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Tech Advisor September 2018

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everything apple announced at wwdc

This year’s WWDC was all about software. That meant no new Mac announcements, no low-cost HomePod, no iPhone SE... nothing but iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. There was still plenty to get excited about, though. Apple’s upcoming operating systems are going to deliver a host of improvements and new features when they are released this autumn. Here’s everything Apple announced at its keynote presentation. iOS 12 This is the big one. Apple’s most popular devices run iOS, and they are getting a lot of improvements. Performance: Apple is paying special attention to performance, particularly on older devices. The company says that, on an iPhone 6s Plus, apps launch up to 40 percent faster, and twice as fast when there’s lots of heavy multitasking going on. The camera launches 70 percent faster, the keyboard…

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computex 2018

C ES may be where technological dreams and inspirations spring forth, but Computex is where those ideas become reality. It’s one of the biggest PC-centric shows year-in and year-out, where vendors reveal the tangible, physical hardware that will appear on store shelves in time for Christmas. This is where you’ll find the pulse of the PC industry. So what did we learn at Computex 2018? Gaming is on fire. The core chips at the heart of PCs are growing stronger to satiate the hunger for more power, and for those who like to show off their pricey PCs, you can get RGB LEDs on pretty much everything. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read on for the coolest hardware we saw at Computex 2018. Intel’s massive hardware blitz A massive, 28-core…

10 min.
hp spectre x360 15-ch005na

HP’s Spectre x360 15 changes everything. Specifically, the version that wields Intel’s Kaby Lake-G CPU, fortified with Radeon RX Vega discrete graphics, upends the stereotype that 360-degree convertible laptops can’t deliver top performance, as we prove in our test results on page 30. Indeed, the Kaby Lake G version is as fast or faster than all comers. The Spectre 15 x360 15’s journey has been a long one. When we reviewed the first generation in 2016, it was basically designed to be a giant ultrabook with a big screen, rather than a pricey powerhouse. Not to throw shade, but we’ve seen other vendors stuff much hotter CPUs and much hotter GPUs into 15in convertibles, and the results have been, well, less than stellar. That’s definitely not the case with the Spectre x360,…

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samsung galaxy a8

The Galaxy A range of devices has come a long way in a relatively short space of time and now effectively offers a cheaper and slightly lower spec version of the flagship S range, while keeping some of the key features and design traits. Here we look at the A8. Design Samsung ditched plastic in favour for a combination of glass and metal on the A range back in 2016 and that hasn’t changed here. The Galaxy A8 is really not far off the S8 in terms of look and feel. In fact, it’s easy to confuse the A8 with its premium brother, though there are a few small differences. The display, for example, doesn’t have the curved dual edge, but does have small bezels, so most of the front is taken…

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honor 10

Honor has been doing a pretty good job of stepping out of Huawei’s shadow, usually helped by the explosively shiny blue it clads its phones in. The Honor 10 is no different and feels every bit an Honor device despite having its parent company’s name stamped on the back. The phone comes with all the 2018 bells and whistles (Android Oreo, notch, face unlock), high end specs and a price to make OnePlus blush. The Honor 10 could well turn out to be the smartphone deal of the year – as it is certainly the best mid-range phone on offer right now. Design Despite its similarities to Huawei phones, the Honor 10 is pretty unique in look. Also shipping in a grey version, our review unit is in attractive Phantom Blue, a gradient…

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wanle gamers console for iphone

Available for every iPhone model from 6 to X, the Wanle Gamers Console for iPhone is undeniably a conversation piece, although experience tells me that some of those conversations might occasionally involve someone sternly telling you to shut up. From what I can tell, the ‘Sound’ button doesn’t actually silence the case, which means you should never expect to play the 27 games packed within while you’re in a hushed reception room or waiting for a movie to begin. It might start chirping when you slip it in your pocket or when you hold the phone the ‘wrong’ way when making a call. Wanle’s case looks like a Game Boy from a few feet away, right down to the yellow-green display and the two jauntily slanted grey buttons perched below the…