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Sea Angler Issue 568

Sea Angler is Britain’s s biggest-selling sea fishing magazine. Launched in 1972, it covers shore and boat angling around the UK coastline and further afield. It's unique because every month it offers: * Full and honest tackle tests: what to use and buy * Exclusive bass section: dedicated to Britain's true sportfish * Shimano Mission Catch Competition: catch target species over a certain weight to claim embroidered catch badges * Technical and Tactical advice: how to catch through the changing seasons * Regular kayaking advice features & stories On average we publish 140 pages each month absolutely crammed with action, advice, tips and inspirational editorial.

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IT’S NEVER JUST ABOUT CATCHING FISH. THERE’S FAR MORE TO SEA angling. For some, landing the big one is the be all and end all, but surely it is also about being out in the environment, sharing adventures and memories with fishing pals and just enjoying the occasion. Yes, some may consider that wallowing in the wonders of nature is a side issue to the main prize, be it catching a dream fish or the matter of winning or losing, but – bear with me here – there really are added benefits to our wellbeing. In February I visited the European Open Beach Championships held in East Yorkshire (pictured below right) and it was obvious the event is more than just a fishing contest. It’s far more – see page 16. That’s…

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bonding in bodo

THE INTERCOM CRACKLED AS the SAS Airways Boeing 737 swung swiftly on to the arrivals gate – “Welcome to Bodo”. My short two-hour hop from Heathrow to Oslo, plus a further two-hour flight up the Norwegian west coast, had been pleasant and on time, and I was glad to be back. While scanning the revolving baggage carousel for my luggage, I glanced up at the arrivals screen and noticed that the aircraft carrying my fishing buddies for the week, had also touched down, also on schedule. No delays, no hiccups, no dramas... things seemed to be going to plan. I heard distant laughter, and a few moments later Tony Dean and Kane Wood-Brignall, from Kent, accompanied by Tyne and Wear anglers Ryan Thompson and his lad Harley, eventually appeared. All that was left…

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laugh a minute

MY FINGERS WERE SOON NUMB as I de-iced the car windscreen in the early hours of a January morning, but it hardly mattered in the circumstances. A little discomfort was a mere inconvenience. For my emotions and adrenalin were flowing freely because I was heading out to pick up old England teammate Ian Golds. Not much more than six months prior to our adventure, Ian, a highly respected former stalwart of the England shore team (most recently as manager) and also famous for his superb range of rod-rest tripods, had received some devastating news. Ian, perhaps Portsmouth’s finest ever angler, was diagnosed with an incurable illness, which sent shockwaves through the sea angling world. Typical of Goldsie, though – but unlike the vast majority of folk, including myself, who would have hidden in…

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party central

A STRONG TIDE FLOWS AT THE European Open Beach Championship, and it’s not just from the murky water of the North Sea. It’s a wave of emotion that seems to seep into every pore of its very existence. When East Yorkshire council employee Paul Roggeman founded the event in 1994, as the British Open Beach Championship, his aim was to bring some much-needed out-of-season trade to the local coastline. Paul passed away in 2015, and his showpiece, now boasting a £35,000 prize fund, was named after him from 2016, but his legacy is something extremely powerful. It attracts more than 1,400 anglers, who descend on the Holderness Coast to fish the main weekend event, while several hundred take part in the Friday warm-up, called the Flattie Bash. It has become something of a party…

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match facts

This is the largest sea angling festival in the UK, and biggest three-day beach fishing competition in Europe. The event’s association with the Sand le Mere Holiday Village at Tunstall began in 2013. The park hosts approximately 1,000 anglers. Originally, the HQ was at Bridlington. The first 500 two-day ticket holders received a goody bag, filled with freebies from, among others, Fladen, Sea Angler and Yuki. Junior winner overall was Josh Wilson, of Hedon, with 0.860kg. Best flatfish prize went to Brad Morris, of Redcar, with a 0.545kg flounder, caught at Aldbrough. Top lady was Cheryl Robinson, of Nafferton, with 0.445kg. Overseas winner was Tomas Noerring, from Germany, with 1.880kg. Pairs winners were Steve I’Anson and Martin Wilding, and the top team consisted of Jordan Hunter, Paul Westmorland and Aaran…

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“line peeled off the reel and all that he could do was hold on and enjoy the ride...”

ONE OF THE LATEST MEMBERS of my Sea Angling Adventures team is Dan Bassett, who I know through Seaview Angling tackle shop, in Plymouth, and for his passion for sea fishing. Having started his fishing obsession at the age of four, he was fortunate to be surrounded by some superb anglers around the South West – not least his dad, Bill. Over the years Dan has gathered a vast amount of knowledge of the area’s marks. His main passion is mullet fishing and he’s had some fantastic results, including a 6lb 2oz thick-lipped and a 4lb 1oz thin-lipped. He’s also caught plaice to 4lb from the shingle beaches. In recent years he has sought a 40lb conger eel from the shore and, with a current personal best of 32lb 11oz, he is…