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April 2019

Super Street is dedicated to the personalization and performance enhancement of compact cars. You'll receive in each issue, a great combination of extensive technical information and unparalleled feature coverage of the fast-growing aftermarket in performance compact cars!

United States
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the new a90 supra is finally here, but how should you feel?

The last Toyota Supra went on sale 21 years ago. In particular, the MKIV Supra was a car with attitude. Its timeless twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE was bulletproof, easily tunable to make monster horsepower, and is still one the most popular engines among enthusiasts of all types. We cheered on the MKIV Supra at industry drags and illegal street races. Over and over again, we watched videos of fourth-gen Supras competing in Japanese time attack and drift, plus we can’t ignore the fact that many kids idolized the car thanks to video games like Gran Turismo (myself included), and how it catapulted itself to Hollywood stardom through The Fast and the Furious. It arguably means more to the car community than any other Japanese performance car, which is why the return of…

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ORIGINS LA-TOKYO TEEOur latest ORIGINS LA-TOKYO Tee features “L.A.” printed in white on the chest and Tokyo translated in Japanese directly underneath in gray. The back design consists of a “96,” signifying the year we were founded, along with “Los Angeles” and “Super Street” printed in black while direct kanji translations are overlaid in white. Available only at superstreetgarage.com. ■…

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It’s funny how looking at a car can stir up a variety of feelings, thoughts, and imagination in the mind of a gearhead. It’s almost as if the very body lines of a car tell a story, and that story changes depending on who is admiring the vehicle. When we look at Vittorio Bueme’s ’92 Acura NSX, we see a machine that looks like it was built for specialized violence. There is nothing about this car that says “relaxing Sunday drive.” Instead, it says: “Point me at the target and get out of my f’ing way!”Why are we catching such a specific vibe from Vittorio’s NSX? Honestly…just look at it! The stance from its complete Sorcery V1 widebody kit is already aggressive enough, yet Vittorio took things even further by…

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the everything build

“Less is more.”“Keep it simple.”“Go for an OEM look.”All things said by those who appreciate simplicity and opt for upgrades that mimic a factory look and feel. Ice Sorsongsermkul from Thailand isn't trying to hear any of that. In fact, he's gone completely the opposite direction with his ’93 Mazda RX-7, and his never-ending spec list reads like a "who's who" of the JDM tuning industry.Here's the thing. Often when a car owner starts throwing stacks of cash and various parts from different manufacturers at a car, opting to check off every single box on the aftermarket list, the build can end up looking more like a parts magnet rather than a well-thought-out combination of vision and execution. Fortunately, Ice knows what he's doing, and that isn't the case here.…

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do not talk about street drifting

Disclaimer: The views and information expressed here are those of the author and are not affiliated with or condoned by Super Street. Any action you take upon the information here is strictly at your own risk.It’s 12:30 a.m., and I’m standing at a nondescript intersection in an industrial area in a major U.S. city. It’s a warm summer night, and the air around me is completely still. The main building defining my view is a hulking six-story warehouse that was abandoned years ago. Layers of brown, red, and yellow paint cover the brick, each one telling a piece of the building’s story—people came here to work, to create, to make a living.My Mazda stands out in an environment like this, and that is exactly the point. A street drift car looks…

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in one’s element

When you ask people to define what “clean” is when it comes to building a project car, you’ll almost always get a different answer. Some want a pure JDM style while others want their cars adorned with race-inspired graphics. Your car, your rules, and, ultimately, your current state of mind. As you can probably guess, whenever we ask owners to describe why or how they decided to build their car the way they did, the answer is unequivocally the same: to make it simple and clean. That is the true beauty of modifying vehicles—you get to decide the definition of cleanliness, even if it doesn’t strike a chord with others. Kyle Carasi, the owner of this stunning STI, certainly has clean (and every other relatable adjective) down perfectly, don’t you…