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The Ideal Home and Garden

The Ideal Home and Garden January 2019

The Ideal Home and Garden (TIHG) revolves around the home, the magazine makes the idea of living well and within your means an attainable reality. TIHG is all about bringing the good life home and doing it within your budget. From house fashion to kitchen hands, entertaining essentials and decor lessons, we give you the ideas and the options and help you make the right choice. To put it succinctly, we hold your hand as you move from one stage to the next in homemaking.

Next Gen Publishing Limited
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editor’s note

“A DESIGNER KNOWS WHEN HE HAS REACHED PERFECTION NOT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO ADD BUT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO TAKE AWAY.”~ANTIONE DE SAINTEEXUPERY New Year. New possibilities. New ideas. New destinations. New journeys. At the beginning of every year, we usually make list of our goals or resolutions for the year. However, life teaches us that not all things go as planned. Sometimes things go out of our hands and sometimes a new thing appears out of the blue. For me, if you are trying for something, dreaming about it, or taking the initial steps to achieve a goal, you’re already well on your way! Don’t lose hope even if you fail...start again and keep going! Talking about my resolution, I have decided to value people more…

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Little Munching Who doesn’t love to eat? We all do, right? Every issue of TIHG throws up surprises when it comes to filling our stomach. The December issue threw up one such delightful delight. The Indonesian Spicy Grilled Potato and the Sae Food Sui Mai was simply mouth-watering. I did try out these two recipies, and trust me they turned out really really tasty. As I am a die-hard foodie, I am keen to see more pages dedicated to Food Fetish. Is it possible? Also, how about a Q&A session with renowned chefs from across India. This will provide an opportunity to the young to-be-chefs to mould their creative instincts better. Madhavi Koltarkar, Mumbai Vacation Destinations December is the time of the year when as a family we plan to go ‘roaming.’ It is…

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Nendo’s first design for Flos, Gaku is a frame (this is the meaning of ‘gaku’ in Japanese) hosting and interacting with lamps and a variety of matching objects, which is conceived as something in between accessories and furniture. An adjustable-height pendant lamp hangs down inside a frame, while a wireless version features inductive charging functionality to power a luminescent lamp (www.flos.com) TILES MANIA It’s time to welcome the ultra-premium collection of full body vitrified tiles from the house of Kajaria Ceramics called Terazzo that offers an unlimited spectrum of colours. The low maintenance, high-strength, and skid-resistance of these tiles along with a uniformly textured surface designed for both indoors and outdoors gives a luxurious feel. WOODEN SURPRISE EvoWood, a wood engineering brand launched its maiden experience centre in Mumbai at Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri…

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behind the design

Amber Stitch is all about... expressing my individuality and collaborating with clients to create a joyous and refreshing ambience in homes. Design to me... is creating unique pieces, which suits tastes of individuals along with my inspiration from aesthetics of natures. Through my designs... I try to give a glimpse of creative luxury. I draw inspirations from... nature - greatly inspired by flora and fauna motifs. The design era that fascinates me the most... is modern contemporary styles. What I have always loved about my work... The joy of getting to explore new products daily and to transform the imagination to reality. Amber Stitch collection includes... mix of products - soft furnishings like cushions, upholstery, bedlinen, table linens and serveware. I am currently working on... expanding our product line and adding more products in soft furnishings like curtains as well as some serveware products. Dream Project... is…

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new on the block

The path-breaking Greenpanel Club Grade HDF is an avant-garde product, especially suitable for areas with higher humidity, which helps in protecting the furniture from water, borer, termite. Made from high-density fibre, these boards are anti-fungal and borer resistant too; making them the first choice when it comes to doing the interiors for your house. The choice of raw materials, coupled with stringent quality checks at every stage of manufacturing makes these HDF boards extra strong. Greenpanel Club Grade HDF is the perfect substitute for Plywood. The water-resistant property is the biggest differentiator. Club Grade HDF can be used in moisture prone areas like kitchen and the bathroom ,while layers of plywood peel off on absorption of moisture. It is also more consistent in terms of thickness than plywood. Being versatile,…

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new delhi hosts the first india international electronic & smart appliances exhibition 2018

The first edition of India International Electronic & Smart Appliances Exhibition 2018 (IEAE) was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 5th to 7th December 2018. The 3 day expo is supported by CMAI association, PHD Chambers, Indo-African Chamber of Commerce, Indo-Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industries, National Apex Chamber, FAIITA, PCAIT, GECC and THEISTIC. From small scale companies to start ups and even the big wigs in the home electronics and smart home appliances field made their presence felt in the ‘Living, Giving and Home’ sector by showcasing the first look of their many products. The event has 3 main product categories that include ‘Consumer Electronic and Audio’ (Mobile Phone and Accessories, Computer Accessories, Digital Devices, Speaker & Sound Box, Professional Audio, Home Theatre System, Karaoke Player and Microphone),…