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Sound On Sound USA

Sound On Sound USA

November 2020

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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happy birthday sos

A lot can happen in 35 years. Start the clock in 1914 and it’s a period that encompasses both World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the Welfare State, the growth of radio and the birth of television. Count from 1960 and you cover the entire careers of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, not to mention minor details like the moon landings, the building of the Berlin Wall and its eventual collapse. The 35 years since the launch of Sound On Sound have been equally turbulent, as Chris Korff’s timeline in this issue demonstrates. The magazine has had to weather many storms. SOS is and has always been independently published, without the safety net of an enormous multinational corporation to support it — but that independence is key to its staying power.…

5 min.
prism sound dream ada-128 multichannel a-d/d-a converter & audio interface

Digital technology has progressed at speed over the last few years, so the fact that Prism Sound’s ADA-8XR has remained unsurpassed as the company’s flagship multichannel A-D/D-A converter for nearly 20 years is remarkable. But in early September, Prism invited SOS to their offices in Cambridgeshire to get a sneak preview of the new top dog: the Prism Sound Dream ADA-128, which should just have been announced as you read this. Named for its remarkable ability to provide up to 128 channels of premium Prism conversion in a single 2U rack, the ADA-128 is a modular device that can be configured to a wide range of needs thanks to its ability to host a number of different expansion cards. Slot Machine The card slots fall into two categories. The first four slots are…

3 min.
dacs headline guitar amp & speaker selector

The HeadLine Guitar Switching System came to be because professional guitarists approached DACS asking for a quick and easy way to compare and reconfigure their boutique amps and cabinets without manually swapping the cables. It comprises two rackmountable boxes, which connect via a CAT5 or 6 cable, and DACS say they’ve tested cables of up to 20m. The Selector unit should be installed within easy reach of your listening/playing position, and the Relay Switcher is intended to live nearer the amps and cabs. With your guitar and up to eight amps and four cabinets connected, you press the Selector’s buttons to set the amp/cab combination, and you can route an amp’s output to two cabs simultaneously. Both units have a tuner output, which could also be used as a non-switchable feed…

3 min.
presonus pm-2 stereo microphone kit

While large-diaphragm microphones tend to be the most glamorous, small-diaphragm models are often better-suited to recording acoustic instruments, and they are also easier to set up as X-Y stereo pairs. Common applications in the smaller studio include drum overheads and other acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars. Designed in the US by PreSonus but manufactured in the Far East to keep costs down, the two mics in the PM-2 kit are closely matched, small-diaphragm capacitor microphones, each employing a 0.75-inch, centre-terminated, gold-sputtered 6mm mylar diaphragm. Although there are currently no alternative capsules offered to fit these microphones, the cardioid ones provided are removable. These screw onto the end of the matte-silver ‘stick’-type bodies. The mics are fairly light and won’t make your mic stand droop. As is common with this type of…

3 min.
metasystem metagrid remote control app for ipad

As a Cubase user who happens to own an iPad, I’m also a fan of Steinberg’s Cubase iC Pro app that provides a touchscreen remote control experience for Cubase running on my OS X desktop system. Of course, iC Pro is not the only iOS app that can provide remote control of your DAW/ sequencer and Metagrid is another excellent choice. The app has recently been upgraded to v.1.6 and, since I last tried it, has also added Windows support to the existing OS X support. So, if you have a suitable iPad (iOS 10.0 or later is required) and want to put it to good use in the studio, is Metagrid worth a punt? Very Meta In order to use the app, you have to download the appropriate free ‘server’ software…

2 min.
baby audio parallel aggressor compression & saturation plug-in

Many plug-in developers have embraced the idea of plug-ins with minimal control sets, and one of my current favourites is Baby Audio’s I Heart NY. Reviewed in SOS March 2020 (https://sosm.ag/ baby-audio-iheartny), this presents what is from the user’s point of view the simplest possible implementation of parallel compression. The only controls on offer are compression amount, wet/dry mix and output level — and it’s remarkable how effective the resulting plug-in is. I’ve rarely wished for more control from I Heart NY, but perhaps others haven’t felt the same way, because Baby Audio have now released an expanded implementation of the same concept. Parallel Aggressor is still designed to be super-simple to use, but provides options for shaping the character of the compression, and doubles the fun with a saturation algorithm…