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Annual Buyers Guide 2020
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Organic & natural. Rustic & elegant. Warm & welcoming. These words describe more than the feeling you get from a log or timber home — they also define the people who love them. And now — after 35 years of separately providing you with information about log or timber homes — Log Home Living and Timber Home Living have joined forces to become one bigger, better, all-encompassing magazine for the all-natural homes we love! In Every Issue: Log, timber and hybrid home photos Floor plans and design pointers Reliable construction information Products and furnishings Tips on financing, landscaping & maintenance HUGE Log Home Living and Timber Home Living Annual Buyer's Guides included with your subscription! The inspiration and information you've come to expect, now all in one place!

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golden eagle log & timber homes

Everyone will feel included, as the open concept of the kitchen, great room, covered porch and dining room are second-to-none. This gourment kitchen is designed for large family gatherings, as it features four food prep areas and enough cabinetry and countertop space to satisfy even the world's best chefs. Every feature in this custom timber home is designed to maximize style and functionality. The calming atmosphere of this master suite features stunning views of the lake. The spa-like soaking tub will be your oasis after a long day. Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes custom designed and supplied these impressive built-in book shelves and night stands to surround the master bed. The room is finished with soft tones and textures. The timbers in this room are smooth and painted to match…

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set the stage for success

I have a weakness for classic films. “Citizen Kane” … “To Kill a Mockingbird” … “Rear Window” — they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. It’s not typical that, while enjoying my guilty little pleasure, I’m reminded of my job, but recently that changed. The movie that made my worlds collide is “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House,” starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. In the 1948 comedy, the urban couple outgrows their downtown apartment, falls in love with property in the Connecticut countryside and aspires to build the perfect home. There was only one problem: They were woefully unprepared. Every decision they made was on impulse, and along the way they experienced a host of obstacles from having to drill a well to cost overruns they weren’t expecting. In true…

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let’s talk timber homes

Timber framing is graceful, strong and so well established that once upon a time it used to simply be called “building.” It forms the basis of a structure that can last for generations. In fact, in Europe and Asia there are timber-framed buildings that have stood for centuries. Today, timber homes have enjoyed a surge in popularity due to their ties to nature, the artful way in which they’re crafted and the extraordinary level of engineering that goes into them — a combination that makes them as sturdy as they are beautiful. A timber home uses a framework of large posts and beams joined by wood pegs or by other types fasteners. Almost always, the walls of the structure are affixed to the outside of the timber frame, leaving the timbers exposed…

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the cost factor

A timber home is a custom home, and everything from wood species and frame complexity to level of finishing materials and local labor costs will affect a home’s final price. Although it’s impossible to generalize costs nationwide, timber homes are comparable to other forms of custom construction. Put another way, custom construction often ranges between 15 to 25 percent more than your local tract home builder who offers few upgrades and no changes to a floor plan. In our 2019 Industry Insights* survey, producers indicated that the average base price of a timber frame home hovers around $240 PER SQUARE FOOT, but can quickly escalate depending on the amenities and appointments a buyer chooses. Hybrid designs can save roughly $67 PER SQUARE FOOT, OR 28 PERCENT LESS than a home that uses…

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your timber home starts here

Timber homes continue to win converts with their craftsmanship, variety and superior energy efficiency. But despite their positive features, timber homes remain a small segment of the custom-home market. As a result, how to buy and build one of these houses is a mystery to most people. The most important step toward figuring it all out: Understanding that buying and building a timber home is a process. During the planning phase, you’ll gather information to learn all that’s involved and the choices that are available to you. So, let’s get started. ADDRESS YOUR OPTIONS In general, timber homes fall within several categories, based on how the timbers are used or are fastened. All timber homes showcase the beauty of the wood, which adds abundant character to a home’s interior. Traditional timber frames are…

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location location location

1. You need to understand your site’s topography to plan your home right. A site map will explain the traits, benefits and challenges of your proposed building site. If the land is undeveloped, you may also need a topographical survey. Your township or county zoning office can supply you with information about easements, utilities and environmental considerations. The natural features of the landscape, along with the location of utilities, should be indicated on the site map. 2. Many who dream of owning a timber home picture it in a remote locale surrounded by nature, but think carefully about the distance to amenities. Things like proximity to work, schools, stores and hospitals are important to consider before making a decision. Also, homes that are too far from a fire department will pay…