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Super Street

December 2019

Super Street is dedicated to the personalization and performance enhancement of compact cars. You'll receive in each issue, a great combination of extensive technical information and unparalleled feature coverage of the fast-growing aftermarket in performance compact cars!

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super street

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officially a supra owner!

Something big happened in January 2014… Toyota pulled the curtains back from its stunning FT-1 Concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Unofficially rumored to the be the successor to the MKIV Supra, it got the whole scene excited. We couldn’t wait for the new Supra, but little did we know, there was going to be what felt like a lifetime of waiting to come. The story went dead, and it wasn’t until 2018 that news resurfaced. It was then when I embarked on my journey with the A90 Supra. Now this might sound crazy to you (and hopefully this doesn’t cloud your judgment of me), but I’ve never owned or driven any of the previous-gen Supras. My most intimate connection with the Supra was piloting an 800hp…

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the great pacific northwest

I’ve worn many hats at car shows over the last 20 years, from being a competitor, judge, and spectator to a volunteer and, of course, a photographer. Just like I wouldn’t be here today without reading car magazines in the late ’90s and early ’00s, these fun and memorable events have helped shape the person I am. So, when the idea of throwing a standalone car show was thrown around by RJ DeVera of Meguiar’s, while I haven’t exactly done it before, it was a no-brainer, as it’s been one of my goals to take what I’ve learned and contribute something to the community. Last August, with a ton of support from my family, friends, and readers, the first organized Super Street-exclusive car show took place at LeMay-America’s Car Museum…

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formula d champbrings skills topikes peak

Whenever you go racing, there’s absolutely no guarantees. No matter how well you prepare—just like any other sport—the result is anything but certain, even for a driver as accomplished and talented as Dai Yoshihara. On June 30, after months of preparation, Dai competed in the 98th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The result wasn’t what anyone hoped for: a DNF – Did Not Finish, due to mechanical failure. Pikes Peak is a world-renowned hill climb in Colorado that pits drivers against an unforgiving 12.42-mile mountain course that winds around 156 turns as it climbs 4,720 feet into the clouds. The pace Dai set on the sections he completed would have put him on the podium. Mike Chang, co-founder of Evasive Motorsports, explained, “[Dai] was on track for a sub-10-minute run… This…

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cultural enrichment

Constant globalization brings together various cultures no matter how different. Though cultural appropriation is inevitable, we are obligated to those from whom we gathered inspiration. Common examples can be found in music and fashion, but they can also be found in the automotive world. Tito Perez is the owner of this ’93 Mazda RX-7 and explains that to “do right” we must be “authentic,” so the essence of the cultures we emulate add to our creations. In the case of his RX-7, he’s adopted influences from both Puerto Rican and Japanese car cultures by strengthening his rotary engine and using only authentic JDM parts. Now, you might be asking, “Why Puerto Rico car culture?” It’ll be a shock to some of you if you’re new to the scene, but the most…

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ain’t no joke

There’s nothing new about “stunt builds,” the kind of one-off projects put together by shops and tuners eager to shock via unusual platform choices or out-there design decisions. Transcending that kind of made-you-look attitude and tackling a build that’s well outside the mainstream due to a deep passion for the vehicle in question, however, is something else entirely. When this particular ’07 Toyota Yaris showed up at Nth Moto’s Minneapolis, Minnesota, shop, it wasn’t just a new frontier for the talented team that’s more used to working on 2,000hp Dodge Vipers than entry-level compact hatchbacks. It was also a challenge to satisfy the demands of a customer who was dead serious about reaching the limits of what his beloved but humble commuter had to offer. “This car is not a joke,” explains…