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T3 Australia Issue 185

Australia's favourite tech mag, packed with the hottest kit, latest reviews, and in-depth features. Whether you're looking to make a purchase or just read about the latest developments in tech, T3 is an essential read. Our motto is 'Life's better with T3', and we genuinely believe that.

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FORWARD X OVIS In the world of travel tech, arguably nothing is evolving faster than the suitcase. The first wave of smarter cases had built-in chargers, and some even had Bluetooth functionality so that you could track their whereabouts at the luggage carousel. The arrival of the Ovis marks the biggest advance yet, bringing artificial intelligence to the suitcase. Forward X’s AIpowered clothes carrier is capable of driving itself, so that it rides alongside you to, through and from the airport, and over various terrains (maximum speed 6.2mph). The waterproof Ovis uses self-driving tech similar to cars, with advanced obstacle avoidance smarts helping it glide out of the way of people, animals and objects; it’s designed to continuously sense its surroundings, calculating the distance and best route to take. The 34-litre…

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editor’s letter

Welcome to summer, T3-style. Our mission is to serve you up not just a dazzling array of the techy gear we know you love to hear about, but test it hard and find the ways you can improve your lot by owning something we’ve reviewed. It starts with our humbly-named Best Tech for Everything feature story. There’s not a single part of your life where tech can’t step in and improve things a little. Sure, there’s the obvious stuff like which new TV is the best and what soundbar should I pair it with, but here at T3 we like to get up from the couch once every so often, go outside and perhaps cook a grill on a new portable fire pit while finding our way around with a high…

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t3 ’s mission

T3’s mission is to help you find the best products for every area of your tech lifestyle. From traditional gadget buys like phones and TVs to connected home security and sports sensors, if it can make your life better, we’re here to make sure you get the right one for you. The products we feature are chosen by our expert writers, with years of experience in their key areas. We wouldn’t recommend something we wouldn’t be happy to live with ourselves – the tat is filtered out long before we print a page. This goes for reviews too – you won’t us wasting your time with products you don’t need to know about. More than that, our aim is to make sure you get the most out of the things you buy,…

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1 SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH From $499, samsung.com Smartwatches are like Vegemite: some see the appeal, and some don’t. Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch, a surprisingly attractive successor to the Gear S3, is hoping to convert non-believers and bolster the faith of the smartwatch loyal. The Galaxy Watch arrives in two sizes (42mm and 46mm), and is infused with a plethora of features that aim to make your daily life better. It’s clear that Samsung has designed the Galaxy Watch to look more like a regular timepiece rather than a big chunk of tech squatting on your wrist. In either its Black or Rose Gold persuasion, you’d be as happy pairing it with a crisp shirt as you would your gym clobber. And yes, the new Samsung wants in on your gym time… In addition to…

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the best all-weather rides

Unless you want to recreate Torvill and Dean’s Bolero on the slippery roads this autumn and winter, you need to think about buying a motor that can cope with adverse conditions. Of course, Land Rover has been building all-weather vehicles for donkey’s years, so you’d expect its latest Discovery Sport (from $62,762, landrover.com.au) to take this kind of stuff in its stride. And it does, boasting dedicated ‘Mud’ and ‘Snow’ modes that apply exactly the right amount of power to maximise traction on unforgiving surfaces, as well as tyres that are wider and grippier than a bouncer’s arms. Subaru may not be the first marque that springs to mind when you think about no-nonsense vehicles, but the 2018 Outback (from $35,740, subaru.com.au) laughs in the face of chilly climes, with all-wheel…

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car racks and boxes

HOLLYWOOD EXPRESS 3-BIKE CAR RACK Why hire bikes when you can take your own? This rack attaches to your car via six fastening straps for impressive stability, while rubber separators stop your bikes from getting scratched. $124, 99bikes.com.au THULE WAVE SURF RACK/WINGBAR 963 No self-respecting surf dude (yes, we’re cool) wants their board to get damaged in transit. Featuring four rubber cradles and taut straps, the Wave Surf Rack provides optimum protection – and the WingBar it attaches to packs drag-reducing tech for improved fuel economy. $179, thule.com.au KAMEI 330 ROOF BOX With room for six skis (although feel free to cram it with pants, socks, booze… whatever), a secure locking system and a chiselled, impact-resistant build, the Kamei 330 will keep anything you store up there safe and sound. $329, kamei.de…