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April 2019

Gets down and dirty for you every month with in-depth technical articles covering the hottest engine combinations, trick suspension and brake testing, and full-on restoration. There's also complete product reviews, up-to-the-minute news and event coverage, as well as four exciting Tech Talk columns written by industry experts on Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, and '55-'57 Chevys.

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pet peeves

I was sitting down to write my editorial, which can be challenging at times, when my managing editor told me we had a slightly angry voicemail from a reader in Detroit named Dave. What got Dave worked up were the SS logos on some of the cars we’ve featured, specifically the ones on the grilles. It seems that some of them are mounted upside down. Yep, some of you may not know it, but the classic SS logos, in many cases, are not symmetrical and indeed can be put on upside down. Now don’t feel bad, the difference is very subtle, but the bottom of the iconic font is a bit heavier compared to the top. It’s one of those things that’s often overlooked, but once seen it can’t be…

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car club tests chevrolet’s “new contender”

In mid-September 1966, members of the Coachmen Auto Club of South Bend, Indiana, gathered at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds outside of Detroit for what must have been a dream day: check out—and drive—Chevy’s all-new Camaro, and be featured in a magazine for doing it!The Camaro had gone on sale just days before, and Petersen’s Dick Scritchfield wrangled a couple different Camaros for these young men to explore as part of  Car Craft magazine’s car club road test series. The photos in the Dec. 1966 issue show the guys climbing around and driving an RS/SS 350 model, which means that not only were they getting their hands on the all-new Chevy, it was powered by the all-new V-8 to boot.Coachmen club president Dale Dabrowiak called the 350 “a great combination for…

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Last year, this 1972 Chevelle showed up at Anthony’s Rod & Custom in Middle Island, New York, for a complete makeover. Local Chevy owner Mike Ingoglia sent his prized A-body to the shop as a bare shell and frame, and let proprietor Anthony Luca and his crew go to town on his Bowtie.To start this build off on the right foot, Anthony stepped back and took inventory of the project in front of him. He then decided that the best way to attack this ride was to first fit all the body panels correctly. Once the panel-puzzle was put together they then made sure that the gaps were nothing short of perfect before moving on to the next step of making the flanks pin straight. The bumpers were then shaved…

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21st century tri-five

The 2018 Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, was a testament to the copious amount of surviving Tri-Fives. With nearly 3,000 examples of the breed hogging nearly every square inch of Kentucky green grass at Beech Bend Raceway Park, it was clear the species is far from extinct. Tri-Fives produced over 60 years ago continue to be American icons.A staple of the event, now in its fourth year, is the building, and subsequent giving away, of a Tri-Five Chevy to one lucky attendee. Previous giveaway cars have included all three years of the Tri-Five. This year, the build, backed by Golden Star Classic Auto Parts and Woody’s Hot Rodz, was another 1955 Chevy. It was awarded at the show and the lucky new owners are Florida residents Charlotte and…

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an eight-barrel shot

There was a time in the mid-’50s when serious small-block and W-motored big-block Chevys danced off the showroom floor with twin Carter WCFBs bolted to a 2x4 intake manifold. John Buck is a longtime enthusiast with a bitchin back-in-black ’56 Chevy powered by a carbureted Chevrolet Performance ZZ502 big-block crate engine. He’s always liked that 2x4 look and decided that the eight-barrel approach deserved a shot.Buck’s ’56 Rat ran great with its 750-cfm double-pumper, but he was also searching for a little added sophistication. The plan focused on finding a 2x4 package that could achieve both goals. What Buck discovered is that FiTech offers just such a 2x4 EFI throttle body kit designed to bolt directly on an Edelbrock 2x4 low-rise manifold with minimal fuss.FiTech offered to perform the swap…

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the basket case

How often does a car build start with a simple conversation? We’re willing to bet more often than not, and in the case of Scott VanBuskirk’s stunning El Camino, that’s exactly what happened.“It all started on Easter of 2017 when a friend of mine, Louis Marquez, approached me after Easter service and told me that he would be moving. He had a 1968 El Camino that he had taken apart to restore, but had never gotten around to it. He knew where I worked and knew I could get it back together. The car was a basket case,” he says. “Louis said if I wanted it, it was mine. I thanked him and did not give it much thought at the time because I was so busy. Later, I talked…