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April 1, 2019

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Channeling AllendeAs a person who has lived and worked in South and Central America for many years, I read with joy and sorrow the comment by Ariel Dorfman [“Advice for Maduro,” March 11/18]. Joy—as well as gratitude—for the clarity and directness with which the author speaks for Salvador Allende. Sorrow for the powerful truth of his words as he recalls the tragedy of the coup against Allende and the people of Chile, as well as the misguided steps of the current government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Dorfman does not overlook the destructive interventions of the US government in Latin American, either.GREGORY RIENZOHAYWARD, CALIF.Dorfman’s points are well made, and I hope Maduro pays heed to them. That said, today’s world is not the world of the 1960s and ’70s. Globalization…

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calling out the israel lobby

The basic facts of the Ilhan Omar affair were simple, though much of the hysteria seemed to ignore the facts. The new congresswoman talked about the pressure that the pro-Israel lobby puts on members of Congress to show “allegiance to a foreign country.” It wasn’t that different from the mainstream media’s common descriptions of “allegiance to Israel.”But irate lobby officials demanded that the Democratic House leadership punish Omar for what they falsely claimed was her use of an anti-Semitic slur regarding Jews and dual loyalty—words and meanings that she never spoke or implied. The leadership immediately offered a resolution aimed at condemning Omar. But then the pushback began, from outside activists and from the Congressional Black and Progressive caucuses. Within a week, a broad anti-oppression resolution condemning not only anti-Semitism…

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by the numbers

50%Percentage of revenue earned by the Women’s National Basketball Association that players say they should get—on a par with the NBA’s revenue-sharing agreement64Number of World Surf League events in which women will get the same amount of prize money as men after a new policy was adopted last year$5.38MAmount that the US men’s national soccer team was paid in 2014 for losing in round 16 of the World Cup$1.73MAmount that the US women’s national soccer team was paid in 2015 for winning the World Cup28Number of players joining a lawsuit filed on International Women’s Day against the US Soccer Federation—the entire women’s national team(AP / MIKE CARLSON)…

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exclusive: ice’d over

COMMENTIn the summer of 2018, as protests against the Trump administration’s immigration policies intensified and the movement to “abolish ICE” gained momentum, the federal agency at the center of the storm was keeping tabs on a series of anti-Trump protests in New York City, according to documents obtained by The Nation through a Freedom of Information Act request. Among the protests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement tracked were several promoting immigrant rights and opposing the administration’s deportation policies, as well as another protesting the National Rifle Association. One event had been organized by a sitting member of Congress from New York City, who had recently introduced legislation to shut down the agency and restructure its duties.On the evening of July 31, 2018, Congressman Adriano Espaillat, a Democrat who represents parts…

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The Senate’s filibuster rule appears nowhere in the US Constitution, but if it continues to be exercised in its current form, it will kill any hopes for the progressive agenda and reinforce the most destructive tendencies of the Republican Party. Under current Senate rules, it takes a supermajority of 60 votes for lawmakers to build something, but only 50 for them to tear it down. This baseline asymmetry allows the GOP to continue dismantling the government and leaves the Democratic Party unable to pass the bold plans necessary to build a progressive future.The core Republican agenda has three crucial elements. The first is cutting taxes for the rich, because the GOP insists that low taxes drive growth and that progressive taxation unfairly punishes society’s winners. The second is disassembling the…

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mike oliver 1945–2019

(COURTESY OF JOY OLIVER)Mike Oliver, emeritus professor of disability studies at the University of Greenwich in England, died on March 2, 2019, after a short illness. He was 74.A wheelchair user since the age of 17 and a sociologist by training, Oliver played a pioneering role in developing what has come to be known as the social model of disability. He argued that structural barriers, such as a lack of wheelchair ramps or a failure to provide sign-language interpreters, impede disabled people far more than the physical impairments themselves. In other words, an ableist society is what disables the “disabled” and keeps them largely unemployed and in poverty.In every advanced capitalist country, disabled people face tremendous barriers when it comes to housing, transportation, and employment. These barriers are so comprehensive…