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August 2021

The ultimate vegan food and lifestyle magazine written for vegans by vegans. Inspiring recipe and lifestyle articles to help you become vegan and stay vegan. Through compassion for living creatures helping the environment and a desire for a healthy life, vegan life is the must read, multi-award winning publication.

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Hi Readers, I remember starting out as a vegetarian and having to explain why I had changed to my meat eater friends and the feeling of being interrogated. I am now beginning my journey as a vegan, and vegetarian friends are now asking me questions about why I do not have honey or eggs from a neighbour. It is good to have debates around the dairy production and the effects on the animal, but please, my vegetarian friends, do not make me have to justify why I have chosen to start my vegan lifestyle. From one animal lover to another. Jo STAR LETTER PRIZE Am I a ‘proper’ grown up? I smiled until my cheeks hurt reading Jake Yapp’s article on making ginger beer. I have ordered all of the ingredients and as both my teenage daughters…

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rachel ama’s

Lemon Balm Curry with Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Chicken Pieces Serves 4 As part of the Grow Your Own initiative to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Linda McCartney Foods, Rachel Ama has whipped up a delicious recipe with herbs and veg you can grow at home. What is the Grow Your Own initiative? Linda McCartney’s pioneering and delicious new initiative aims to get everyone growing, and the brand know the biggest pay-off of growing your own veg is eating it afterwards! So, they’ve teamed up with the dancing, cooking, power-house of vegan inspiration, Rachel Ama, who is offering her culinary creativity to show you an utterly delicious and absolutely meat-free dish with your home-grown veg. How does Rachel use homegrown veg in the recipe? Rachel’s recipe takes inspiration from the community garden created by Linda McCartney’s in…

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supporting vegan chocolate makers

By now you may have tried a vegan KitKat — today they hit the shelves and are dominating the vegan news as I write this… And brought out by the controversial Nestlé. Now, the likelihood is yes, I am going to try them, however they won’t be a staple for me. For one, I am embracing the world of raw at the moment and OMG my lovelies I feel good for doing this. I am no expert, however, I realised I was turning into a junk food vegan and just woke up one morning feeling ‘I’ve got to go raw’. It’s funny how raw is in percentages — ‘I am 80 per cent raw’ or ‘100 per cent’, or another number usually above 70! And the higher the number, of course, the…

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summertime drinks

With the rather damp Summer Solstice now behind us, sadly the long, light evenings start to get shorter as each day passes. Thankfully, to balance this, often the best of the weather is still to come. August and September still bring with them the promise of days spent beneath the golden glowing sun in the sky and evenings looking up at the stars. As the air warms up over the summer months, gardens, parks, beaches and swimming pools become our second homes. It’s the time to embrace everything the outdoors has to offer and enjoy relaxing moments in the sun with our family and friends. To accompany the summer sunshine, we’ve selected a range of light and refreshing drinks that embody the season. From beers and ciders made with juicy, tangy citrus…

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in the next issue

• Vegan Babies and Children: The all-important guide for vegan parents and carers, with recommended products and advice from experts. • Period Products and the Planet: We investigate the impact of sanitary products on the environment. • 7 Ways To… Support the Vegan Industry: Great ideas for helping vegan businesses to flourish. • Delicious recipes: Easy eats for kids, seasonal brekkies, packed lunches and lunchboxes, 30-minute meals. ONLY £3.95 A MONTH • No Contract • No Commitment • No Hassle • Cancel anytime you want • Delivered direct to your door • You are in complete control of your subscription To subscribe visit veganlifemag.com/sub…

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bbq bonanza

Spicy Mexican Bean Burger Serves 6 Spicy Mexican Bean Burgers are not just perfect for a BBQ but also great fake-away. Not only do the patties keep, but it is so welcoming to come home after a day at work, and know that there is something easy to rustle up from the fridge. • 200g (7 oz) kidney beans• 2 tbsp olive oil• 2 medium carrots, grated• 1 onion, diced• 1-inch ginger, grated• 3 tsp cumin, ground• 3 tsp coriander, ground• 1 chipotle or other chilli, chopped• 50g (1.7 oz) flax seeds• 50g (1.7 oz) oats• Oil for frying 1 Soak the kidney beans in water for about 24 hours. Periodically, rinse the beans in fresh water. 2 Pressure cook the beans for 30 minutes. Drain and set to one side. 3 Sauté the diced onions…