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The Ideal Home and Garden

The Ideal Home and Garden July 2020

The Ideal Home and Garden (TIHG) revolves around the home, the magazine makes the idea of living well and within your means an attainable reality. TIHG is all about bringing the good life home and doing it within your budget. From house fashion to kitchen hands, entertaining essentials and decor lessons, we give you the ideas and the options and help you make the right choice. To put it succinctly, we hold your hand as you move from one stage to the next in homemaking.

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editor’s note

I want to start my note this month with three important points that our current times have ‘retaught’ me. First, colour is more than just a visual experience, it has deep psychological connections that can radically affect our mood and emotion, almost instantly. Second, interior design is exactly what it says it is - a way to curate the inside structures that we live and work in so that they are comfortable and pleasing to us visually as well as physically. Third, gardening is the ultimate stress buster. Adding greens to your interiors literally adds life into the space, making it refreshing and invigorating. All three showcase the importance of how we can alter our disposition by paying attention to our surroundings, even when things are not going our way. Lockdown…

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The Great Faith The Ideal Home and Garden is rendering yeomen service to its readers even during the difficult times of pandemic. It is treating its readers with articles that talk about how one can stay safe at home and still inculcate changes to the interiors. I read the June 2020 issue online and was really happy to read the article on top designers talking their heart out. Looking forward to more such articles online in the coming months till the pandemic ends Shubhangi Atre, Mumbai Beauty Deep Within For me TIHG is nothing short of a magical wand. I am a second year student of architecture studying at Ahmedabad. Even though we have to visit client sites for study tours to understand the intricate features of designing; for me it is by reading…

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The ME by Starck washbasin with its asymmetrically positioned basin provides a generous shelf, and the new compact handrinse basin is a perfect solution for the smallest of rooms. The ME range hasn’t been designed to dominate the room, but rather to open up scope for individualization and your personal touch. Take for instance the new furniture washbasin in a width of 1230 mm, which is available with a choice of one or two tap holes and can be combined with the Duravit L-Cube, XSquare, XViu, Ketho, Brioso, and XBase furniture ranges. Duravit has harmonized the range’s look and feel, from the ceramic glaze through to the furniture finishes, for perfection down to the last detail. All ME by Starck washbasins and the matching toilet are now available in the…

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designing with passion

What made you enter the creative field? There is only one way to create classics - the right way. I have always harboured an adoration for XVIII century French furniture. I have been consumed by it. I found none in India which addressed these sensibilities with accuracy and authenticity so I set up my own atelier. What do your designs reflect the most? The task of a revivalist is never easy. It is to breathe life into dead stone, to bring the past into the present and give it relevance. My designs and work reflect a lust for the unattainable, passion of boundless desire. All Parrot and Lily pieces are designed for pleasure, comfort and delight. For intimacy as well as splendour. Please tell us about your furniture collection. Each and every piece of furniture…

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the better focus

“This space is my womb-space. I escape into it, away from the chaos of the world. You can call it a library, my personal workspace, a workshop, a den. There is abundant green just outside the door. The space has a lot of red and copper because these colours energize me and inspire my grey cells to think. Everything in this space is old and recycled. Some furniture is over 50 years old but the copper and red make it fresh (and a little bit gimmicky). Everything is exceptionally ordinary and utilitarian. Not designerly - in the ordinary sense of the word. The space itself is an industrial tin shed. There are bits of origami everywhere - predominantly in the ceiling, some lighting, the clock, a flower vase. These are…

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wavelength of positivity

This colour of freshness, hope and harmony evokes a sense of change in any space. Visually and psychologically, it certainly creates results in decor which are truly mesmerizing. Diffuse the green accents with other shades to get that contrasting yet versatile look. Think out of the box by choosing this colour for flooring or ceiling! Lights, layouts or beam drops, anything in green can add drama into the realm. Furnishings can be another way of making the space look brilliant. From choosing that forest green wallpaper to curating that olive green kitchen, this colour palette can work for any setup. Blended with various materials, it can add contemporary flair if one strategically uses this vibrant shade. Explore that change and make a statement in style! Mild tones of green can…