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September 2019

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the ed zone

Puppets have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Thanks to my mother – and growing up with two younger brothers – I was introduced to The Muppets from a very early age. At some point I became a lifelong fan of The Dark Crystal, though I recall my mum having the novelisation and the cover terrifying me. Jump forward a good few decades – via Labyrinth, Fraggle Rock, The Storyteller and more – and I find myself once more enthralled by the world of Thra. Not just from seeing what The Jim Henson Company and Netflix have brought to the screen, but for being lucky enough to visit the UK studios where The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance was filmed. I never thought that…

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red alert

Doctorin’ The TARDIS Things have been a bit sparse in the world of Doctor Who action figures recently, but Character Options are making up for lost time (lords) with no less than eight new figure sets, exclusive to B&M stores in the UK, making their debut in late August. The “Silver Nemesis” set includes the Seventh Doctor, Cyberleader and Cyberman. The “Two Doctors” set has the Second Doctor as an Androgum, Peri Brown and Sontaran Group Marshal Stike. The Sontarans also get their own collector set, with Field Major Styre and Commander Lynx packaged with Harry Sullivan. There are two new TARDIS sets – the one for “The Caves Of Androzani” features a “travel weary” police box and Fifth Doctor in damaged outfit, while the “Shada” set pairs the Fourth Doctor with the…

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new star trek spin-off set to boldly go

VIEWERS WILL GET TO SEE A GLIMPSE OF the new Star Trek: Picard series sooner than they might have thought – only it won’t exactly be the show they’re expecting. That’s because Picard’s first outing will be part of the next set of Short Treks – mini-episodes with a running time of up to 15 minutes each. The last instalment in the next run of six episodes will serve as a prequel to Star Trek: Picard, taking place 15 years before the series begins. Three of the episodes will also feature the return of Captain Pike, Spock and Number One on the Enterprise – as well as Tribbles – and the remaining two will be animated in different styles. Star Trek: Picard is set 20 years after the events of Star Trek:…

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carnival row

LIFE IMITATING ART 1 This new Amazon Prime series is set in a Victorian fantasy world where humans coexist with immigrant mythological creatures. Their homelands were invaded by mankind, and now they struggle to live alongside them – forbidden to live their lives as before. STAR POWER 2 The one-hour drama stars Orlando Bloom (Pirates of The Caribbean) and Cara Delevigne (Suicide Squad). Other cast members include Karla Crome (Under The Dome), Indira Varma (Game Of Thrones) and Tamzin Merchant (Salem). David Gyasi (Interstellar) plays Agreus – a mysteriously wealthy faun who defies the social order by moving into a human neighbourhood. One-time Borg queen Alice Krige also appears. GODS AND MONSTERS 3 Bloom plays human detective Rycroft Philostrate, who’s having an affair with Delevigne’s Vignette Stonemoss, a faerie refugee. As well as having to…

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a timely anniversary

MADE UP OF ONE-PAGE STORIES by 80 different creative teams, Marvel Comics #1000’s release coincides with the 80th anniversary of the August 1939 publication of Marvel Comics #1 by Timely Comics, which later evolved into Marvel. But the one-shot does more than commemorate the House of Ideas’ rich and colourful past. “We’re celebrating the entirety of the Marvel Universe in all its diverseness, and also crafting a central story that connects certain elements and events throughout it,” explains Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, who’s recruited a mix of familiar names and newcomers, including Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’s Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Joe Hill and Toby Whithouse. “So many people wanted to be a part of it, we’ve added another issue, Marvel Comics #1001, in September.” British writer Al Ewing is coordinating the…