T3 December 2020

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sound & vision

1 ROKU STREAMING STICK + For a first step on the smart streaming ladder, you could do a lot worse than going Roku. This is highly affordable, manages a solid 4K HDR picture and, critically, is unbiased. While Roku now offers its own programming, the voice search on its remote will direct you to the smart TV app that makes the most sense without leaning towards its own platform. £50, roku.com 2 FIRE TV CUBE You’re not short of options when it comes to Fire TV devices – if you don’t need 4K, the Fire TV Stick Lite is just £30 – but this double-duty combination of Alexa speaker and TV streamer is currently the best of the bunch. Its hexa-core processor gives it a good lick of speed, there’s more internal storage, and…

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commute & adventure

1 GARMIN INSTINCT SOLAR The chunky Instinct Solar is both a practical and useful multi-sports watch made for the outdoors, and one of the best monochrome smart watches you can get because of its outrageous battery life. Garmin’s innovative Power Glass trickle-charges the batteries to potentially keep it running indefinitely, as long as you’re getting enough sun. £350, garmin.com 2 NEXTBASE 622GW Nextbase’s rise to the top of the dashcam market is fully deserved when it puts out products like this. It shoots the road in anything from 4K at 30fps to 1080p at a slo-mo friendly 120fps, with digital image stabilisation to ensure bumps in the road don’t affect that pin-sharp footage. And it also has top-quality night vision and extreme weather compensation. £250, nextbase.com 3 GOPRO HERO 9 BLACK GoPro’s strongest-ever HyperSmooth stabilisation and a…

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duncan bell is social distancing

What a year it’s been! The big winners of 2020 in the tech world have been Amazon and, in fact, anyone with a functioning online shop. With an honorary mention going to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, whose respective consoles must have made them a mint. The tech losers this year, the cynical might say, would include much of the remaining population of the world. I don’t know about you but I’m knackered. Spied on and over-exposed to news we’d frankly rather not hear, we’ve been left paranoid and exhausted from online political machinations, online bullying and online shopping when there is a huge virtual queue and all you want is a box of nails. Global rage probably reached a peak during the recent American election – I am saying ‘recent’ on the…

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gadget guru

Q ELIOT WISE, JERSEY Can I use an OLED TV as a monitor? A Guru can’t control what you do in the privacy of your own home. You’re welcome to use just about any screen as a monitor. The question isn’t one of ‘can I do it?’, but ‘should I do it?’; mostly, Guru would recommend against using non-monitors as monitors, because monitors are meant to be used as monitors whereas non-monitors are not. TVs are built to be enjoyed from across a room, playing content from distinctly non-PC sources. In the case of OLED, though, things aren’t quite so cut and dried. The precision and speed of its pixel updates tends to be vastly superior to that of LCD-based TVs, particularly in newer models like LG’s CX series TVs, which is great…

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playstation 5

Here it is, the number one product this winter holiday season and, as such, the console gamers the world over are currently really struggling to land. The PlayStation 5 is an absolute beast of a console in terms of proportions. This is a system that tops out at just under 40cm in height, and is 26cm deep, and 10cm wide - though the all-digital edition, which eschews the 4K Blu-ray drive, is a little slimmer. If you want something that’s compact and easy to conceal in your entertainment setup, the PS5 isn’t it. It comes in a compartmentalised white cardboard box, which as well as securely holding the hardware, also delivers its base, DualSense controller, cables and paperwork. The base can be affixed to the console either in its vertical or horizontal…

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RUARK AUDIO R1 We know what you’re thinking: didn’t streaming kill the radio (star)? Far from it: rather than going extinct, they’ve evolved. Perhaps the closest you could get to the Platonic ideal of a digital radio, this is the fourth-generation of the Ruark R1, released for its predecessor’s 14th birthday, and the premium audio brand has essentially perfected the formula to give you everything you’d want from a discrete radio. It has best-in-class sound, helped in no small part by its linear amplifier, Ruark NaturalSound+ driver and adaptive EQ. But its talents go much further than that: not only does it have a DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner, it also has a high-quality Bluetooth receiver, switchable auxiliary input and a USB-C playback port, meaning it doubles as a high-quality bookshelf…