Senior's Edition: iPad

7th Edition

The iPad is one of the most intelligent pieces of technology on Earth, owing to its incredible versatility and portability. So now you have your hands on this life-changing device it’s time to find your feet; explore all the basics in this new edition, from long-standing features to the latest operating system iOS 10. Featuring: Setting up - This section goes over the basics of setting up your iPad. Getting started - Once you have set up your iPad, it’s time to get started. The next step - Once you have learnt all the basics, its time to delve deeper into your iPad. Apps - Make your iPad even more fun by downloading nifty apps.

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welcome to senio's ipad

The iPad is one of the most intelligent pieces of technology on Earth. Owing to its incredible versatility and portability, it allows you to undertake an incredible number of day-today tasks while on the go, acting as a camera, media hub, games console and much more. And all of this from a userfriendly and intuitive interface that can be mastered by tech aficionados and novices alike. It makes sense then that we rarely go a day without seeing one being used – in one capacity or another – for work, play or study. So now you have your hands on this life-changing device it’s time to find your feet. In this new edition of Senior’s iPad, explore all the basics, from long-standing features to the latest operating system iOS 10.…

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introducing the ipad

The iPad is unlike any computer you’ve ever laid your hands on. For one thing, there’s no intermediary between you and what you’re trying to do; on a regular computer, you have to learn to manipulate a pointing device like a mouse or trackpad to move a cursor on the screen so you can achieve what you need to do. On the iPad, you’re already an expert manipulator since you just use your fingers directly on the screen to move and affect what you see. If you know how to point, you know how to use an iPad, and that’s the truly exciting thing about this device: it makes personal computing truly personal. But despite its friendliness, it’s still a complex piece of hardware and you’ll need to know a little…

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make your ipad easier to use

Accessibility is a hallmark of all Apple products, but for those who do not need such features they are hidden away, which can mean a lack of awareness. A quick look in the Accessibility settings, which are available in the Settings app under the General option, will show most of the options available to help you overcome physical restrictions and make the most of your iPad. They are all turned off by default, but once the setup process is complete the experience changes. The iPad can speak back any action you undertake so that you always know where you are, the screen can be zoomed in for a magnified view and text can be set to the level which is perfect for your needs. Hardware buttons need never be touched…

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activate and register your ipad

With trembling hands and a giddy sensation in your stomach, you unpack your new iPad from its box and are ready to activate it and start using it to enhance your life. But whereas previously you would have to have had a computer to plug your iPad into to start the setup process, since iOS 5 you are no longer required to tether your device to a computer and the entire setup can be carried out independently, which makes it a quick and easy process. All you have to do is connect your new device to a power source and then press the Sleep/Wake button, which is situated on the top of your iPad. This will bring up a generic iPad lock screen with a slider at the bottom. Tap and…

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change settings to suit you

On the first page of the iPad screen is an app called Settings. This controls how your iPad works, allows individual apps to be configured and sets the look and feel of the screens. With Settings, you can enforce security, log on to Wi-Fi networks, save battery power, add signatures to emails, configure the web browser Safari to use specific search engines and much, much more. It is, perhaps, the most important app on your iPad, and one you will come to use a lot. Learn what it has to offer and how you can change or configure things and you will take control of the iPad to make it work the way you want it to. In this tutorial we are going to introduce you to some of the key features…

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set up icloud and start syncing

With iOS 5 came iCloud, a service from Apple that is so much more than just a hard drive in the sky. Free to all iOS users, iCloud automatically and securely stores your content so that it’s always available on your iPad, iPhone, Mac… no matter what Apple device you’re using. Through iCloud you get full access to your music, apps, photos and documents, and it also wirelessly syncs all of your emails, contacts and calendars to keep them up to date across all of your devices. When you sign up for iCloud you get 5GB of free storage, which is plenty because all of your music, apps, books, and photos don’t count against your free storage. And seeing as your mail, documents, account info, settings and other app data don’t…