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The Ideal Home and Garden

The Ideal Home and Garden May 2019

The Ideal Home and Garden (TIHG) revolves around the home, the magazine makes the idea of living well and within your means an attainable reality. TIHG is all about bringing the good life home and doing it within your budget. From house fashion to kitchen hands, entertaining essentials and decor lessons, we give you the ideas and the options and help you make the right choice. To put it succinctly, we hold your hand as you move from one stage to the next in homemaking.

Next Gen Publishing Limited
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a letter from the editor

It is always very disheartening to read news stories about traditional arts and crafts of India dying due to modernisation and technological developments. Many beautiful handmade tales of India are on the verge extinction, and being replaced with machine-made products. Being a part of the art and decor industry, we always promote good and timeless design, and it is also our responsibility to make people aware of what’s happening around us to traditional art forms and artists! Therefore as our tribute to Indian designs, designers, art forms, textures and patterns, we decided to dedicate our theme for May as ‘India Inspired’. Talking about my personal favourite, our story of five designers and brand owners who are not only promoting Indian designs but also taking it to many international platforms, across the…

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Kiddie Zone The kids special was really a very special issue. Cover Focus Plus was charm personified. The article actually went ahead and broke the age-old norm that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. The visuals gave plenty of ideas on how a room can be designed for kids irrespective of the gender. The clean and clutter-free rooms are literally a treasure trove. Ideas galore – thanks TIHG. Mrinalini Deshmukh, Mumbai Feel Good As a family we are a big fan of TIHG. It was the year 2013, I first had a glimpse of the magazine at a book stall. What attracted me was the November anniversary cover. Slowly flipping the pages, I realised that TIHG was a bit different from the other home décor magazines of the block. Over the…

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letter of the month

Visual Appeal TIHG is one of the best magazines that I have come across. A complete magazine - appealing visuals, reader-friendly articles, life-size images and above all it covers every aspect of a home. What attracts a reader to the magazine is the visually delightful cover. Over the years TIHG has undergone a major transformation both in terms of content and layout. The magazine has also gone international by showcasing homes from across the border. Looking forward to more meaningful years with power packed articles. Harshita Manwani, New Delhi…

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Product of the Month Blue Haze is a hand-crafted collection of rich, royal blue tableware featuring striking glaze effects created using Derbyshire pottery’s unique skills, perfected over 200 years. Soft neutral tones and rich royal blue combine with the stunning reactive glaze effects for which Denby is renown producing artisan tableware with a truly hand-crafted studio feel, which is both bold and gentle. www.denbypottery.com Unique Twist Ivanka Lumiere introduces the tribal lighting collection. The magnificent beauty of tribal art, showcased in each design exuberates the untold stories of glorious times. Inspired from the exaggerated expressions of tribal masks and totems, the lights are created with bold characters. Springing a Surprise Sarita Handa’s new spring summer collection are beauties inspired by pillars in home art and design. Named naturalist, primrose, mojave, stargazer and amazonia, they are…

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behind the design

Linchpins Design is all about… Creating contemporary and exuberant lifestyle products in steel, high on functionality and aesthetics - thereby challenging the common belief that steel is a conventional structural material. Design to me is… Exploring new art forms for my ideas by striking a balance between the virtual and the real. Through my designs… I try to overcome the pre-existing notions and conventionality of products and emphasise on redefining the forms just like the Z- Penstand. I draw inspiration from… Most of my designs are inspired from 3D geometry, and the philosophy of ‘form follows function.’ The design era which fascinates me the most… The Scandinavian design approach characterised by uncomplicated designs -stylisation and functionality. I feel, without being gaudy, the design needs to be captivating. What I have always loved about my work… Being your own master, every day…

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summer darling

From neighbourly barbecues to lazy days, summer simply has too much to offer. From the first splash and smell of sunblock to picking up new sunglasses and listening to your favourite jams there are plenty of things that remind you of summer. We have picked a trendsetter for Summer ’19, to show you that it’s not just the brightly lit yellows and blues that can stamp the seasonal love in your abode. Limiting your palette to just two colours and its hues can be really poppin’ too. Trust us.…