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December 2019

Gets down and dirty for you every month with in-depth technical articles covering the hottest engine combinations, trick suspension and brake testing, and full-on restoration. There's also complete product reviews, up-to-the-minute news and event coverage, as well as four exciting Tech Talk columns written by industry experts on Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, and '55-'57 Chevys.

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the tv factor

People often quip about what has changed our hobby the most. Some argue that it’s CNC machining while others that it’s the growing number of high-end builds. But I would argue that it’s television. Yep, it’s always been television, and movies if you stop and think about it. How many kids wanted Starsky and Hutch’s red Torino? Or the Bandit’s Trans Am? Or maybe an orange Mopar driven by some good ol’ boys in Hazzard County? Shows and movies have always shaped our hobby, but it was the more recent advent of “reality TV” that really got things in motion. Now, some reality TV is more real than others with a few shows bordering on absurd. These are also the ones that typically pile on the fake drama. I’m not sure these…

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super chevy

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sleeper six

There’s no question the 1970s were dark times for performance cars. It was as if a light switch had been thrown after 1971. Engine compression ratios dropped, and with them output levels, all to rein in emissions and insurance costs while boosting fuel economy. It didn’t help that automakers’ power ratings changed from gross to net horsepower in 1973, making even unchanged engines seem wimpy by comparison to the previous year’s version. It may have looked like Detroit caved to these drastic changes, but the performance-minded never stopped searching for ways to keep the fun in cars. Hot Rod magazine associate editor C.J. Baker dug up one such experiment and wrote about this “Sleeper Six” Camaro in the magazine’s June 1972 issue. Chevy’s “new experimental Turbo Camaro” mounted a Schwitzer turbocharger to…

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fn camaro

Most of us have nicknames for our cars. It could be a familiar pet name like Black Stallion or White Lightning or it could be more meaningful like The Crusher Camaro, a car literally saved from the crusher. There are also those that earn their nicknames through years of suffering. Take, for instance, David Schardt’s ’70 Camaro, a car we were supposed to feature two years ago: the FN Camaro. David’s wife, Sherri, coined the nickname after months of setbacks. “She’d call it that about every time we wrote another check,” said David. Restomods were beginning to push the limits of performance back in 2008, giving birth the Pro Touring movement. For example, as speeds and tire sizes increased, wheels began to break. As president of Forgeline Wheels, participants who ran Forgeline…

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glass action

One of the greatest challenges of classic Chevy restoration is windshield and backlite replacement. If ever you’ve tackled this dreaded task—and even if you haven’t—it is one of the more frustrating chores of a Tri-Five restoration. It is frustrating because it is a lot more involved than with the glue-in windshields like we find in the Camaro, Nova, and Chevelle. We’re not completely sure, but it appears GM was the first domestic automaker with glue-in windshields and backlites back in the 1960s, which made glass replacement cleaner and easier. Tri-Five Chevys, like most vehicles at the time, had rubber seal windshields and backlites, which consists of laminated glass sandwiched in a rubber seal within the greenhouse fore and aft. These old-fashioned, rubber-sealed windows are prone to leakage and they often popped…

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orange crush

One of the most curious things about the automotive enthusiast hobby is that there are so many different reasons someone falls in love with a particular car, engine, or vehicle nameplate. We thought we had heard all of them until we had the opportunity to chat with Roger Meyer about his stunning 1956 Nomad, designed and assembled by Mike McLin Sr. and his team at The Restomod Store in Independence, Missouri. Taken by itself, the Nomad is definitely a unique vehicle, but what sticks out in Meyer’s mind—and one of the most unique reasons we’ve heard for undertaking a build—is an experience he had many years ago as a young lad working at his first job. “I worked in a gas station in my high school years, and when I first…