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Taste of Home June/July 2019

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Every issue is jam-packed with 100+ delicious, home-style recipes & tips—all made with easy, everyday ingredients—and all shown in FULL COLOR!

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foods of summer

We’d drive 24 hours from Wisconsin to Boston to visit my grandparents. Once there, we’d travel up to Maine, down to Cape Cod and as far south as Rhode Island, devouring countless lobsters and lobster rolls along the way. I’m excited to share our version of the New England classic on page 14—it’s as close as I can get to the real deal. Then there was the summer Mom bought an ice cream maker. Our first attempt was a rich vanilla similar to Thomas Jefferson’s recipe on page 50. We later ventured into butter pecan (Dad’s pick) and coffee (mine). I’ve been fortunate to spend many summers eating my way across the country. Along the Gulf Coast of Alabama I learned about barbecued shrimp (page 45); I got caught up in the…

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shop our outdoor kitchen

facebook.com/tasteofhome twitter.com/tasteofhome instagram.com/tasteofhome pinterest.com/taste_of_home Taste of Home teamed up with our colleagues at Family Handyman and Reader’s Digest to introduce our readers to the Ostertag family of Mount Vernon, Texas, who are doing some pretty generous things in their hometown. We each took a slightly different angle on this heartwarming story: Reader’s Digest spotlights the family’s strong commitment to preserving small-town America through the revitalization of Mount Vernon’s downtown area. The feature will appear in the July/August 2019 issue and online at rd.com/mountvernon. The Ostertags live on a 50-acre ranch—complete with turkeys, goats, pigs and even peacocks. They gave Family Handyman permission to build the shed on their sprawling property. The story and plans are in the July/August 2019 issue and online at familyhandyman.com/2019shed. Finally, the shed doubles as an outdoor kitchen, which is where Taste of…

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the maine attraction

The Maine Attraction (cont.) Visit about any coastal town in Maine and you’re bound to bump into an unassuming shack that swears to serve the best lobster rolls in the land. Charming Wiscasset is home to two of the state’s most popular: Sprague’s Lobster and Red’s Eats, world-class shacks just across the street from each other. Their simple, juicy rolls showcase lobster at its freshest, and they’re well worth the wait in line. But if you simply need to have lobster rolls right now, try our easy recipe below. They may not be served from a shack, but they still practically scream summer just the same. Lobster Rolls To be truly authentic, melt a tablespoon of butter in a skillet and toast the outsides of the buns before filling with the cool lobster. —Taste…

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worth your salt

Lime Salt Mash together ½ cup fine sea salt and 1 Tbsp. fresh lime zest until well combined. Spread onto a parchment-lined baking pan and bake in a 225° oven until dry, about 30 minutes. TRY IT ON: GRILLED PINEAPPLE, STEAK TACOS, SWEET POTATO FRIES Basil Salt Pulse equal amounts of packed basil and coarse sea salt in a blender until basil is very finely chopped. Spread onto a parchment-lined baking pan and bake in a 225° oven until dry, about 30 minutes. TRY IT ON: SLICED TOMATOES, CORN ON THE COB, FRESH WATERMELON Sriracha Salt Stir together ½ cup kosher salt, 5 tsp. Sriracha sauce and ½ tsp. fresh lime juice; spread evenly onto a parchment-lined 15x10x1-in. baking pan. Let stand, uncovered, at room temperature for at least 8 hours or overnight. Store in an airtight…

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Check for freshness. Look for firm, plump, shiny cherries bright in color with green stems attached. Keep cold and dry. Cherries can last seven to 10 days in the fridge, unwashed, until ready for use. Favor a flavor. Sour cherries (such as Montmorency and Morello) are usually red and perfect for baking. Sweet varieties (like Bing and Rainier) vary in color and make a delish on-the-go snack. Pop that pit! Place a cherry stem side up on top of an empty bottle. Remove the stem to reveal the dimple. Using a straw, push straight through dimple, knocking the pit out of the bottom. GET EVEN MORE! Take your pick of dozens more fresh cherry recipes. tasteofhome.com/cherrylove…