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Welcome to February! Where did January go? It seems as if the month came and went so quickly, bringing with it tonnes of delicious new Veganuary offerings, as well as newbie vegans. I hope that all of you who undertook the month-long challenge enjoyed the introduction to the wonderful vegan lifestyle. And I hope that those of you who coached friends and family members through their first Veganuary were successful in showing your loved one the more compassionate way to tread on Earth. At Vegan Life, we are here to help you to continue to thrive on and love the plant-based way of life — whether you are a recent vegan convert or you have been powered by plants for years. Vegans come from all walks of life — there are…

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why am i vegan?

NAME: Tallulah Lebon AGE: 19 NUMBER OF YEARS VEGAN: 19 LOCATION: Norfolk, UK I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE… I’ve been vegan since birth — so why change? Animals are not food, and no one should be brought up to think they are. All animals have a heart, lungs and brain — just like we do. They don’t understand why humans are killing them for fun or to eat them. What have they done to ever be treated like this? Veganism is also incredible for health and has really helped me growing up with loads of intolerance to wheat and gluten. MY ADVICE TO OTHERS ON BECOMING VEGAN… Don’t stress thinking it’s too hard to find vegan food as all is labelled hugely in all supermarkets. MY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE… For all people to consider going vegan…

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vegan news

A global move to a VEGAN DIET would avert 8.1 MILLION premature deaths per year. Source: Product of the month Plant Alternative Shicken Vegan Curry Ready-Meals LOVE curry? Shicken won’t disappoint. Better than a takeaway, Shicken offers a range of hand crafted, authentic vegan Asian ready meals, sides and snacks. Choose from Shicken Tikka Masala, Butter Curry, Balti, Jalfrezi and Korma, along with naan, samosas and pakoras. The brand’s uniqueness lies within their Shicken pieces — soya ‘chicken’ vegan pieces which are better than the real thing. Order a batch to store in your freezer, ready for your next curry night. From £2.99, Tesco expand their vegan offerings tenfold Leading supermarket Tesco have long been a champion for vegan food, and now, they have launched even more innovative treats. New goodies include the Tesco Plant Chef…

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over to you

WORTH £50! Next Month’s Star Letter Prize Send your poems and letters to, to be in with a chance of winning a Vegan Hamper from Viva!. Viva! is the UK’s leading vegan campaigning charity, specialising in undercover investigations and high-profile animal campaigns. Founded in 1994 they have spent more than 25 years creating a kinder, more sustainable world for humans and animals alike. The items included in this prize include the Vegan Surprise Treat Box, packed full of delicious confectionery, an awesome ‘Vegan for the Animals’ unisex t-shirt and a ‘Be Kind to All Kind’ face mask (all available to buy at Last but not least, the Viva! ‘Super Vegan Pack’ is crammed full of practical tips and information on vegan health, nutrition and lifestyle information. Find out more about Viva!…

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“I didn’t want my eating to have anything to do with damaging the planet or hurting animals” Since 2004, You Me At Six have been entertaining fans with their lyrical and musical genius that continues to innovate the industry, and now, the English rock band have a new album out: SUCKAPUNCH. Not only that — but the band have also released a powerfully spicy vegan hot sauce (trust us, the burn is good!), named after their electrifying new album. Ahead of the record launch, we caught up with the band’s frontman and lead singer, Josh Franceschi, a vegan of almost 10 years. Josh chats to us about his favourite track, walks us through the band’s hot sauce collaboration with Lou’s Brew’s, and shares his thoughts and hopes for veganism. Hey Josh! Congrats to…

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ask the experts

Each month, send us your questions and we’ll pitch them to those in the know. Whether you’re unsure about the best way to cook tofu, or you need some vegan dating advice, we’ve got your back. Q I’d like to start feeding my dog vegan chow… How do I go about doing this? Dogs can do very well on a plant-based diet, but it must be a specially formulated food and not just an extra portion of whatever you’re having. There are many things we eat — onions, leeks, garlic, avocado, grapes, xylitol, for example — that are toxic to dogs. Plus, our physiology and nutritional needs are quite different. So, buy a dog food, and one that is ‘complete’. That means it has all the nutrients dogs need and is not just…