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The iPad is one of the most intelligent pieces of technology on Earth, owing to its incredible versatility and portability. So now you have your hands on this life-changing device it’s time to find your feet; explore all the basics in this new edition, from long-standing features to the latest operating system iOS 10. Featuring: Setting up - This section goes over the basics of setting up your iPad. Getting started - Once you have set up your iPad, it’s time to get started. The next step - Once you have learnt all the basics, its time to delve deeper into your iPad. Apps - Make your iPad even more fun by downloading nifty apps.

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welcome to senior’s ipad

The iPad is one of the most intelligent pieces of technology on Earth. Owing to its incredible versatility and portability, it allows you to undertake an incredible number of day-today tasks while on the go, acting as a camera, media hub, games console and much more. And all of this from a userfriendly and intuitive interface that can be mastered by tech aficionados and novices alike. It makes sense then that we rarely go a day without seeing one being used – in one capacity or another – for work, play or study. So now you have your hands on this life-changing device it’s time to find your feet. In this new edition of Senior’s iPad, explore all the basics, from long-standing features to the latest updates to iOS 9…

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introducing the ipad

The iPad is unlike any computer you’ve ever laid your hands on. For one thing, there’s no intermediary between you and what you’re trying to do; on a regular computer, you have to learn to manipulate a pointing device like a mouse or trackpad to move a cursor on the screen so you can achieve what you need to do. On the iPad, you’re already an expert manipulator since you just use your fingers directly on the screen to move and affect what you see. If you know how to point, you know how to use an iPad, and that’s the truly exciting thing about this device: it makes personal computing truly personal. But despite its friendliness, it’s still a complex piece of hardware and you’ll need to know a little…

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first steps

Turn on When an iPad’s screen is off, your device is either asleep or shut down 01.To turn the device on when it has been fully turned off, press the On/Off button, top right of the device. 02.If it’s in Sleep mode, you can also press the Home button to bring your iPad back to life. Sleep mode You may be putting your iPad to sleep quite often 01.You need to make use of one of your iPad’s few physical buttons for this; the On/Off button is located in the top right of the device. 02.Press and release it once for the screen to go dark and become unresponsive to any touch input. Turn off To turn your iPad off, check out the following steps 01.Press and hold on its On/Off button for up to five seconds. The screen will…

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Where can I get it? Point your browser towards and click on the ‘Download iTunes’ button, somewhere on the page. What is iTunes? It’s a program designed by Apple and the purpose was to transfer your CD collection onto your Mac, catalogue your songs and transfer them to a compatible MP3 player. Why do I need it? Because iTunes evolved over the years to accommodate more than music – movies, TV shows, podcasts and more. Now it’s a great way to transfer anything to your iPad. Why is it not included on a CD? Apple now assumes that broadband is ubiquitous, and that way the company can make sure that you’ll be using the very latest version available as opposed to one that could have been released ages ago. It’s installed. Now what?…

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app store

What’s all this talk about apps? Do I need them? Apps are programs that run on a computer, like your browser or word processor. They increase your device’s functionality and you should definitely browse through them to see if there’s anything you might like. Where do I get these apps? Straight from the App Store, which you can access from iTunes or the iPad app. You might find some websites showcasing various programs, but you can only get them from the App Store. Can I only get them from my computer? No: there’s a program called ‘App Store’ on your iPad. From there, you can gain access to the entire store as well, although you will need to be within range of a Wi-Fi network, unless of course you own a 3G-capable…

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Keyboard The iPad is great for many things, although some people still struggle with typing using the device. You can get around this by purchasing an Apple Wireless Keyboard and then pairing it with your iPad via Bluetooth Smartcase This device will enthral you for hours with its ingenuity. With the clever use of magnets, you can, literally, sling this cover at your iPad and it will autoalign to sit perfectly across the screen of your device for supreme protection. What’s more, when you pull it back, your device will automatically wake up Case Getting an iPad case is essential if you wish to protect your investment and they come in many styles. Most can display your iPad in portrait or landscape orientation and can be supported at a variety of angles…