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The Ideal Home and Garden

The Ideal Home and Garden May 2018

The Ideal Home and Garden (TIHG) revolves around the home, the magazine makes the idea of living well and within your means an attainable reality. TIHG is all about bringing the good life home and doing it within your budget. From house fashion to kitchen hands, entertaining essentials and decor lessons, we give you the ideas and the options and help you make the right choice. To put it succinctly, we hold your hand as you move from one stage to the next in homemaking.

Next Gen Publishing Limited
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editor’s note

It’s time to play up appearances. Oh! did we say it’s for the bathroom? This space is on an expansion ride, as it’s also a space for relaxation and beauty; where you want to feel comfortable and fresh. From walls to floors, wash basins to WC, faucets to shower heads; each and every element plays a vital role in putting together your relaxing zone. But, before you take your first steps, enjoy the pulse of the latest trends! Wooden bathtubs, coloured cabinets, interesting floors, Italian fittings and a whole lot more...we have compiled for you the latest design trends. (Pg 60) The explosion of colours, and the chaotic mix of flora and fauna, from forests to the beaches is exactly what we have been waiting for. Sneha’s Luxe File (Pg47) will…

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letter of the month

Global Art TIHG has truly gone global. International homes, real estate projects, artists of repute, etc. What makes a magazine a hit with it’s readers - the content, the connect, the feel and of course the warmth. I enjoy reading ‘Art Speak’ and ‘Designer Speak’ sections. The articles talk about the journey of the artists and the designers, and how they enjoy every aspect of their work. Such articles inspire you to think beyond the impossible. They inspire you to take up some form of art to create an impression and think beyond. Malati Swaminathan, Chepauk, Chennai Travel Sojourns As a family we love to travel and explore new destinations. TIHG as a magazine gives us amazing options issue after issue. In the April issue it was the wildlife resorts that appealed to our…

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Villeroy & Boch collections, such as Colourful Life or Caffè Club Floral Touch, can be easily mixed and matched with each other. Sometimes, the rim of a plate in a bold pink brings colour into play, sometimes, a soft floral relief leaves a trail of pink across the pastel-coloured coffee set. (villeroy-boch.com) High and Dry Hilife Bath Accessories from the house of KPS Sanitations (P) Ltd. recently launched its two designer series namely Divine and Shalin. These designs can make your bathroom modern even without restoration. They bring comfort, and create an intimate and personal atmosphere. Naturally Pure Havells India Limited has launched a unique water purifier that are intelligently designed to purify water through 100 per cent RO and UV purification, maintain healthy pH levels, and fortify it with necessary natural minerals through…

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behind the design

Inspiration behind Welspun- Spaces design? Spaces as a brand stands for thoughtfulness. It is all about a right mix of comfort, style and innovation. The collection reflects? Each collection is different and unique in its nature. We draw inspiration from nature, local and global art, the latest trends and an understanding of different styles and tastes. Working with artisans? We work with artisans for our brand SPUN. Every piece is a fusion of traditional pattern that has a unique story to tell. How do you fuse urban with rural design? We keep in mind the requirements of both segments of the consumer that buys our products. Our collections always keep in mind what factors affect them - aesthetically, physiologically, socially and emotionally. Ideology that is close to heart at work? The ideology that is close to heart is being…

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thinking beyond

While conservation was the core thinking behind designing and developing Biopod, the resulting features - a synthesis of ecology and sustainability makes it fit for multiple uses - as an indoor herb garden, a vegetable garden, and an aquaponic chamber (that grows food with fish and fish waste). Jared Wolfe, biologist and the creater of Biopod says, “Biopod was created as a way to engage people of all walks of life for a common purpose - to collectively make a positive change in the world by simply enjoying what nature has to offer.” Biopod mimics a natural habitat by employing Aeroponics, which perfectly balances oxygen and carbon dioxide just as natural habitats are able to do. It is a sleek development in ecotech. Once you’ve got your herbs, vegetables, or pets…

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creating an impact

B Beyond Designs has launched their new flagship store on MG Road, New Delhi. The 8,000 sqft bright-luke space showcases a series of carefully curated vignettes, all meant to mimic elegant living settings. It has an individual flavour, which is an amalgamation of international elegance and contemporary sophistication, and has been designed by founder Sachin Gupta and wife Neha Gupta. The alluring ambience of the new space has been created with much sensitivity, professionally lit and artfully accessorised. The display experiments with shapes, forms and surfaces to bring to life varied influences: art deco, graphic futurism and lyrical decadence. The mood of the collection appeals to the tactile senses of assumed clientele. As a customer you can experience better furniture in a truly comprehensive setting. The store is a unique…