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Welcome to March — the precursor for spring and new life. We’ve made it through the worst part of winter, and can now hope for sunnier, perhaps merrier times to come. I’d like to open this issue with an excerpt of a poem by James Perry, printed in PACT Animal Sanctuary’s new book, Pets in Poetry and Prose, and I’d like to dedicate it to everyone that has lost someone recently, whether human or non-human animal. It reads: “Nature has the power of healing; its gifts are there for all. They are constantly replenished, abundant, plentiful. So, when you are out in nature, it is not silence you desire, but the sounds of life ongoing.” I hope these words can tempt you to step outside, wherever you are and whatever you are feeling,…

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why am i vegan?

NAME: Melanie Garnett AGE: 20 NUMBER OF YEARS VEGAN: 4 LOCATION: Kent, UK I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE… I took part in Veganuary as a challenge to raise money for charity and stayed vegan after learning about the realities of animal agriculture. Healthwise, going vegan made me feel like a whole new person and I could finally have a good relationship with food. I made a lot of mistakes, but four years of veganism has led me to meet wonderful people, become more compassionate in all aspects of my life, enjoy cooking and align my morals with my actions. MY ADVICE TO OTHERS ON BECOMING VEGAN… See it as a fun challenge and a chance to explore new things. Vegan food is so creative and exciting; you aren’t giving anything up by ditching animal products. Join…

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vegan news

ANIMAL AGRICULTURE is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction Source: Product of the month The Sweet Potato Spirit Company Sweet Potato Toffee Apple Moonshine, 50cl — 22% ABV If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the tipple for you. Brewed from sweet potatoes, the moonshine delivers the taste of fresh crème brûlée with crisp apple on the nose, descending into caramel and smooth brandied and candied apple. It has a pleasantly sweet and warming aftertaste with notes of apricot and peach — what’s not to love?! £21.99, PACT Animal Sanctuary celebrate their 25th anniversary and raise funds with incredible animal poetry book To celebrate their 25th year as an animal sanctuary, and to raise vital funds for their lifesaving work, PACT Animal Sanctuary have released a poetry book, entitled Pets in Poetry and…

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The textiles industry is not well known for being transparent about its supply chain, although numerous companies claim that their products are made via sustainable and ethical practices. This ‘greenwashing’ makes shopping difficult for us consumers, who are trying our best to make sustainable life choices. Hundreds of clothing brands claim that their products are organic — as you’ll likely see on clothing labels in your favourite shops, yet according to the Organic Trade association, less than one per cent of global cotton production is organic. New Swedish blockchain technology PaperTale, is helping consumers to see through misleading claims. Simply scan the label of a PaperTaled product with your smartphone and get authenticated information about the supply chain and the product’s environmental impact. We, as consumers, are therefore given the power to…

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over to you

WORTH £72! Next Month’s Star Letter Prize Send your poems or letters to to be in with a chance of winning a fortnight’s worth of meals from the exciting plant-based ready-meal brand, Vibrant Vegan. The meals come frozen, so they can be kept in the freezer for you to enjoy as and when. The brand’s delicious frozen ready-meals are inspired by cuisines from around the world, featuring flavours from Africa, Morocco, Thailand and Asia — to name a few! Vibrant Vegan’s most recently launched dishes include the delectable Beetiful Bourguignon and Posh Squash Lasagne. The company would also love to offer an exciting 25% off code for all Vegan Life readers — just use VEGANLIFE25 to enjoy! Visit Share your pictures with us Stay Social @veganlife_mag @veganlifemagazine @veganlife_mag @animaljusticeproject @plantedinthekitchen @victoriapearcewriter STAR LETTER PRIZE Hi Vegan Life, I would like to say…

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veganlife meets… brett cobley

“Draw people in with tasty food, then explain the ethical and environmental plight of our generation” A vegan for over five years and a chef for many more, Brett Cobley knows a thing or two about cooking up delicious food. Brett’s debut cookbook, What Vegans Eat, was a myriad of delights and we are excited to see what his next cookbook, due for release this year, will help us to make. We chat to the inspiring chef and mental health advocator about his much-anticipated new book, as well as his vegan journey and foodie guilty pleasure. Hey, Brett! How would you describe your cooking style? I like to think of my cooking style as experimental. Most people out there find a few recipes that they like and rotate them every week for their…