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Sept/Oct 2020

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icons of change

I hope you enjoy this special edition of Tennis Magazine. We’re humbled to play a small part in a sport that has always produced social leaders whose courage creates a better world for us all. Sports mirror our society at large, and right now we’re finally coming to grips with longstanding, systemic racism—a sin we must now correct once and for all. Tennis often places us on the leading edge of history... ALTHEA GIBSON shattered boundaries by becoming the first black athlete to win Wimbledon and other majors, as well as other sports. ARTHUR ASHE’s barrier-defying on-court achievements empowered him to win still greater off-court battles in the name of human dignity, fairness and opportunity for the underprivileged; moving our world closer to true justice. Tennis is the vision of BILLIE…

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a major achievement

The US Open always occupies important real estate on the tennis calendar. But the fact that it is even slated to take place this year makes it that much more meaningful. As eager and hopeful as I am for it to occur, nothing is guaranteed during a global health crisis. At press time, my home state of Florida and numerous parts of the U.S. are experiencing alarming spikes in coronavirus cases. The health implications of travel from those regions—as well as from overseas—makes getting to and working in New York problematic for the participants. But if the light stays green, what a bonus it would be for tennis and sports fans. Much of the credit should go to the USTA. Without spectators pouring over the turnstiles and lining up for concessions, the…

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resolving your rules & questions quarrels

Trust the Process As I serve, my leading foot is on the baseline prior to tossing the ball, and shifts off the line as the ball is tossed so that neither foot is touching the line when the serve is struck. Is this a foot fault? —Hamid Jazayeri, Austin, Texas Serving is a process, not an instant, so what you describe is a foot fault. If the server’s foot is touching the baseline when their “service motion” begins, it makes no difference if they pull their foot back prior to striking the ball (Rule 18, Foot Fault). The “service motion” is generally considered to have begun when, after the feet have been at rest, however briefly, the server’s arm starts up to make the toss. Crowd Sourcing Members of both club teams were gathered by…

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aces & faults

May 12: Serena and Venus Williams work out together on Instagram. May 13: Jack Sock reveals that Nick Kyrgios and John Isner will be two of his groomsmen. May 18: After a few glasses of wine, Kyrgios hosts Andy Murray in an entertaining Instagram Live chat. May 22: Naomi Osaka is the highest-paid female athlete in history, according to Forbes. May 27: After teasing the show for weeks, Venus Williams makes her Game On! TV debut alongside Rob Gronkowski. May 28 : Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli announces she’s pregnant. June 4: In Delray Beach, Coco Gauff gives a poignant speech in support of Black Lives Matter. June 2: Players of all ranking levels, races and nationalities post black squares on social media for #BlackoutTuesday. June 13: Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown begins with 10 players, and new rules aplenty, in Nice, France. June 17 : The ATP and…

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five minutes with… nick kyrgios and denis shapovalov

At this year’s Australian Open, John McEnroe was asked by El País which current player he sees himself most in. The Hall of Famer pointed to a pair of gifted shotmakers he’s captained for Team World in Laver Cup: Denis Shapovalov and Nick Kyrgios. “The guy who reminds me the most is probably Shapovalov, from the way he plays,” McEnroe said. “And obviously Kyrgios, because he has personality and there are some similarities.” Both Kyrgios and Shapovalov have been at the center of magnificent moments and disappointing decisions, much like McEnroe. (In Davis Cup in 2017, Shapovalov accidentally struck a chair umpire when he smacked a ball in disgust, and was defaulted.) The two are further linked to the American icon by shining when something greater than themselves is on the line.…

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qa last year's us openchampion has spent more time with her prize pup than she could have ever imagined

How often do you bring Coco on the road with you, and what is she like as a traveler? I wish I could bring her everywhere I go. She kind of only stays with my mom. She has very bad separation anxiety. Where is her favorite place to vacation? Honestly, she’s happy everywhere she goes with my mom. So literally anywhere. But I would say she loves being in the water most. What’s one thing you’ve learned as a dog owner now that Coco is two? That’s a good question… The only thing she eats in the evening is chicken. She can’t eat anything else. And she can’t live without her toy chicken. If you could ask Coco one thing, what would it be? If she loves me! You’re still the defending champion at Indian Wells, and…