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Splash 2021

Packed with page after gorgeous page of illustrations demonstrating tried-and-true techniques, inspirational ideas and the most up-to-date information about must-have painting tools and materials, watercolorists find everything they need in WATERCOLOR ARTIST to help them create stunning art...from start to finish.

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editor’s note

The silence of an empty street. A crisp fall walk with grandchildren. The evening light illuminating a beloved pear tree in the backyard. Two colorfully dressed strangers observed on vacation. A forgotten memory from childhood unearthed on a trip to the grocery store. These everyday moments—some familiar, others unexpected—exemplify the theme of "the creative spark," which inspired the entries in the Splash 22 competition. While every work of art begins with a spark of inspiration, a compelling concept is particularly apparent in the 111 winning works of watermedia art showcased within this contemporary collection. These awardwinning artists take their inspiration along with a passion for the medium—with all of its unique and spontaneous properties—and use this to fuel their artistic processes and choices all the way to the finish. You’ll find three…

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from the juror

Watercolor artists share a special affinity with water. Water is incredible. It can flow gently and conform to the shape of a container, yet it can be powerful enough to cut metal or move mountains. While we often talk about the importance of choosing the right painting materials, we must also acknowledge that the mastery of watercolor depends on understanding water itself and making it work in harmony with the materials. The artists showcased in this latest edition of The Best of Watercolor, selected from the Splash 22 competition, skillfully demonstrate a high level of understanding of water. They've used it within this collection of paintings to eloquently communicate an artistic and creative vision. Working with water is a part of the skill—and a real skill is “the unified force…

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beauty in the bloom

Composing a piece often begins with an inspiring element from my garden. A flower will catch my eye, and my mind will start swirling and making connections. There’s a deeply internal element that makes each artist’s expression unique. From that individual place, it flows from our hands, and—with our brushes and colors—we’re able to bring our choices to life on the paper. My Color Palette When planning a color palette, I start by making swatches of all the colors available in a set in order to “soak in” the options. Then, I blend and mix color—using subtle additions or slight adjustments to ratios—until I’ve found the right combinations. So, my palette will have pure tube pigments along the outside rim, and the color mixtures I’ve created on the inside. To get started,…

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first place winner rukiye garip

Rukiye Garip, of Balikesir, Turkey, is a retired art teacher and a practicing artist whose work has been featured in exhibitions worldwide. See more of her artwork at instagram.com/rukiyegarip and facebook.com/rukgarip. Turkish artist Rukiye Garip, winner of the First Place Award for her painting Fishermen, delights in portraying nature’s intricacies, beauty and unspoiled wonder. The artist is dedicated to capturing the relevance and truth of, what she calls, “the power and fertility of nature,” and how it’s expressed through the innumerable symbiotic relationships that form the cycle of life. As the artist keenly observes, “All living organisms and inorganic matter in nature are parts of a whole. Each contributes to a natural order that feeds one another, encourages growth and enables existence.” Garip explored these ideas with sensitivity in her award-winning figural…

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second place winner patricia guzman

Patricia Guzman (patriciaguzman.org) is a self-taught Mexican painter who uses her paintings and the vocabulary of indigenous roots to express different realities and share social commentary. She’s a member of the International Guild of Realism as well as the Mexican Society of Watercolor Painters, and her paintings have appeared in numerous publications, exhibitions and private collections worldwide. She teaches workshops and currently lives in Playa del Carmen. The Second Place prizewinning painting, Witness, by Mexican artist Patricia Guzman reveals the revered leader of a very private people. When the artist traveled to northwest Mexico to teach a watercolor workshop in 2017, the workshop’s organizer arranged for her to spend a few hours with the Seri, or Comcaac, as these indigenous people call themselves, at their settlement, Punta Chueca. Located about three hours…

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third place winner xi guo

Artist Xi Guo (xiguowatercolor.com) at work in her Florida studio. “I suspect that in every household in St. Augustine, Florida, there’s an artist,” muses Xi Guo, of her hometown, “because all of the front yards are decorated with such passion.” Guo was struck by one scene in particular and made it the subject of her Third Place prizewinning watercolor, Portrait of a Boston Fern. She remembers clearly the moment she saw the fern. It was early summer. The plant was just an ordinary Boston fern in a common white pot with blue stripes. But when she saw how the morning light threw dappled shadows on the subject, the artist immediately thought of Rembrandt. “For a moment,” she says, “the ordinary briefly turned extraordinary and then vanished.” For Guo, the fleeting beauty of…