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Vogue Living May/June 2018

Vogue Living tells stories that engage, fascinate and excite, weaving together a myriad of influences that inspire our lives, be it cultural trends, arts and architecture, a new secret find around the corner, a far flung destination, or a privileged glimpse into a private and compelling world. Interiors, spaces and places, here or there, come vividly to life through their inhabitants and the lens of the camera. Beauty is paramount.

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off the wall

Rick Vintage, co-founder and creative director of the Amsterdam-based wallpaper brand NLXL, is the first to tell you he’s got a lot going on inside his head. “It’s a mess!” he exclaims. “I tidy it up a lot, just like I am always tidying up my apartment. I’m allergic to stress, so that’s quite a challenge with a messy head, but my head — just like my apartment — is at a very good balance.” The apartment he’s talking about, housed in an ornate 1830 Louis XIV-style building, is located in The Hague, the vibrant medieval-era city in the Netherlands also known as the epicentre of global peace and justice. Since its launch in 2010, NLXL has gained a global reputation as the boldest in the business, deriving inspiration for its…

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liquid luxury

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘Love is like tequila shots, it’s not the quantity but strength matters.’ That’s a nice metaphor for a time gone by. Perhaps in this age, love requires more complexity, more subtlety, character and moods. Tequila has evolved into a more sophisticated tipple, too — it’s no longer the knockout, bar-slamming, lick-sip-sucking shot we ordered when we turned legal drinking age. It has become a more refined choice of flavours, notes and intensity. Patrón is the most notable tequila brand to realise the potential of a more premium tequila, and it is attracting love in the hands of the most considered cocktail drinkers around the world, men and women alike. At its headquarters, Patrón Hacienda, which sits just outside the town of Atotonilco el Alto in…

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an evolutionary tale

For Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke, principals of interior design studio Arent & Pyke, a Victorian-era terrace in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has formed the basis of an eight-year journey that has witnessed the birth of a richly layered, intuitive design ethos — and a wonderful friendship. When the owners — a professional couple with two young children and a love of art — bought the four-bedroom terrace in 2010, they were living around the corner in a home that had become too small for their growing family. “They looked at this house as the next phase in their lives,” says Pyke. “For them, the design is all about longevity because they want to stay in this home.” Arent and Pyke, along with their associate, Dominique Brammah, worked on various smaller projects throughout…

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god save the queenie

In light of the statistic that 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 18 months, Nexus Designs is a taut little anomaly that has triumphed in the Australian interiors industry for 50 years. It has survived half a century of unparalleled change on the simple platform of listening to clients and learning from them, which is not to sideline the intuitive genius of its founder, Janne Faulkner, who died in February at 84. Faulkner was a formidable talent, without formal training, whose impeccable sensibilities were gleaned by Merchant Builders (the building company that made project housing cool) and matched to the modernist architecture of Graeme Gunn. She springboarded their regard for ‘real Australia’ into Nexus Designs in 1967, fleshing out a practice that is now prepping for its jubilee…

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adventures in   wonderland

He may not exactly be an outright creative revolutionary, but Spanish architect, artist and designer Guillermo Santomà is a design industry outsider who prefers to run counter to accepted models and trends. In an age when the comforting caress of honed oak, soft leather and the wool upholstery of mid-century Scandinavian furniture enjoy an endless revival with myriad new iterations and interpretations, Santomà makes chairs out of cold, hard materials such as glass, metal, rock and moulded EVA foam lacquered with auto paint. His light fixtures blend variously shaped and coloured fluorescent tubes and bulbs with many other materials and have the haphazard appeal of Outsider mobiles and sculptures that light up. Whether his designs function as comfortable seating pieces or not, they maintain a striking sculptural presence that surprises and invites…

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