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TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide Magazine November 25, 2019

TV Guide Magazine tells you what’s worth watching. With its unparalleled access and authority, it's the only publication devoted exclusively to television. It includes celebrity interviews, in-depth previews, sneak peeks and authoritative reviews from critic Matt Roush.

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1 min.
america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

@TVGMMattRoush Why would the writers of The Good Doctor put Shaun (Freddie Highmore) in a relationship with Carly (Jasika Nicole), who doesn’t even look his age? It looks like a 30-year-old dating a 20-year-old. It’s a great idea for Shaun to date and explore how his autism works in a relationship, but it is just not believable to me. —Jim MATT ROUSH: This never occurred to me, maybe because the actors are playing it so well and the writers are handling the situation with delicacy. (In actuality, High more is closer to 30, and Nicole closer to 40.) The real issue here for me is that as Shaun learns how best to navigate the emotional give-and-take of a relationship, it’s probably smart to pair him with some one with Carly’s maturity and…

5 min.
movie lovers set sail

TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES prime time host Ben Mankiewicz, who calls himself a Succession “addict,” thinks that TV has never been better. But as to the outlets that deliver all those high-quality shows, he believes, “There’s not a person on the planet who says, ‘Man, I love Showtime,’ right? ‘I would do anything for AMC.’ ‘I will throw myself on the train tracks for FX.’” And while TCM viewers (the 25-year-old channel is available in 76 million house holds) aren’t about to risk life and limb either, they do show a devotion as fervid as that of any show following, like Trekkers, The Office’s Dunderheads or the Bachelor franchise’s Bachelor Nation. TV GUIDE MAGAZINE joined these hard-core fans on October’s sold-out TCM Classic Cruise on the Disney Magic. These are people who…

1 min.
ncis: nola shocker!

In the November 5 episode, NCIS: New Orleans killed off a special agent we’ve known and loved since Season 1 (and earlier, on NCIS): charming, brave man of faith Christopher Lasalle, played by Lucas Black (above). Shot defending a woman he thought was helping him (“We knew Lasalle needed to go out as a hero,” co-showrunners Christopher Silber and Jan Nash say in a joint interview), Lasalle later died in the hospital, surrounded by the team headed by Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula). Black indicated at the end of last season he wanted more time for family and other creative pursuits. “Everyone gets itchy to see what is over the horizon. We weren’t surprised,” Silber says. “I only asked that he allow us to give his character an amazing send-off.” Shooting the death…

1 min.
fall’s newest docs!

JINGLE BELL BOTCHED HOLIDAY SPECIAL SUNDAY, DEC. 1, 10/9C, E! Cosmetic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow (right) recall their “Most Outrageous Patients” through the reality series’ six seasons in a nip-and-tuck countdown to No. 1. Where will the time the two docs worked their magic on a “human cartoon” rank compared to when they tried to double a man’s already-gone-viral butt implants? THE BALANCING ACT WEEKDAYS, 7:30/6:30C, LIFETIME The morning show known for dishing out tips on everything from decorating to beating back-to-school illnesses offers advice to caregivers in its November 25 outing. But a December 18 “Behind the Mystery” segment dives deep into a genetic kidney disease and an often misdiagnosed form of leukemia. ADRIAN BURROWS/NBC; SONJA FLEMMING/CBS; GUY D’ALEMA/FOX; KAROLINA WOJTASIK/NBC…

5 min.
the roush review

The Crown The faces are different, but the regal drama has lost none of its luster Available now, Netflix HER MAJESTY IS not amused. Or, if she is, she rarely shows it. Same goes for the rest of the British royal family in what could be described as a season of their discontent. “It would be nice to be dazzling on occasion,” laments Queen Elizabeth, now being played in middle age with a poignant undercurrent of resigned gravity by the marvelous Olivia Colman (an Oscar winner as 18th-century Queen Anne in The Favourite earlier this year). The third season of Peter Morgan’s brilliant and unsparing The Crown, set in the turbulent mid-1960s to 1977 with an allnew cast, presents the monarch and her relatives in surprisingly stark and melancholy terms. Don’t look for group…

7 min.
breaking bread with the reagans

Blue Bloods Fridays, 10/9c, CBS I ARRIVE AT Blue Bloods’ Brooklyn set, and the show’s lead, Tom Selleck, greets me with a macabre bit of news appropriate for today, October 31. “I have a scoop for you,” he says solemnly. “A couple of episodes from now, one of the Reagans chokes to death while eating Sunday dinner.” Before I can react, a “Gotcha!” smile spreads across his face—he’s clearly taken at least part of “trick or treat” to heart. It was another holiday that famously inspired the CBS drama circa 2008. Norman Rockwell’s iconic Saturday Evening Post illustration of a big family around the Thanksgiving table motivated veteran producer Leonard Goldberg to create (with writers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green) a different kind of procedural about a clan of cops whose relationships…