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In Britain, we spend an average of 24 hours a week watching TV. If you’re devoting a seventh of your life to the gogglebox, it’s important you choose the right one. But don’t go thinking you have to spend thousands of pounds on one of the latest OLEDs to get a great viewing experience. There are loads of superb tellies available at every budget in 2019 – and whether you’re a gaming geek, a football fanatic or just a massive Hollyoaks devotee, our guide starting on p38 has everything you need to know about your next television. It’s also that time of the year when we think about getting away for that much-needed holiday. Whether you’re off to Barbados, or just heading to a campsite next to the Hollyoaks set with…

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our month

I SCARED SOME CYCLISTS IN THE OUTER HEBRIDES Has summer been cancelled? That’s how it feels when you’ve spent the weekend in the wet and blustery Outer Hebrides. Thing is, life is joyous anyway when you’re in the comfort of the new Nissan Leaf, zipping along open roads in cyclist-spooking silence en route to the coast for a rendezvous with a seal. With zero petrol and a range of over 120 miles on a full charge, plus 60% of the interior made of recyclables, I’m green all the way. I MET SOME REAL-LIFE STUFF READERS Hosting an evening for Stuff competition winners, it was thoroughly reassuring to discover you’re real and not internet bots (you probably thought the same about me). So thank you for existing… and also for taking time out to…

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hot stuff

HOT FIVE #1 NOTHING HERTZ LIKE THIS OnePlus 7 Pro For a long time, OnePlus was known to cool kids as the cheap and cheerful alternative to Apple or Samsung. But even the budget-priced trailblazer of the smartphone world couldn’t resist slapping a ‘Pro’ label – which, as we all know by now, is code for ‘very expensive’ – on its latest blower. That’s not to say the OnePlus 7 Pro isn’t worth plumping up the extra pocket money for, though (read our full review on page 33 if you’re in any doubt). That rather magnificent curved 6.67in AMOLED display also happens to be 90Hz, which comfortably bests the 60Hz panel you’ll find on most of its rivals. In day-to-day use, the superior refresh rate means super-smooth scrolling and better gaming performance.…

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slice of the action

‘ROCKSTEADY’ LOOKS TO BE BETTER THAN GOPRO’S EXCELLENT HYPERSMOOTH STABILISATION From now on, DJI isn’t just a drone maker – it’s an action cam company too. Look no further than the new Osmo Action, the first true rival to the GoPro Hero7 Black we’ve seen… and it’s £50 cheaper to boot ● Double take With a proper 1.4in front display supporting the main 2.25in rear touchscreen, the Osmo Action suits self-shooters more than any other action cam on the market – and lessens the chances of mis-framing your epically, extraordinarily extreme tombstoning/mountain-biking/bellybutton-picking exploits. It’s such a simple addition we’re shocked no other action cam maker has done it before. ● Video star The second screen won’t mean much if the footage is bobbins, but the Osmo Action matches the GoPro flagship’s 12MP sensor and ability…

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jarre aeroframe hd1

IT’S A SIMPLE TWO-SPEAKER SETUP – THE DESIGN JUST MAKES IT LOOK COMPLICATED That looks like something out of No Man’s Sky. Ah, No Man’s Sky. That’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time. Here’s another one: Jean-Michel Jarre. The French keyboard botherer and laser fan might still be gigging but his days of playing to 3.5 million people in Moscow are behind him. Now he spends his time putting his name to bizarre novelty speakers, such as the doughnut-shaped Twist, the canine-inspired AeroBull range and the AeroSkull, which is designed to look like a human cranium wearing sunglasses. As far as Jarre’s current output goes, then, the Aeroframe HD1 is positively sensible. Ah, so it’s a speaker? It is indeed, although the chances are anyone who sees it will be in…