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Reise og friluftsliv
Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Ultimate Travel Bucket List

It's time to plan the trip of a lifetime but with so much choice out there, it's not an easy task. So take your inspiration from Ultimate Travel Bucket List. There's something for everyone, from sliding down the side of an active volcano to seeing the Maoi on Easter Island. Whether you want to uncover the past, have an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, see narwhals in the wild or experience a totally different culture, you'll be itching to get on that plane and see the world.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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1 min.
welcome to ultimate travel bucket list

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of adrenaline as you jump off a bridge, only to be saved by a bungee cord – that’s why it’s on so many bucket lists. But what other adventures and destinations should be on your list of things to do before you die? That’s where Ultimate Travel Bucket List comes in. There’s something for everyone, from exploring history’s greatest castles for the heritage buffs to every nature-lover’s dream of seeing the Amazon. Uncover the world’s most vibrant and fun festivals, take a look at the unique places you can stay overnight and explore the different cultures around the world. It’s time to figure out where you need to go and whether you want an adventure, to discover the past, to see animals in the…

5 min.
daredevil adventures

CAGE OF DEATH AUSTRALIA Why wouldn’t you want to come face to face with the world’s largest reptile? Croccove offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with these terrifying beasts. Experience the thrill of sharing the water with saltwater crocodiles five metres (16 feet) in length. You’ll have the chance to admire their size and prehistoric features. How fast do you think your heart will be racing when you meet each other’s eyes?! Each cage of death dive includes 15 minutes in the enclosure where the handlers will regularly feed the creatures in order to encourage more movement and close-up encounters. Each cage is suitable for one to two participants and is operated by an overhead monorail, which will have you hovering over the huge reptiles before you’re lowered in.…

4 min.
the grand canyon

Jutting from the badlands of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is the centrepiece of Americana. Bold, rugged and mysterious; a lighthouse for spiritual and secular pilgrims alike. Rising a mile high, the canyon has been sculpted by the Colorado River into four plateaus. Almost 450 kilometres long and, at points, 29 kilometres wide, it offers a unique cross-section of 40 layers of the Earth’s crust – a two-billion-year-old story of growth, erosion and metamorphosis. As the dying Sun bursts orange brilliance over the rising rims, vast shadows descend into the canyon below. Moments like this have captured the imaginations of scientists for 150 years, and the Hopi tribe for far longer. The Hopi consider it the site of their creation and eventual return. Though they make annual pilgrimages to the canyon, they…

1 min.
the grand canyon

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION The Grand Canyon offers experienced hikers numerous challenging trails, but preparation is crucial. Be sure to book campsites and accommodation well in advance, and obtain a camping permit. For those looking for a less strenuous experience, guided tours are also available, by foot, raft, plane, jeep and mule. WHEN TO VISIT Although the best weather can be enjoyed between April and June, this is also peak season. For a more peaceful experience, visit the park between September and October. Time zone UTC–7 Currency US dollars ($) LINKS www.nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/backcountry-permit.htm Portal for obtaining a camping permit www.recreation.gov Website for booking campsites, such as Mather, Ten-X and North Rim www.grandcanyonwest.com Buy tickets for the Skywalk and other West Rim attractions www.wildlandtrekking.com/grand-canyon/hiking-tours.html Wildland Trekking hosts a wide range of guided treks around the canyon…

10 min.
the world’s greatest railways

They have inspired writers, artists, musicians and film-makers; their success was a key factor in the industrialisation of Britain; they have shaped the landscapes of nations; they have been of strategic importance in war; have both cost lives and have saved them. They are, of course, trains. It’s difficult to imagine life without railways, and their rich and varied history is surely best explored by taking a trip on a train – whether that is just a short hop on a heritage steam locomotive or an epic journey that lasts several days and crosses continents. Author EM Forster called railway termini “our gates to the glorious and the unknown”, but they can just as easily be a portal to the past – here are just some of the best historic railway…

8 min.
route 66

When you don your leathers and mount your motorbike to begin your journey along Route 66, you never quite know when you’ve reached the end. That, in part, is because there is some debate over where the finish line lies, but it’s also because the route will offer so many life-affirming experiences that it could easily be the start of something new: a real taste for the open road. Route 66 is iconic. It rolls across America from Chicago to Santa Monica (or to 7th street in Downtown Los Angeles depending on who you talk to), taking you through the lands of the USA’s indigenous peoples while brushing past diverse and exciting cities as you journey across Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Should you choose to…