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Wanderlust December 2018 - January 2019

Interview with Alice Morrison “The writer, TV presenter and adventurer’s new book sees her starting over in Morocco –she talks breaking barriers, Bogart fantasies and life on the outside…” Ruaha National Park, Tanzania Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park is wild, remote and little-known – and while a tiny fraction of visitors find their way here, East Africa’s greatest secret may not remain hidden for much longer… Peru From Amazonian lowlands to Andean highs, Peru is a land of pre-Columbian treasures, soaring condors and miraculous landscapes – plan your perfect trip with our handy guide… Cuba Revolutionary relics, sweeping valleys and colonial towns – riding Cuba on two wheels puts its slow wonders on full show, and now anyone can do it… with a little electric help Manatees in Florida Welcome to the real Magic Kingdom. Never mind Mickey Mouse, Florida’s true celebrity critters are found in the depths of the Crystal River… 9 other amazing swims with wildlife It’s not just manatees – there’s a whole world of marine life you can swim with. So strap on a snorkel or a scuba tank and dive into our top watery encounters… Plastic, no longer fantastic We’re all looking to use less plastic, but often the choice is taken out of our hands when we travel. Here’s how to get back control and do some good… Mark Stratton goes to Liberia Liberia’s coastline hides some of the most spectacular stretches of sand on the planet, let alone West Africa. But can it overcome a traumatic past to attract the travellers it deserves – and needs? WIN… … Two Exped SynMats & Air Pillows, worth over £350, and two waterproof Ortlieb backpacks worth £370 Plus… First 24 hours in Johannesburg; A British break in Cleveland Way; Spanish cuisine; Wandersleeps in UK treehouses; The Maldives vs the Seychelles; Go now, Corsica; Dream sleeps at Kachi Lodge, Bolivia; How to luggage safe and lots, lots more…

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Thank you for all your congratulations on both our 25th anniversary (I still can’t believe it!) and our sparkling new look. It is most gratifying to know how loved Wanderlust is. Never forget that it is your magazine, so please do continue to send through your feedback and ideas. With the night’s drawing in, this is always the time when thoughts turn to planning exotic adventures for the following year. With that in mind, we bring you our annual Travel Hot List of the places that are getting us excited for 2019 (p56). I hope that you draw some inspiration from it. One of the destinations that keeps popping up on my personal travel radar is Georgia, which I have been wanting to visit for a long time. If you are intrigued…

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Hilary Bradt Co-founder of Bradt Travel Guides Recently made an Officer of the National Order of Madagascar, Hilary kicks off our new ‘Dispatches’ page (p40) by exploring the misunderstood joy of a Madagascan traffic jam. 2019’s hot destination: “ North Korea. My source (author of the new edition of the country’s Bradt guide) says it’s changing fast – fewer restrictions, more places accepting visitors. Who knows what the future holds there.” Martin Symington Travel writer Martin has spent his life unearthing unusual travel tales, though this issue’s journey across the Baltic states (p112) – particularly its miraculous Hill of Crosses – is his most unexpectedly uplifting. 2019’s hot destination: ”Nepal’s Langtang area. Lodges here, devastated by the 2015 ‘quake have now been rebuilt, but tourists remain few. Exult in Himalayan grandeur while helping locals get back on…

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“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” Ibn Battuta DRONING ON Somewhere on high Photographers Tugo Cheng, Karim Iliya & Jerome Courtial While the laws on where you can fly a drone are pretty strict in big cities and national parks, when in the wild or out at sea, you’ve usually got a little more leeway – the rough rule of the winds aside. And whether you’re taking an extreme selfie in the black stone forests of Sichuan, China, like Tugo Cheng (main image), or capturing a swimmer battling the swell of a breaking wave, like Karim Iliya (top left), getting a new angle on your travels can be irresistible. These are just a few examples from Masters of Drone Photography, a new book on the world of top-down…

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Star letter From Namibia with love We recently returned again from Namibia’s ‘last great wilderness’, tracking black rhino in the Damaraland at Desert Rhino Camp, as featured in Wanderlust [July/August 2018, issue 188]. One day, the trackers had gone to look further afield for fresh tracks when, rounding the corner, we saw Don’t Worry (so named because he is a cool and relaxed rhino), who we’d first seen in 2006 on our original visit here. He was munching on the roots of a euphorbia damarana and was so close that our ‘walk’ to see him was to the front of the car. Later, our guide pointed out two cheetahs stood behind an elephant – how they manage to survive here when game is so sparse is hard to imagine – and we…

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Wishing Wanderlust a happy birthday: “A fantastic mag and a fantastic team over the years. Here’s to the next 25 years of adventure!” @shaunwcasey Tricky takeoffs in PNG: “On the ridgetop airstrips in Papua New Guinea, the plane doesn’t so much as go up – the ground goes down!” John Devereux Following your heroes in Borneo s jungles: “Walking in the footsteps of David Attenborough at Gua Goomantong caves – famous for the harvesting of its birds’ nests.” @gail1842 Cooling down with October’s Snow & Ice issue: “Reading about frozen adventures while sitting in 28°C heat in Beirut.” KT Horsefield…

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“Snapping ourselves in front of the Cape Point sign in Cape Town, South Africa.” @rogue_ramblers “Looking chic in Namib Desert – yes, it really was that cold in Namibia!” Pat Williams “Fatigue is not possible in the sublime landscapes of Noravank, Armenia. Johnny Lawlor “Checking in at the glamorous gates of the Palace de Versailles in France!” @dlisenga “Kayaking one beautiful morning on our third visit to Antarctica – a truly otherworldly destination.” Bill Klipp “Having been inspired by Wanderlust to seek icebergs in Ilulissat, Greenland, I took an issue along with me.” Jenny Schwarz “Chilling (in every sense) at the side of the road on the Tibetan side of Mount Everest.” Louise Markus “Hiking from Mestia to Ushguli in Georgia – If you re looking for adventure, this is where you can find it.” @ziius “Trekking on…