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March 2019

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the ed zone

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe 21st century cinema’s most impressive achievement? While you can argue other films have more artistic merit, in blockbuster terms the MCU has assembled a run of success unparalleled in the history of Hollywood.When Iron Man was released back in 2008 and ideas of bringing the Hulk, Thor and Cap together in an Avengers movie were first mooted, the scepticism was palpable. How can a Norse god team up with a frozen World War 2 soldier in a plausible movie? Kevin Feige and his team proved us spectacularly wrong via a heady mix of epic action, snappy dialogue, Stan Lee cameos and mid-credits teasers for future movies.So with Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame imminent, we’re looking back at all 20 Marvel movies so far, and ahead…

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for the players

We have a feeling this conversation isn’t going to go smoothly.They had all been given very different directions for the fancy dress party.On one level E4’s new sitcom Dead Pixels isn’t really sci-fi or fantasy at all – it’s set in the present day, there’s no futuristic tech and its characters have no out-of-the ordinary abilities. But a large chunk of it is set in an epic swords-and-sorcery world, the sort that millions of people have experienced for themselves… on a computer screen.The brainchild of Jon Brown (a writer who can list Misfits, Fresh Meat and Cuban Fury on his CV), Dead Pixels started out as “Avatards”, a series of short comedy “Blaps” on Channel 4’s website back in 2016. Now E4 has invested in a fully blown expansion pack to…

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the meg

HOW HAS YOUR CHARACTER, MEG, EVOLVED FROM THE “AVATARDS” BLAPS?I think in the series she’s a bit more inside her head. I think in the Blap Meg was very out there, with zero filter, which there is definitely still an element of, but I think she’s definitely more insecure in this series, because there’s more room for growth that way.ARE YOU A GAMER IN REAL LIFE?Yes, I had a near mental breakdown the other day when my Nintendo Switch just would not turn on. Uncharted is probably my favourite series of games ever, and my last obsession was The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It’s two years ago now that I started playing it, and I have nearly 100 percented it, hence my mental breakdown when my Nintendo…

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face your demons

People holding torches: one of a series. (GETTY (1))It’s the end of the road for Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Magnus and the rest of the Shadowhunters: Mortal Instruments family, as the second half of the supernatural drama’s third season, dubbed 3B, will serve as the show’s swansong.The explosive finale of season 3A appeared to claim the lives of both Clary and the sinister Lilith, and when the series returns everyone’s lives are understandably in a tailspin…“Everybody is beating themselves up pretty badly in the premiere,” co-showrunner Todd Slavkin tells Red Alert. “The absence of Clary has a really heavy-duty impact on everyone, especially Jace. There’s a lot of guilt to go around. Jace obviously feels like this is all because of him. Simon was the one dealing with the Mark…

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aerial assault

It’s now official: another Star Trek TV show is in development! Joining Discovery, the Picard show and the animated Lower Decks, the previously rumoured Michelle Yeoh-fronted series will focus on the Mirror Georgiou and her work for Starfleet black ops outfit Section 31.Game Of Thrones is coming! Final season premiere date confirmed as 14 April in the US, 15 April in the UK.Stranger Things’ third season will land on 4 July in our dimension. Upside Down broadcast date TBC.Netflix’s Dark Crystal prequel series Age Of Resistance bags all-star voice cast including Taron Egerton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Helena Bonham-Carter, Alicia Vikander, Simon Pegg and Mark Hamill.Good news for Van Helsing, Star Wars Resistance and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, which are all renewed for new seasons. Bad news for Z Nation and Midnight, Texas, which have both…

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fear of gods

Writing a novel while still a teen might seem a big deal. But for 19-year-old Helena Coggan, whose first book was published when she was just 15, and whose third, The Orphanage Of Gods, is out this February, it must all seem a bit old hat?“I hope that never happens,” she laughs. “It is very exciting, because I’ve worked on this for so long. Hopefully I will never get that jaded!”The Orphanage Of Gods is set in a world in which god-like beings existed, but have been virtually wiped out by humans. Orphans are imprisoned and monitored for signs of godhood. “And in a place where everyone wants to rat you out, where there is no love whatsoever, inexplicably three kids manage to build lasting family relationships with each other,”…


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