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VETTE covers the complete spectrum from classic to late-model Corvette performance, restoration, how-to articles, feature cars, news, events and more.

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in the interim

Our heroes come at all stages of our lives and from every direction. I’ve had heroes from the family realm, the professional world, and that of sports. One of my early sports heroes was Dave MacDonald who was tearing up the sports car world through his emergence as a once in a generation driver.It was in my early teens that I took note of his driving skills behind the wheel of various Corvettes then onto Cobras and then that fateful day at the Indy 500 (May 30, 1964). I can remember oh so clearly watching the race on TV (probably ABC’s Wide World of Sports) when on the second lap, coming out of turn four, it all came undone and in a heartbeat, or so it seemed, the world, and…

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product preview

C7-Up Lid Shock CoversAmerican Brother Designs suggests, “Customize your Corvette with the billet hood and trunk shock covers. The covers are professionally machined from premium billet aluminum and painted to the OEM color of your choice. You’re also able to choose your favorite logo option to be engraved to truly customize the look you want. Choose between Corvette flag logo, Corvette font, Corvette silhouette, Stingray font, Stingray logo and Z06 logo.” This is an official GM licensed product.American Brother Designs(800) 617-2120 ▪ www.americanbrotherdesigns.comC1-C5 Weatherstrip and Rubber PartsFounded in 1958 and celebrating its 60th anniversary, Steele Rubber Products has unveiled their extensive new product line offerings for 1953-’04 Corvettes. This C1-C5 line includes weatherstripping and seals for doors, soft and hardtop roof rails, trunks, windshields, rear windows, vent windows and other…

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cosma ray

It took customizer Darryl Starbird six months to transform a 1964 Corvette into the wild, bubble-topped Cosma Ray. But for Bob Greenwade, who commissioned the car, those were six months well spent. The Cosma Ray would go on to nab multiple show awards, make TV appearances and be rendered as a plastic model kit.Starbird “went all out, as usual,” noted Car Craft magazine’s feature story on the Corvette, which appeared in its July 1965 issue. This was actually the second time CC readers saw the car. It also appeared in coverage of the Winternationals Custom Auto Fair in the May 1965 issue, where these photos were taken, and where the car earned a Grand Sweepstakes Award for Best Custom.Starbird handformed the custom body, with a sharply peaked nose (“gives the…

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technically speaking

Q: I have a C6 Corvette and the windows will not go up automatically when the doors are closed. This problem started after the car was stored in the garage for a few weeks and the battery went dead. After I jump started the car I noticed the problem. I hope I did not burn up a module when I jump started the car.There is also another possibility. My son slammed the door hard. Is it possible the door latch was damaged?I can hear the relays working and I can use the door window switch to raise and lower the windows normally with no problem. I really don’t want to take the car to the dealer if I don’t have to, so thanks for any help.ClayA: Clay, I am going…

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hue dependent

Subtlety is a term we throw around a lot when talking about cars featured here in Vette magazine. It’s a concept (some) people put a lot of effort into. You know, making subtle changes to a car that, at first glance, an onlooker might not notice but when they do catch sight of it, there’s a moment of awe and some version of, “Oh, I see what you did there.” Sometimes though, subtle changes can be so insignificant they aren’t worth noting at all. This is where Darren Heavner comes in. He decided the whole “subtle” thing wasn’t for him. He’d rather just inspire that moment of awe at first glance, not the fourth glance, and what better platform to start with than a 1960 Corvette.His passion for Corvettes—and more…

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out of the groove

Regardless of what year Corvette you are driving today, if you are reading this there is a good chance you remember V-belts. Sure, the serpentine systems have been around a while, but many vintage Corvettes are still being put back together using old-fashioned V-belts.Obviously, if you are doing a 100-point restoration you will have V-belts on the engine. To make it even more interesting, many vintage Corvettes have had engine swaps and various modifications over the years resulting in mismatched pulleys. So now you get to the play the pulley game. Three-groove crank pulley, two-groove water pump pulley, belt alignment, accessory adjusting arms and the list goes on. Yes, the pulley game and the find that part number game can be challenging.These very thoughts prompted us to search for a…