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We’re all a-flutter in the Vegan Life team this month, because spring has officially sprung, and we couldn’t be happier for it. The bees and butterflies are making a reappearance, the evenings are drawing out and daffodils are popping up wherever they can. April is one of my favourite times of year for these very reasons — as well as for the onslaught of chocolate that comes with Easter! Long gone are the days when we vegans struggled to find a decent dairy-free chocolate egg; it is now a struggle to choose because there are SO MANY options! Head to page 62 for a spectacular roundup of Easter treats, as well as our eggcellent recipes from page 78. If you prefer to drink your Easter calories, take a look at…

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why am i vegan?

NAME: Rebecca Willmott AGE: 32 NUMBER OF YEARS/MONTHS VEGAN: 7 years LOCATION: UK I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE… I decided to go vegan as I wanted to be healthier, and quickly learnt how being vegan was not only a healthy option for me, but by decreasing the need for animal products, I was helping to preserve the environment and aiding animal welfare. It has been one of the most positive choices for me and my family. MY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE… Demand for meat will be eliminated as people understand how unhealthy and unethical it is. ADVICE FOR OTHERS GOING VEGAN… Experiment with new foods. Know you’re making the right choice for you and animals. Want to be on this page? Send your answers and a high-res photo to…

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ethical pet care brand hownd launches plant-powered superfood for dogs

Contrary to popular belief that dogs are carnivores, dogs are actually obligate omnivores and can therefore not only survive but thrive on a plant-based diet. With this in mind, HOWND, a pioneer of cruelty-free, plant-based pet care products since 2015, is launching HOWND Plant Powered Superfood — a nutritionally complete food for adult dogs, using 100 per cent plant-based ingredients. The new range kicks off with a doggy-delicious Hearty Quinoa and Pumpkin Casserole (£2.95 for 375g) recipe, which is packed with high quality proteins and clean, prebiotic superfood ingredients like organic hemp protein and antioxidant moringa. Developed by veterinary and animal nutritionists, HOWND Plant Powered Superfood is a balanced blend of highly digestible proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients. It is as nutritionally complete as any ‘premium’ meat-based dog food but…

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vegan life magazine podcast will make you hungry

The Vegan Life Magazine Podcast has officially launched. And it’s the podcast the world has been waiting for — there’s no beating around the bush or emotional outbursts; we get straight to the good stuff. REALLY good fun and not just for vegans, the Vegan Life Magazine Podcast is for anyone who enjoys playing with their food. Best described as a veganised Kitchen Cabinet, the joyful podcast is hosted by comedian, writer and all-round foodie Jake Yapp (who you’ll find on page 114), joined each week by the very best vegan chefs, bakers and food-gurus out there. Episode One, Go Suck On A Kale Leaf, starts the way the best things do — with cake. Baking whizzes Gretchen Price, Kate Emmett and Katie White share their top tips and trade secrets to…

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hero to zero

MORRISONS A Morrisons supermarket in London is trialling an exciting vegan street food concept called Street Vegan. Customers will be able to indulge in plant-based burgers, loaded vegan hot dogs and dirty vegan fries. ORANGUTANS Throughout April, International Animal Rescue is running global fundraising event Cakes for Apes to raise funds for orangutans. To take part and ‘bake a difference’ to this fragile species on the brink of extinction, visit VEGANUARY The 2021 Veganuary challenge saved the lives of more than two million animals. The data comes from a new report published by the charity, which garnered over 582,000 sign-ups from this year’s run. FOOD WASTE More than 900 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year, according to a global report. The survey also found that 17 per cent of the food available to…

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Nicole Whittle, AKA Vegan Beauty Girl If you ever need vegan beauty advice, tips, tricks and reviews, Nicole is your girl — her award-winning blog and Instagram pages seek to make cruelty-free living a breeze. Nicole uses her expansive vegan knowledge and love of cosmetics to helps followers to find ethical, affordable and sustainable alternatives to their favourite beauty products. Having been vegan since 2007, Nicole knows how confusing the beauty industry can be and is here to help you sift through the green-washing and champion the truly ethical brands. Find her at and on Instagram @veganbeautygirl…