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Wanderlust June 2019

Travel Green From packing tips before you go to steps you can take on your return home, we’ve put together easy things you can do to make your travels more responsible Travel Photo of the Year Our judges have once again gone through over 9,000 entries to narrow down the finalists of travel’s biggest amateur photography contest. Turn over to find out who’s won a once-in-a-lifetime photo commission to Texas… Guyana In South America’s north-east corner lies one of the last stretches of unspoilt Amazon rainforest, one of the world’s tallest waterfalls, and a wildlife haven for giant species – a land ready to be awoken... Iceland Venture to Iceland’s remote north to drive along the new Arctic Coast Way where volcanic land meets icy ocean, whales feed and the northern lights appear São Tomé and Príncipe Venture to this two-island nation during its August festival to see its streets and culture come alive Dispatches: Mark Stratton Uganda may be known for its gorillas, but as the country works on a translocation programme to protect its giraffes, it’s time the world’s tallest animal gets some much-needed attention... WIN… … four nights in a luxury camp in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve! Plus… a short break in Casablanca; Travel Icon: San Francisco, USA; Japanese cuisine; Helsinki vs Stockholm; Go now: Bhutan; Dream sleep in Swedish Lapland – and lots, lots more…

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I’m sure the scourge of single-use plastics is very much on your mind, but it is easy to forget that awareness about the issue can be very low in some countries, as I have found on a couple of my recent trips. On page 92, Emma Thomson takes a look at the issue and what we can do in a positive way. And look out for a special Saving the Planet supplement with our next issue. It was lovely to meet so many of you at recent events, and to hear your questions. So, John from Croydon, here is the Peru feature I promised (p60) and for Claire and Charles, I think you’ll love the Ruahu National Park feature (p44)! I look forward to meeting many more of you at our…

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Graeme Green Tanzania feature Exceptional wildlife and landscapes have long fascinated travel writer and photographer Graeme, so he really enjoyed his foray to the wilderness of Tanzania’s Ruaha NP (p44). My summer escape: “I’m going to Mexico, a country I know pretty well, so I can explore more of Mexico City, Baja California, Copper Canyon, Guanajuato, and other more off-the-beaten-track parts.” Claire Boobbyer Cuba feature Travel journalist Claire is hooked on Cuba, after first visiting around 20 years ago. She has been nearly a hundred times since and is still finding new things to do, such as her recent Cuba e-biking expedition on page 96. My summer escape: “After e-biking in Cuba, my partner has now persuaded me to get a ferry to France and cycle across the Netherlands on a regular bike – panniers and all!” Will…

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the wanderlust philosophy

Wanderlust aims to inform and inspire all your travel adventures. We strive to bring you the most trusted and reliable information in the world. That’s why we are always upfront about whether our writers have travelled independently or with a tour company. When a tour operator has been used, we always try to use those who’ve scored a minimum satisfaction rating of 85% from readers in our annual awards and we never guarantee positive coverage. Responsible, conscious and sustainable travel is at the heart of everything we do. Website Discover more great content at www.wanderlust.co.uk Twitter Catch up on the latest travel gossip @wanderlustmag Instagram See behind the scenes @wanderlustmag Facebook Join the chat at www.facebook.com/ wanderlusttravel magazine Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter for offers, inspiration and all the latest travel news at www.wanderlust.co.uk Subscribe Take advantage of our latest online offer…

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“There is a love of wild nature in everybody, an ancient mother-love ever showing itself whether recognised or no…” John Muir, pioneering conservationist Return of a deer friend Abruzzo NP, Central Apennines, Italy Photographer: Bruno D’Amiscis The broad-leafed forests and valleys of Abruzzo NP hide plenty of wildlife, but it’s in late autumn that one in particular makes itself known to visitors: the belling of the red deer stags echoes the wild hills, signalling the start of breeding season. It’s a welcome sound, given that these shy, nocturnal animals were only reintroduced to the region in the early 1970s. Along with the grey wolf and Apennine Chamois, who have also made a return, it’s a happy reminder that what was once lost can sometimes – not always – be recovered. @ Bruno D’Amiscis / naturepl.com Shine…

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your letters

Star letter A Caribbean secret If you’re thinking of a visit to the Caribbean, try Saba (aka ‘The Unspoilt Queen’), a small Dutch island just ten minute’s flight from St Maarten. Home to the world’s shortest runway (400m), which is carved into the edge of the island – it’s like landing on an aircraft carrier – just one road snakes its four villages of white, green and red wooden buildings. The interior has great hiking, though, and we saw lizards, a snake, hermit crabs and not a single human, which isn’t surprising given the 13 sq km island has just 1,900 inhabitants. Best of all, the 1,064-step ascent of Mount Scenery took us up to the highest point in the Netherlands. Stuart Pester, via email Baalbek from the brink Your ‘Grapevine’ item about the FCO…