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TV Guide Magazine November 11, 2019

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

@TVGMMattRoush Once again I have abandoned a promising new series because the show-runners make it too difficult to watch. I’m referring to USA’s Treadstone, and the problem is too many subtitles. I know they want to make it authentic, but having to continuously read the translations is way too distracting. And the subtitles run by too fast to keep up. I know this is a show I would really enjoy. Why do they sabotage their own shows this way? —JC MATT ROUSH: A common complaint in my inbox comes from viewers who find it hard to read subtitles, texts on cellphones, emails and other printed materials onscreen. With Treadstone, inspired by the Bourne franchise, I appreciate the show’s global scope and like that it isn’t asking its Asian, Russian and European characters…

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plus your feedback

TRIPLE THREAT! Thank you, NBC, for the best Chicago Fire-Med-P.D. crossover ever [October 16]! It was a perfect mix. And congrats to Dick Wolf, the other producers and their casts. The acting was excellent, and these shows were amazing! —MaryAnn SPINE-CHILLING JOY Kudos to [showrunners] Robert and Michelle King for creating Evil, a series that is both deliciously creepy and thought-provoking. —Sharon FIERCELY FRESH Nancy Drew has been given the dark and edgy Buffy the Vampire Slayer makeover, and she has never looked better! Thank you, The CW. I love Nancy’s new revision. —Aimee Email us: letters@tvgm.com COMING NEXT ISSUE ▸ BLUE BLOODS Dinner is served! We went to the CBS show’s set for TV GUIDE MAGAZINE’s November 25 issue to watch the Reagans (including Frank, played by Tom Selleck, above) pass the potatoes during their weekly Sunday gathering.…

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how hallmark took over tv

IT IS A blindingly bright, sunny mid-July day. But here in Langley, British Columbia—a blip on the outskirts of Vancouver where Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has temporarily descended to film the holiday rom-com Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen—it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Thanks to a cadre of Canadian elves, an otherwise unremarkable strip mall has been transformed into a winter wonderland, festooned with wreaths and twinkling lights. Bundled up in cozy sweaters and scarves, the film’s stars, Erin Krakow, Kimberley Sustad and Luke Macfarlane—familiar faces to Hallmark watchers, as well as jewels in the proverbial crown—are doing their best to not overheat between patter-filled scenes. (In this festive romp, premiering November 29, a pair of event-planning sisters are enlisted to throw an office Christmas party for a tightly…

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good medicine

For decades, television and its stars have embraced an essential role as passionate advocates for lung cancer awareness. (The disease kills more people annually than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined.) November may be Lung Cancer Awareness month, but TV has never followed a calendar in shedding light on the illness. LUNG CANCER AWARENESS MONTH TV SENDS THE MESSAGE TV TYPICALLY APPROACHES serious health issues first through PSAs and reporting, then by dramatizing moments that will pull at audiences’ heartstrings. In May and June 1955—with the U.S. Surgeon General beginning a study on the effects of smoking—legendary CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow covered the controversial connection between smoking and cancer on his series See It Now. What made the show extra remarkable: Murrow, never seen on TV without a cigarette in hand, didn’t…

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BLUE’S CLUES & YOU! SERIES PREMIERE MONDAY, NOV. 11, 9am/8C, NICKELODEON Fresh from starring in Broadway’s Aladdin, Joshua Dela Cruz (right) hosts the rebooted Blue’s Clues & You! He’ll guide our favorite mystery-solving pup, Blue (sorry, Scooby!), as she plays her favorite game, Blue’s Clues, following a trail of three hints to unravel a puzzle. (Blue gets an assist from some household pals like alarm clock Tickety Tock and Sidetable Drawer, and even turns to viewers for help.) But first, Blue must teach Josh—cousin to former clue-seekers Steve (Steve Burns) and Joe (Donovan Patton)—and a new generation of fans the rules of the game when the Nickelodeon series returns for the first time since 2006. More than 3,000 people auditioned to be the new host, and WWE star John Cena even joked about wanting…

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the roush review

Going Back to High School On Disney+, it’s all about putting on a show, even decades later IN THE WONDERFUL world of Disney, now filtered through the new Disney+ subscription service, it seems you never forget your first high school musical. Or High School Musical, for that matter. Hoping for pop-culture lightning to strike again, the streaming platform revisits one of Disney Channel’s greatest hits, a 2006 kitsch classic that made household names of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. She’s apparently known as “V. Hudge” to a new generation of theater-camp geeks—who would seem to be the target audience for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It’s a very meta, but mostly meh, homage set in the same Utah high school where the original movie was filmed and which seemingly has yet…