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TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide Magazine May 27, 2019

TV Guide Magazine tells you what’s worth watching. With its unparalleled access and authority, it's the only publication devoted exclusively to television. It includes celebrity interviews, in-depth previews, sneak peeks and authoritative reviews from critic Matt Roush.

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2 min.
america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

@TVGMMattRoush I love the FX limited series Fosse/Verdon and think Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams are doing a phenomenal job in the title roles. What do you think the chances are for the show and its stars to get Emmy nominations? They face stiff competition against the likes of Dirty John, Escape at Dannemora and The Act, but I think Fosse/Verdon deserves a ton of recognition! —Chris MATT ROUSH: Like many of FX’s top-shelf projects, this fascinating biographical series should do well in the Emmy nominations, especially with the two leads—not just because of their star power and Oscar cred (he’s a winner, she’s a multiple nominee), but because they’re doing great work in very challenging and not always sympathetic roles. The limited-series/TV-movie categories are among the toughest, though, being so star-driven.…

1 min.
your feedback

BIGGEST STARS How could you overlook David Boreanaz [May 13, “The 10 Biggest Stars on TV”], the handsome lead actor who has effortlessly transitioned through four series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones and currently SEAL Team? —Maurice GOOD INSIGHT Kudos to In the Dark for being spot-on with the situations blind people encounter, and to The CW for having the good sense to renew it. The circumstances the main character finds herself in are similar to ones my wife has faced. —Paul Email us: letters@tvgm.com…

3 min.
live shows on patrol

THE CHASE IS on—let’s set the scene. This is TV’s escalating world of real-time, follow-along patrol shows, and one unit is running way out in front: A&E’s Live PD. For 200-plus episodes, the series has showcased police forces across the country and put up ratings so big it’s nearly criminal. Now in hot pursuit: First Responders Live, the latest entry into the genre, spearheaded by legendary Law & Order creator Dick Wolf (premieres Wednesday, June 12, 9/8c, Fox). The series will follow EMTs, firefighters, police and other everyday heroes who run toward the dangers others run from. “First responders are doing God’s work,” Wolf tells TV GUIDE MAGAZINE. “Judging by the popularity of [my dramas] Chicago Fire, P.D. and Med, viewers have a huge appetite for what these heroes do on…

5 min.

Tim Conway 1933–2019 IT’S EASY TO love any clown who makes us laugh, but there’s a special place in our hearts for the rare comedian who causes his fellow professionals to crack up. And no one mastered that particular art with more finesse than Tim Conway, whose bumbling persona masked a wickedly sharp improvisational wit. Conway, who died May 14 at age 85, suffering complications from a brain disorder, won four of six Emmys for his work (including one for writing) on the legendary sketch classic The Carol Burnett Show, where he regularly joined the ensemble as a guest star before becoming a full-time cast member late in the show’s 11-season run. His specialty was ad-libs during tapings, guaranteed to make his seasoned costars break character while trying to contain their laughter. Viewers clamored…

1 min.
the return of court tv

THEY CALLED A retrial! Court TV, the network that allowed viewers unprecedented 24-hour-a-day courtroom access from 1991 to 2007, is banging the gavel once again. Why relaunch today? “Cable [news] networks are now all politics, all the time, covering two branches of government and ignoring the third, the judicial branch,” says lead anchor and former prosecutor Vinnie Politan. “The genre is more popular now than when Court TV was around the first time.” The original Court TV made its name with live coverage of the 1993 Menendez murder trial. Viewers were rapt watching brothers Erik and Lyle testify about shooting their parents and detailing years of alleged abuse. The new Court TV follows the same model. Round-the-clock programming includes all-day live coverage of various cases, interspersed with commentary from reporters (9am/8c–6/5c).…

3 min.
can james holzhauer really beat ken jennings’s record?

WATCHING JAMES HOLZHAUER, the current Jeopardy! wunderkind (he’s only 34), slash through the answer board is exhilarating—and exhausting. It’s nearly impossible to keep up. Even we needed the breather that forced Holzhauer into a two-week vacation (the annual Teachers Tournament that ran May 6–17) to sort out the statistics of his continuing winning streak. If Jeopardy! created trading cards, Holzhauer’s might look something like this, as of the break: Total winnings to date: $1,691,008 Average win per game: $76,864 Number of games won: 22. This ranks second only to Ken Jennings, the original (30-year-old) boy wonder of Jeopardy!, whose 2004 winning streak hit 74 episodes. To catch up, Holzhauer will have to play and win 52 more games—in other words, every competition through the last week in July. Number of answers he got wrong:…