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Tech Advisor July 2018

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onedrive and outlook get ransomware cover

If your PC is infected with ransomware, it will spread from file to file, encrypting them until you pay the bad guys for the digital key. But ransomware can also spread to your files stored in the cloud, and that’s what Microsoft’s new OneDrive protections are designed to address. The firm has announced the ability to ‘roll back’ the files stored in OneDrive to versions stored up to a month ago, to help you return to a point before you were infected by malware. The company also said it will use its automated threat-detection systems to figure out when the ransomware began infecting those files and alert you via your phone that an infection has taken place. Microsoft announced additional protections for sharing and reading files stored on OneDrive and emailed via…

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qualcomm-powered pcs to get 64-bit apps

Windows PCs that use the battery-sipping Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM processor are just beginning to roll out, but they include some major caveats. One of them, the inability to run 64-bit apps, doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. According to a Microsoft representative, the company will “share more details” on a preview of its ARM64 software development kit (SDK) at its Build developer conference at the beginning of May. It’s unclear when the preview version of the SDK will be released, when a final version will debut, or when apps based upon it will roll out to end users. A roadblock for users PCs such as the Asus NovaGo currently include a 64-bit version of the Windows operating system, but will only run 32-bit apps. (Virtually all of today’s PCs include a…

9 min.
huawei matebook x pro

€1,499 (around £1,300) Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro builds on its predecessor – which was the firm’s first-ever laptop – with upgrades galore including a touchscreen, better performance and a lower price. It’s called the X Pro rather than the X2 because the firm is pitching it against MacBook Pro and hoping that the lower price (and Windows) will tempt buyers away from Apple’s offering. Price At the time of writing Huawei hasn’t yet announced when it will go on sale, or any UK pricing. The official line is that it will be launched in Q2, which means it should be out by the end of May. Suffice to say that there are three main models: two with a Core i5 and one with a Core i7. They’re also better specified than the equivalent…

11 min.
gigabyte aero 15x v8

£2,399 inc VAT from fave.co/2HlXIWo The Gigabyte Aero 15X is the most powerful gaming laptop we’ve tested. Sure, this is only because it’s the first to use one of Intel’s new 8th-generation Core i7 laptop processors, but it is reason for excitement nevertheless. It also fits incredible gaming performance into a frame slim and light enough to carry around. The 15X doesn’t have the style of a Dell XPS 15 or MacBook Pro 15, or the keyboard customization of a Razer. But the screen is fantastic, the hardware powerful and gaming performance terrific for the weight. Price As one of the first gaming laptops with an 8th-generation Intel CPU, it’s tricky to gauge the Gigabyte Aero 15X’s price in context. However, we do know it’s not cheap, with the entry-level model costing £1,999. We reviewed…

8 min.
apple 9.7in ipad

Price: £319 inc VAT from fave.co/2GyRup4 Pull it off the shelf at the Apple Store, and you’d be hard-pressed by sight alone to distinguish the new 6th-generation 9.7in iPad from last year’s model. And under the hood, it’s not much different, where there’s simply a speedier A10 processor. The new iPad is, well, an iPad. What’s truly new is support for Apple Pencil, the sleek stylus that formerly only worked with the iPad Pro. But never doubt that the Pencil support marks a bold move on Apple’s part. Combined with the new chip, the formerly capable iPad is transformed into something that’s now a serviceable substitute for an iPad Pro – for a mere £319. Some will find Apple Pencil support a transformative experience, and if you’ve been looking to upgrade from an…

12 min.
huawei p20 pro

£799 inc VAT from fave.co/2GDEIWx Rather than call it the P11, Huawei has decided to follow up the P10 with the P20. There are three phones in the range, a Lite version with a 5.8in screen, a ‘standard’ option (£599 from fave.co/2GuhL87), and a Pro model which is a little larger with a 6.1in display. It’s the latter we’re looking at here. Design The P20 is, just like the Mate 10, a redesign rather than an iteration of the P10. Perhaps that’s one reason why it’s the P20 and not the P11. In any case, it has rounder edges than its predecessor but, more noticeably, a glass back. It looks much better than the sandblasted aluminium of the P10 and comes in a range of colours including Twilight, which is a gradient from dark…