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The Ideal Home and Garden

The Ideal Home and Garden December 2018

The Ideal Home and Garden (TIHG) revolves around the home, the magazine makes the idea of living well and within your means an attainable reality. TIHG is all about bringing the good life home and doing it within your budget. From house fashion to kitchen hands, entertaining essentials and decor lessons, we give you the ideas and the options and help you make the right choice. To put it succinctly, we hold your hand as you move from one stage to the next in homemaking.

Next Gen Publishing Limited
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editor’s note

I am never tired of reading and researching stories on decor and interiors. I believe this genre is so vast and dynamic that you can learn new things everyday. From new wallpapers to furniture and furnishings, they can be all be customised for our taste, plus lights that can be as dramatic as you can desire and the heart winning accessories that enhance the overall space. I am so excited and thrilled to be a part of our passionate team, we have always strived to delight you with surprises and unique stories. Here’s an insight into trendsetting features in TIHG’s December 2018 issue, to help convert you to a complete decor enthusiast. “YOUR HOME SHOULD TELL THE STORY OF WHO YOU ARE AND BE A COLLECTION OF WHAT YOU LOVE” -…

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four things i love about this issue

1. A good product needs great packaging. The primary goal is to make it look beautiful and expressive. The beautiful pages on gift wrapping (pg 48) presents creative and unusual ideas that can easily be done without an expert’s help. Try them out! 2. Light plays a major role in making the party a grand success (pg 84). Apart from setting the mood, they portray an atmosphere and also make a statement, right lighting can make or break the ambiance. 3. It’s all about brown now; the shades ranging from beige to copper to chestnut to chocolate, pick the appropriate choice for your interiors. We have presented statement pieces that prove that brown is the new black! (Pg44) 4. Waking up next to a masterpiece will be so relaxing. You can easily energise…

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In Awe! Anniversaries are always special. They are occasions to celebrate and be happy. So, it’s time to celebrate 12 glorious years of TIHG. Way to go, I must say for a magazine, which has always given it’s outstanding best in terms of life size visuals, crisp and meaningful content. Some of the features simply stand out, be it Shopping Spree, Tech Talk, Palette Play, Chic Spaces, etc. The feature that stood out and which we all family members loved was the Anniversary Focus where success tips from 15 bright and young entrepreneurs charged up the environment. The other feature worth mentioning is Tap The Trend. Wishing TIHG and the edit team all the good luck in the world for 2019. Avinash Bansal, New Delhi Rockstar Wonder Congratulations TIHG on the occasion of completing…

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letter of the month

Anniversary Dhamaka With the November 2018 issue, TIHG completed 12 wonderful years. An occasion to be proud of, not only for the loyal readers, but also for the readers community as a whole. Well researched content, full page colourful visuals, heart-warming features were a treat to read. Not to take away from any of the features, however, the article I liked the most was the feature on flea markets from across India. Such an article, I was least expecting, especially in the anniversary issue. TIHG made my day. Thank you so much! Best wishes for 2019, and looking forward to reading more meaningful and thought-provoking articles for years to come. Titiksha Ravi Parmar, Mumbai…

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The carbon lamp from INDI store by Alex Davis follows the principle of wabi-sabi by exploring the nature of natural burnt wood and its raw elemental beauty. The contrast of the raw burnt wood base, which was achieved by natural processes, and the highly polished metal shade makes this piece contemporary and earthy at the same time (www.alexdavisstudio.com) THE SMART LIGHT The festival season continues, and almost all of us are preparing to light up our homes to reflect our personalities and artistic preference. With Svarochi’s smart light bulbs and DBEL light fixtures, it’s time to add a festive vibe to your house. ABSTRACT AND REFRESHING Orient Bell Limited, recently launched a range of decorative wall tiles. Available in a playful combination of multiple colours, these decorative tiles make a striking statement and give a…

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behind the design

Rajee Sood is all about ... Designing and aesthetics with strong emphasis on personal style. We are a design house that creates designs and curates collections where every piece has a story in its making. Design to me... Design to me is a very sensitive balance achieved by understanding human mind and working with the principles of nature. Through my designs... I work at achieving a harmony in the spaces we work with. I draw inspirations from... It is cliched…but nothing inspires like nature does. The design era that fascinates me the most... Difficult to pin point any particular era. It’s just that studying history fascinates me, as does cultures throughout historical eras. What I’ve always loved about my work... The process of designing and then creating into reality that what your mind conceived and finally to see your vision stand…