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June 2019

Super Street is dedicated to the personalization and performance enhancement of compact cars. You'll receive in each issue, a great combination of extensive technical information and unparalleled feature coverage of the fast-growing aftermarket in performance compact cars!

United States
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super street

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why driving to las vegas in an electric car is a terrible idea

This month’s Honda issue is another one for the books, packed with eight solid feature cars that’ll get your juices flowin’. It’s a no-brainer why Hondas still rule and why we still can’t get enough of ’em. With that said, you already know what to expect this month, so I wanted to go off on a tangent and take a moment to tell you about a recent adventure I had.Note: If you don’t care, please turn the page. I won’t be butt hurt. Honestly, I have no business being behind the wheel of an EV; however, while I haven’t embraced or supported them, I do realize they are the future and they’ll continue to be a more relevant part of our automotive lives 5, 10, 15 years from now…I remember…

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10 to remember

While your Instagram and Facebook feeds are flooded with photos of Tokyo Auto Salon every January, a show that’s often forgotten about is Osaka Auto Messe. Held every February, the three-day event is by no means a dwarf compared to TAS, with 262,000-plus people in attendance this year—not to mention having the very best from Auto Salon on display as well as many new builds from the Kansai region. Here are our 10 favorite builds from the event, and, of course, more photos can be found at superstreetonline.com.02. KS International has done the unspeakable by ditching this 550 Maranello’s V-12 in favor of Nissan’s VR38 to create one unique drift competitor. It’s still a work in progress, so we’ll just have to wait and see how many haters this car…

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develop, display & drive

The Honda Civic Type R has been highly regarded by enthusiasts and race teams since the first-generation EK9 model was released in the late ’90s. There was just one problem…it wasn’t offered here in the States. So, when Honda released its fifth iteration of the CTR (FK8) two years ago—for the first time with a USDM model—the platform garnered significant acclaim, positioning it to be the hottest platform for Honda fans.MAKING GOOD EVEN BETTERRandy Lew of Evasive Motorsports could hardly wait to get his hands on the FK8. A die-hard Honda fanatic, he was more than excited for America’s first Civic Type R. Already a capable platform from the factory, it was the ideal new project and development car for Evasive Motorsports.Evasive has become synonymous with track preparation and developing…

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2j don’t play

You won’t find the S2000 on the list of cars in dire need of an engine swap. That’s because there isn’t anything categorically wrong with Honda’s twin-cam F-series. It’s as good for as much power as your pockets are deep. And the aftermarket’s been more than gracious to it. But it’ll never in a hundred years be anything at all like Toyota’s already turbocharged and ironclad 2JZ-GTE.For Honda lovers, that last part is about as relevant as you knowing the difference between a yam and a sweet potato. If you live for things like variable valvetrains and anything with a red R tacked onto the end of it, then the 2JZ’s cast-iron short-block and indestructible demeanor won’t mean much to you. But if you’re anything at all like Zack Leitzke,…

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starting with a bang

With custom mounts and additional support on each side of the bay, this sixth-gen Civic owner opted for F20C power with a rear-wheel-drive conversion.Exo-skeleton Integra was a crowd favorite.Updated classics, like this CRX that now sports K-power in a reworked engine bay, can be found throughout the region.Monster Fixed Garage Integra sedan looking picture-perfect.Pandem EG can’t possibly go any lower.We’ve come to expect wild swaps and outside-the-box builds from Thailand, but we never expected to see a V-8–powered, rear-wheel-drive EG doing burnouts.Only weeks after the new year kicked off, Thailand produced one of the most successful Honda-heavy events that's sure to set the tone for 2019. The country’s first-ever Honda Fest Meet took place in late January after being carefully planned and organized with the help of Honda Knight. The…