long hikes or difficult-to-access areas. ALDBROUGH Located 10km south east of Hornsea, there are a couple of well-known marks here – Aldbrough Dip and Aldbrough Road End. These marks…