WellBeing Issue 191

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Gratitude is the greatest antidote to stress. It has an enormous capacity to build resilience and shift your mindset. Don’t believe us? Let’s try it now. Put together a mental collage of your joy triggers, the things you are grateful for. Perhaps it’s a loved one, their little quirks or steadfast support. A favourite homecooked meal or that sweet spot time of day. Being among nature or getting lost in a perfect daydream. A coffee in the morning, a cuddle before bed. A much-played melody and dancing with friends, or in the kitchen or in the car. Our nurturing Mother Earth and all that it offers: the rhythmic change of seasons, the perfect wave to surf, the smell of fresh flowers and that golden hour light. It might be the…

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Life. There are so many paths to take, things to do and places to go, yet so many of us feel the weight of hefty expectations that society places on us: save our money, buy a house, have a family and settle down. This doesn’t mean we have to “settle” for the norm. If we learned anything in 2020, it’s the importance of having gratitude for what we already have and the experiences we share. As Simon Raven said, “Life is short, and the world is wide.” Do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing, experience as much as possible and take every opportunity life throws at you — whether this means spending your weekends camping or exploring the world around you, learning to surf each morning before work or…

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from the editor-in-chief

You encounter a lot of things that you didn’t necessarily expect to exist when you become a parent to girls who dance. As a Dance Dad of some 12 years’ standing (and believe me, a lot of your life as a Dance Dad is spent standing, usually with a dance bag slung over your shoulder, and waiting), I’m now au fait with eisteddfod protocol, leg lifts, toe socks, pointe assessments, illusions, ballet buns and hip-hop cred. To my distress, I’ve also become familiar with a range of people who in the wider world are largely unknown but in the dance world are major celebrities. These people are invariably “insta” stars and lend their name to all sorts of dance-related merchandise. Amid this cascade of endorsed glittery tat, there is one particular…

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from the editor

There have only been a few moments in my life when I’ve borne witness to raw, unfiltered, uncontainable emotion. The most recent was on New Year’s Eve in the arms of my Dad. He was crying tears of joy, wide-eyed in shock and dabbing a tattered handkerchief at his red cheeks. Why? My fiancé Henry had just announced that it was our surprise New Year’s Eve wedding. After the announcement, Henry asked Dad to meet me at the bottom of the stairs to walk me down a makeshift aisle in our backyard. Dad fell into my arms. There was so much happiness in his glistening eyes. Mum was right by his side, tears rushing down her cheeks and holding onto me tightly. At first, I thought “What have we done?” as…

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it's in the doing

@vanillabel Dancing! Nothing like it to get the endorphins flowing. Brings me so much joy. @josephinezappia Diffuse essential oils around your space. Brilliant mood enhancer. @ashleygish_np Feeding my family. Food is my love language and there are so many ways to care for myself and others through food. @rachel_sara__ Singing. Good vibrations from my vocal chords run right through me and everything else just disappears. @bliss1111_ My all-time fave mood boosters are yoga, scented candles, sandalwood incense, sunsets, the beach, good books, playing my music, avocados and homemade fruit popsicles. @cassandra_reyburn Definitely getting out in nature. A walk on the beach, a local walking track or spending time gardening. All work a treat. It is about listening to your body. @jennifer_ellen_herd Giving myself permission to enjoy some self-love time. A moment where I fill up my cup with love, joy and soulful gratitude. @l_i_n_d_a__b Joy…

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recent medical findings for a healthier body

Ordinary mental health support We know that exercise is good for your mental wellbeing, but in a new study researchers wanted to see whether ordinary daily activities like climbing the stairs or walking to the train station instead of driving would have a similar effect. Their studies showed that immediately after ordinary activities like stair climbing people felt more alert and energised, two components of mental wellbeing. Further research found that the brain part linking ordinary activity to mental wellbeing is a part known as the subgenual cingulate cortex, a part of the cerebral cortex. This is a brain region where emotions are regulated. People with less grey matter in the subgenual cingulate cortex felt less full of energy when they were physically inactive and more prone to psychiatric disorders. After…